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Cristina: Sir, arrivo


... Il treno viaggia veloce verso la sua meta avvicinandoti sempre di più alla tua, al vivere finalmente un’altro incontro con lui. Vorresti che questi incontri fossero più frequenti per accontentare… Leer más

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Sexo duroSexo lesbicoMaduras

... She was a long legged red head with beautiful natural breasts and chiseled face with creamy white skin any woman would die for. I was in love with Peggie.. She knew it and teased me foolishly… Leer más

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AnalHombre gaySexo lesbico

... MONSIEUR HURST – PARTIE 4 Hurst se réveilla soudainement. Il eut même un court moment de panique. Puis il sourit. Il n’était pas habitué à dormir dans le lit de quelqu’un d’autre. Il replaça sa tête… Leer más

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Cuckold Lifestyle 37

Sexo en grupoSexo duroMirón

... This time of the year is a busy one for my wife. If you have been following my post on here you know she has quiet a few guys that "service" her regularly. Most of the year it's on the weekend… Leer más

Publicado por woreout 6 años atrás 1 1,000 100%

First Time I Lost My Virginity

AnalPrimera vezHombre gay

... A few years ago I met up with some friends in Vegas for a weekend. On the second night my friends had turned in early, in Vegas no less, and I was buzzing and horny. Married but having had some… Leer más

Publicado por kbking70 4 años atrás 5 2,555 100%

New neighbour


... I live in a house out in the country , with only one empty neighbor. The neighbor who lived there passed away a while ago . The neighboring house has been under renovation for quite a while but have… Leer más

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Casado fuego

Humor sexualTabúMirón

... TEXTO Casado fuego Aprecio un hombre guapo, sobre todo los jóvenes gatitos, tabbies y así safadinhos. (Sin menospreciar a los demás que también son una maravilla). Mi nombre es Carla… Leer más

Publicado por rdcsysxxx 4 años atrás 755 100%

Müssen Schwestern so sein. Teil 8.

Primera vezTabú

... Müssen Schwestern so sein. Teil 8. Nun mag man das ja sehen wie man will. Die einen können ihre Neugier nicht zurück halten, während andere sich wiederum sehr zurück halten und sich ihren Teil denken… Leer más

Publicado por klara42 18 días atrás 2 1,662 100%

Fall of Beta

FeticheMasturbaciónPrimera vez

... Some of us hubbies are just meant to be betas. However, it does mean we do not have desires and sometimes we even get the nerve to demand we get the respect we deserve. I remember one night doing just… Leer más

Publicado por JimmyPico 16 días atrás 2 802 100%

A fantasy, part 4.

FeticheSexo en grupoSexo duro

... continue: "It is no more to tell", I said...."You woke me up with your dick-play", I continued. "No no, you lie....", you replied, and stopped all the play. "You spoke in your sleep, and what you… Leer más

Publicado por nyskjerrig_mann 15 días atrás 1 1,128 100%

Servetter med hemligheter

Sexo duroMirón

... Malin hade åkt hem till Donica, som bodde inne i stan för att förfesta innan de skulle dra vidare på något av de uteställen som Avenyn kunde erbjuda. Donica och Malin satt på Donicas glasbalkong och… Leer más

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... Lucy 5 days. I've known lucy for 5 years now. Very beautiful very sexy. 5ft 9, beautiful slim tight body. Shoulder length red hair and quite elegant and we'll spoken considering she is a bit… Leer más

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Ayse´s story (a new series?)


... Ayse let him pour some more red wine. She rarely drank, but this was a special occasion. “I think that I...i am getting cold feet...” “No, you´re not.” He was merely stating… Leer más

Publicado por Ortsal 24 días atrás 864 100%

The Twos Resort

Sexo en grupoSexo interracialMaduras

... My wife Ellen and I, both in our sixties, had made a reservation at the The Twos Resort. This was a resort for couples only with no k**s allowed. The drive up had been long but with nice scenery… Leer más

Publicado por ruggerboy 1 year atrás 1 4,047 100%


Primera vezMaduras

... Induction! Di was bored, work was its usual mind numbing self and her mind kept drifting to the fun of last weekend. As she entered yet more numbers in the computer she squirmed slightly as she… Leer más

Publicado por Lance1ot 1 year atrás 999 100%

Projects (2)

Humor sexualMirón

... This is part 2. Please read previous parts first. Brigitte grabs my hand and whispers in my ear. “Your team is really attached to you. Georgina tries to hook us up.” “And she is not very… Leer más

Publicado por grgmatk 1 year atrás 900 100%

Wife wanted to watch

Sexo en grupoSexo duroTabú

... My wife invited her friend for school over. I got home from work and tried to shower real quick before she arrived well i missed it by 5 minutes. Fresh out of the shower i put on a g string… Leer más

Publicado por Bifreakycpl 1 year atrás 14 30,623 100%

Wakacje w Sanoku cz.3

MadurasSexo duroMirón

... Załapałem się na oskarżenie, że Ola jest za młoda. Zaręczam, że ma skończone 16 lat a na to, że jeszcze nie miała okresu otrzymała niedawno przed wyjazdem tabletki hormonalne od ginekologa - znajomego… Leer más

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Giving the BBC to the rich man's wife

Primera vezSexo duroMirón

... The following story is true. Some of the details have been changed to protect the guilty. It was a typical Wednesday evening at my condo. I got home before my roommate and I started cooking dinner… Leer más

Publicado por MIKEBBCBULL 1 year atrás 2 3,875 100%

L'insospettabile signora

AnalMadurasPrimera vez

... Erano anni che la osservavo, spesso mi capitava di iincrociarla in macchina e poche volte a piedi, era sempre al telefono e faceva grandi sorrisi. Avete presente quelle donne mature, ma non tanto… Leer más

Publicado por muchstyle 1 year atrás 6,750 100%