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from my army friend and admirer....

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... This story is the best so far that anyone has posted on my profile for me...it is hot...see what you think.... I would love to bring you back to my place and have some of my buddies… Leer más

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night out all dressed up....

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... as a cross dresser and not a gay cross dresser what happened the other evening was quite amusing to me, i had spent the entire day around my home, dressed in my usual black satin underwear and a satin… Leer más

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Responsible Master

BDSMFeticheSexo duro

... What makes someone a responsible "Master" (Dominant, Daddy) who inspires a "slave" (submissive, girl), drives a slave toward excellence, holds a slave accountable, and instills a sense of respect… Leer más

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her first time

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... At school one of the softball team need some help with her histroy home work . Rach the pitcher came to me with her 34 A tits . In the hall to girls locker room she got me by the shoulder Since i… Leer más

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BDSMFeticheSexo interracial

... NO EARLY RELEASE III Leslie sat at her desk working on her most important case. The Emanado case was important because of the media storm that surrounded it. Winning the case was very important… Leer más

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Mijn seksuele ontplooiing.....Vervolg...

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... Mijn jonge leven rolde zo verder, ik studeerde af, vond vlot een vaste betrekking. Ondertussen had ik wel enkele vriendjes gehad, maar de ware had ik nog niet gevonden. Zo bleef ik een beetje… Leer más

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the song that became true

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... I woke up one sunday morning thinking about what i would do today. I was thinking while taking a bath and i decided it... i will just go out and walk in the street, maybe go to a park to lie down… Leer más

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Kata és Eszter első Leszbi Party-ja

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... Kata leült Eszter mellé az ágyra, és vígasztalni kezdte. - Nem éri meg, hogy sírj miatta - mondta, miközben átölelte a vállát. - Egyetlen fiú miatt sem érdemes szomorkodni, látod, én is túltettem… Leer más

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My friday night sub training. Who else wants to se

AnalSexo interracialMaduras

... My Friday, 26 July 2013 It was set. I had agreed to push her hard. She believed she'd fuck me silly and leave me broken while she remained horny. I laughed. She'd underestimated me and had… Leer más

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Fin de vacances... 2 / 2

Sexo lesbico

... L'épisode précédent : 01 / L'apparition Clara, pour son dernier jour de vacances dans l'archipel des Canaries, voit apparaître dans le soleil couchant d'une crique déserte de l'île d'El Hierro… Leer más

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Bajo el sol

Sexo en grupo

... Era Septiembre, un caluroso fin de semana de Septiembre, en el que mi amiga Elena nos invitó a mí y a Cristina a pasar el día a su casa de la playa. No era la primera vez que íbamos a su casa, pero si… Leer más

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Suzy; poodle


... Mr. Boulton sat at his old much loved desk, his forehead in his right hand whilst the thumb and index finger of his left massaged his eyes, wrinkles knotted across his brow. In front of him… Leer más

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Der Pianospieler - Teil 1

Sexo en grupo

... Sie schnaubt. Das ist zwar undamenhaft, aber zurückhalten kann sie es nicht. Nur kurz ins Büro wollte er! Nach dem Rechten sehen! Verantwortung hätte er, selbst an seinen freien Tagen! Heute… Leer más

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Eager Play


... You have just returned from your long day business trip with your co-workers. You are about ready to rip your suit off and just knock out. It was until you've found your present on you bed that sky… Leer más

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My Turn to please

Sexo duro

... After you have gave me the time of my life you gorgeous smiling face looking at me, looking back deep into you sexy green eyes and smiling naughtily at you. Standing us up our naked body come together… Leer más

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epic blow job = mess on the carpet


... I've got a rotation of women i like to wank to. Most of them i know but there's a couple i don't, other than having seen them regularly. A couple of them i have actually slept with before, one… Leer más

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Strip Mall Meeting

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... I was lying on my back and enjoying my new friends oral skills and looking at the tightest ass cheeks and pink puffy pussy lips that were inches from my face. At that same moment I was thinking… Leer más

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Passing Through Dreamland

Primera vezMasturbaciónMaduras

... For most of us, online relationships are fantasy; a playground for talking out (or chatting) about taboo subjects, hidden desires, and role playing. The curiosity and unknown of who is on the other… Leer más

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"Hit Me with a Text" Chapter 3


... chapter 3: Exclusive Horniness He didn't need to be asked twice. Ripping his shirt off when he couldn't unbutton it fast enough, he winced as he undid his zipper over his now painful erection… Leer más

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Sexo duro

... Looking up at me with a mischevious grin you place both hands on the bottom of my shorts and yank them down taking my cock in your mouth all in one action. It is the hottest thing I have ever seen… Leer más

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