The best ass i have ever seen filmed by a hidden cam

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What do you guys think about her?

Agragdo por hace 3 años
Duración: 03:11
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hace 29 días
Nice but seen better carrying a bit of loose flesh under them kecs
hace 2 meses
I'd have to agree definitely :P
hace 3 meses
You tempted me to come here again and reply to your comment and I ended up Beating my Meat again. Damn! I fucking spunked a huge load again looking at her arse. FUCK!
hace 3 meses
Definitely haha
hace 3 meses
I fully agree with you.
I have masturbated several times watching her arse.......................and I masturbated again today.
This slut should be working in a Sperm Bank. With an arse like that, she will have many sperm donors (me included, in fact I might be the biggest donor).

Now what is happening is that men will stare at her arse & masturbate thereby wasting their reproductive fluids (semen / sperms). If she works in a Sperm Bank then men can go to the Sperm Bank, stare at her arse & masturbate. The semen / sperms ejaculated can be collected in a test tube & stored.

Don't you think this is a good idea?
hace 3 meses
Oh Fuck! What an Arse!

Oh My Goodness! Fuck! What a fucking beautiful arse she has, I hope she knows that her arse is so fucking hot and sexy.

I want to bury my face in her arse. I want to smell and lick her anus. I would love to know what her anus smells like and tastes like.
What did she have for lunch that afternoon? BEEF STEAK & SALAD or FISH & CHIPS........Sniff!......Sniff!.........Sniff!

Oh Fuck! What an Arse! Fuck!
I want to slide my fingers between her soft arse cheeks & insert one finger into her tight arsehole right there in front of everyone.
Girls like this are the reason why men feel the need to masturbate. What a fucking pretty arse she has. She sure knows that men will masturbate watching her arse. Oh Fuck! What an Arse! Oh Fuck!
hace 3 meses
O Fuck! What an Arse! I fucking jizzed in my pants.

Jizzed in my pants means that I got overly excited and horny and I ejaculated in my pants.
hace 5 meses
Thats a nice ass
hace 6 meses
hace 6 meses
hace 7 meses
thousands of cocks have cum to this ass... and she probably has no idea :)
hace 8 meses
holy mother of ASS
hace 8 meses
I'm in love with Argentine women
hace 9 meses
hace 9 meses
Absolutely amazing! That's gotta be the best ass I've seen in quite some time. And I've seen plenty.
hace 10 meses
hace 10 meses
Wet my pants!!!
hace 10 meses
Ohhhh fuck! That is amazing!
hace 10 meses
nice but seen better.
hace 11 meses
That is such a perfect fucking ass! The size, shape, fullness and firmness is heavenly!
hace 1 año
I want to sniff it so bad
hace 1 año
Oh yes... Amazing!
hace 1 año
Oh God yes it is...shame we could not see her Walking...wobble..shake
hace 1 año
booty for anal
hace 1 año
wow perfect ass
hace 1 año
Incredible ass!
hace 1 año
Let the black bulls tap her in her ass.
hace 1 año
hace 1 año
Awesome, pure and simple.
hace 1 año
id cum on her ass

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