nothing like a good dick ducking to make me feel like a man

3 años atrás
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Wtf just watch and masterbate why is this bitch diva preaching shit?
3 años atrás
para DarkDiva: as long as you have that as long as I have a dick I can all ways get a nuy off as well smart one trust me I can respect and take criticism but just as I can take it I can also dish it out
para DarkDiva: See you're trying to preach but don't even listen to what you're preaching with my sex life I guarantee you I'm satisfying my women how much you worry about you and I worry about me even if your profile wasn't on private I wouldn't be commentig in on your video saying your wack
para DarkDiva: I don't platy one side like I'm a sexist it may seem like I do to you being a female looking at this title and from a female point of view but I don't and some females/males only want give / receive oral sex she could have said let 69 but she that not the case or els you a see a completely different videos I personally think you have been not getting your orgasm from a male and been taken it out in a sexist or feminist type of way hints your tag line and your comments which are completely irrel
para DarkDiva: Once again you make yourself look stupid who's to say she didn't get hers you trying to stick up for females but you act like females are the only ones that can masturbate you also forget the fact that one female doesn't do another one will same thing with males I make sure my women get there's so your comment is irrelevant you're more focus on that title but I'm not going to say typical woman so focus on one thing she doesn't look at the big picture