Monica's big butt

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Publicado por ilovejed3185
3 meses atrás
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para ilovejed3185: Mmm that's hot and she must have appreciated your ardor 
para Onlooker2022: I never fucked her. She was with someone. I would rub my hard dick on her butt whenever I stood behind her. That's about as far as it went with us.
para ilovejed3185: mmm surely you have fucked her ?
para Onlooker2022: I laid on the bed with her and got my face as close to her butt as possible. She was watching something on her phone and I would sneak a few kisses on her beautiful butt cheeks. I'm not sure if she felt them.
para ilovejed3185: OMG dreamy thought so erotic, a phat ass in white panties......
para Onlooker2022: She was in this same position one time in her white panties...... I didn't have my camera with me though!
And that big seam in the denim, giving downwards to her heavenly depths. Her warm dark temple beneath mount Venus.
20 días atrás
Also I love the VPL in this clip
20 días atrás
para ilovejed3185: Delicious, too, warm, squeezable....
para Onlooker2022: My friend Monica has a big thick butt! Soft describes it perfectly!
What a glorious rump! Big and beautiful, soft and shapely,
21 días atrás
nice fat butt :)
3 meses atrás