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Kylie Britains Friend Request

3 meses atrás
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WOW Kylie, i LOVE this vid with your sexxxy gurlfriend Tina.  You Both are Sooo, Sooo Sexxxy.  
1 month atrás
oh and if I didn't say so before ... gorgeous ...xx
3 meses atrás
para Kylie_Britain: Of course you can ... fill your boots ... you look such a laugh to be around ... can't wait for the rest of your work ... xx and another for luck x
para Oldrope: LOL, it's not based on a true is part of a 7 video series based around Horror films.  I will be uploading some more soon.  Is it ok for me to use one of your comments in my new trailer called 'Leather & Chains'?
para Kylie_Britain: ... loved it, just watched it again ... hope it's not one of them "based on a true story" things ... would make amusing oneself online (wink) kind of hard LOL ... keep it up always fun visiting your part of the web ...xx
para Oldrope: Thanks, it was fun to do this one.
awesome ... love it ... you are very good at making friends ...xx
3 meses atrás