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Mom liked me to watch (2)

After fucking my mother for most of the afternoon, she had to get things ready for dinner. Dad would be home in about an hour and a half.
I went outside for some air and thought I would look at mom through one of the kitchen windows. God she was good looking, and had such a tight body. Just thinking about her made my cock start to get hard again. Mom always dressed real well. She seemed to dress to show case her body. Today was no different. After out little fling, mom changed into a nice short skirt and a button up half top. As I watched her through the window I could see almost all of her... Continuar »
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My friend massages his way inside my wife

When my wife Brittany told me she was thinking of getting her first ever massage, I didn't think much of it.

Later that evening, I went to my friend Aaron's house for Poker Night with the guys. During a break, Aaron was a little d***k, and when we were in the kitchen getting more beers and snacks, he mentioned to me how hot he thought Brittany was. Aaron wasn’t a close friend so that kind of revelation might make some guys want to punch their friend in the face. But not me.

I've always thought it would be hot to share my wife with my friends. So when Aaron gave his confession, it made m... Continuar »
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Spanking My Mother

I accidentally overheard my mother asking my father, “Please spank me. You know how much it excites me.”

Dad said, “I have told you a hundred times, no.”

Mom asked, “Then fuck my ass, please.”

Again Dad said, “I have told you a hundred times, no.”

Mom then said, “If you really loved me you would inflict pain on me as I request. I know that you think it’s sick but I crave it. Don’t make me look for it elsewhere.”

Dad laughed and said, “Now you have told me that a hundred times too. Go. Go out and find someone to spank you. I don’t care. Hell, let him fuck you up your ass too as l... Continuar »
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Sex With Mommy

I had a strange relationship with my mother. After I turned eighteen, she became less inhibited around me. Maybe because she thought since I was a legal adult, I didn't mind seeing her naked, which I didn't. She would walk around after her shower without any clothes on, and she was very playful around me. When my dad was at work, she would walk around and flash me or just be plain naked for no reason. She loved showing her body to me, and I loved seeing it, but I knew this wasn't a normal thing.

But who was I to fuck with a good thing? After a few weeks, she started talking about sexual mat... Continuar »
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Mum's Birthday

'Wake up, Mum! I've brought you some tea!'

My mother always had difficulty in getting herself up in the mornings, and at the weekend she often slept until nearly lunchtime. But today was her birthday, and I thought she'd like a cup of tea in bed, and then go back to sl**p for as long as she liked. I gently shook her bare shoulder.

'Mum! Happy Birthday! Here, i have made you some tea,

Mum stirred and grunted, then opened her eyes sl**pily.

'Oh! What,
thank you, darling! Give me a birthday kiss, then!'

She struggled up on to one elbow, and I bent to kiss her on her cheek. One... Continuar »
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I used to babysit him, now he's fucking me.

I was thirty two and considered myself past my selling date. Marriage and divorce was followed by a bout of low self esteem, which saw my pile on the weight and become a recluse as far as the single dating market was concerned.

I have a beautiful youngish looking face that was devoid of makeup and everyday looking in the mirror made me wonder where it had all gone wrong.

Nine years of loneliness with a man saw my battery consumption rise, as my sexual drive, suppressed in daylight hours was a frenzy of sex toys exhausted during marathon masturbatory session before sl**p and dreams of a n... Continuar »
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Mom liked me to watch (1)

I was at a park one day after school. Playing baseball with a bunch of friends. I sliced open my hand sliding into home plate. I left the game and went to one of the bathrooms to wash the bl**d off my hand. I was almost to the bathroom when I thought I saw my mother in the distance. I thought it couldn't be her, she was at work. As I got closer, sure enough it was my mom.
She was sitting on a bench talking to this black dude that was a bagger at the super market. What was this all about. I didn't want her to see me so I hid in some bushes only ten yards across from where they sat.
My mom i... Continuar »
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Mom and me

This happened many years ago when I was in my mid twenties.
Mom called me and said she had not seen me in ages and wanted to have me over for supper. When I got there she asked if I wanted a beer or a shot of tequila, both I said. She got me the drinks and the same for herself. She is not a drinker and I said she had no chance at keeping up with me. She said she would do her damndest to make me eat my words.

After about an hour, three beers and four shots later she said she had to pee. When she came back almost ten minutes later she was wearing her housecoat and her hair was wet, whats th... Continuar »
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My mom is just as horny as I am!

First off let me tell you that all this actually happened in the real world, i'm not adding or changing any details or events. I'm going to be honest here and not feed you any of that common bullshit which, for me personally, usually ruins these stories. Even if they are not real. No, my mother did not have a pornstar body with the looks of a teen hollywood actress. She did not have me when she was 15, so she's not going to be a young mother with a tight body. No, I do not have a 10 inch dick and six-pack abs. Don't be silly, there's no way those things are as common as I am led to believe whe... Continuar »
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Bombed out with Mum

'Mark !!! Wake up, son!'

I was in a deep sl**p, and when I heard my mother's voice. Then I felt her shaking my shoulder; at the same time that I became aware that I had a throbbing erection - I don't know if I'd been dreaming or what, but I was lying on my side, clutching my penis. I groaned and rubbed myself slowly, not wanting to let go of it.

'Darling! Please wake up! There is another air raid and it's coming closer, and I think we should go down and sit under the stairs!'

Now I could hear the sound of bombs falling, and I f***ed my eyes to open.
My mother was standing beside... Continuar »
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My Neighbor Saw Me Suck Cock Pt1

My downward spiral into a submissive bottom slut started late in life. I'm still very much in the closet and outwardly I appear as the perfect suburban husband, father, employee and neighbor. I love my wife and f****y but I recently found a new hobby that I crave with a passion; I can't get enough of my neighbor's big hard cock.

It all started innocently enough. I'm an economics professor at UC San Diego and my office is in one of the older buildings on campus. The basement of my building has several conference rooms used by various student groups. Unless the meeting rooms are in use, the b... Continuar »
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First time used

James didn't know at the time that the hairdresser wanted him. He could feel the press of his bulge on his forearm but in his innocence thought nothing of it and sat still answering the questions he was asked.

'16. So what are your plans now?'

'Not really sure, I am thinking of going to college.'

The hairdresser positioned a mirror behind James head, placed a hand on his shoulder and said, 'Doesn't that look good?'

It did look good, thought James.

'So, Jimmy, do you smoke?'


The hairdresser laughed, 'No, weed.'

James did, although he had only smoked h... Continuar »
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My Dear Mother and I

It all started a few years ago when i was 15. My dad had went out of town to Illinois for a week and it was just me and my mom in the house. Well, on a typical tuesday night, I was on my way to the kitchen to get something to eat, my mom was in there watching TV eating a banana. Now me, bieng a typical teenager going through puberty saw my mom sticking that banana into her mouth and i started getting an erection. i was wearing simple basketball shorts so i couldnt really hide it. I didnt care about it, so i continued onto the refrigerator when my mom turned and asked me whats up. i turned to f... Continuar »
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County Slut (according to my little s****r)

My s****r and I were chatting for a little bit the other night and a few old questions came up. Yes, she knew all about me, while I was growing up and, of course later – she was the one who walked in on me and the dog one time.
Her one question was about our older cousin, Dick Milkey. He was three years older than me, he started visiting during summers. It was more like his parents dumped him at the farm for a few months. Then, later, he kept coming back for some weekend visits.

“Was he fucking you?”

Actually he was – it started about a week into the first summer visit.

“One of you ... Continuar »
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Waking Mom

This story has been edited very slightly to remove some spelling errors and correct, in my mind, the way some of the sentences read.

It had been a quiet night, I’d spent the evening playing on my beloved computer, trawling the internet for porn as usual. I’d found quite a few sites of interest, especially to the young 16 year old horny teen I was.

I’d finally given up and headed to bed, my parents were out at some little social thing, so I had the house to myself. I woke up after a couple of hours sl**p to my parents’ noisy return. They were only quiet when they came up the stairs and pa... Continuar »
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...Just a Stranger on a Bus...

I turned to face the window to watch the town go by. It was slightly more convenient, not having to drive, but being able to go only where the bus took you, canceled out that convenience.

My car was in for its quarterly oil change, and, instead of waiting for it at the Quickie Lube, I decided to drop it off, and take the bus. Being Saturday, I didn't need to go to work; I could be on the bus as long as I had to. Ten minutes had already gone by, and, according to the schedule, it'd be another twenty until I got home.

The bus stopped to pick up a passenger. A woman got on - about 5’9”... Continuar »
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My First Time, My First MILF

This is a true story that happened to me a week ago. I was sitting in my room looking at some porn on the internet. My parents were out of town for the weekend and I had some alone time. Then I got a call on my phone. It was my buddy's mom, Carol. She said she and a friend were at a club on the other end of the city and had had to much too drink and needed a ride home. She said she could not reach any one else and she was desperate. I told her I would head that way. I had been just got my Drivers license and I had just finished a lot of work on my pickup truck.
It took an hour for me to ... Continuar »
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Mommy needs

Being 45 years old, the mother of 2 k**s and the wife of a truck driver was hard on Janet. Her husband Jake was away on the road more then he was home. Sometimes he was gone for weeks at a time. Her c***dren had grown up without her father around and she had always been upset about it. One thing she had always done though was try not to upset her husband by nagging him about it when he was around. He made good money and loved his job, but she couldn't help but wonder sometimes how he got by sexually without her around. She had heard the stories about truckers on the road and she always hoped t... Continuar »
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My Neighbor Saw Me Suck Cock Pt2

"You like that jizz, huh boy?" he asked.

"Yes Sir, I love it," I replied, not having to lie.

"I think we have a very workable arrangement," Jack chuckled. "But I have some homework for you."

I was smitten by Jack's powerful cock and was ready to do anything he asked. "What can I do?"

"You know that adult bookstore down on Main Street?" he asked.

I nodded affirmatively.

"I want you to go buy a series of butt plugs. You can start with any size you think you can handle, but make sure the last one is the biggest they have. And buy yourself a big bottle of lube."

"Yes Sir," I... Continuar »
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Just what the doctor ordered

I was out for the day dressed in a frilly skirt, white stockings with garter belt and black high heels, (only my best fem clothing.) I stopped by my friends Dr’s office and had a seat waiting for my friend to end her shift. A nurse comes out and says “we have a room ready for you.” I thought they were playing a joke on me so I just agreed, hopped on to my heels and walked in to an exam room that was held open for me. The nurse left the room and I sat alone staring at all of the charts and gadgets in the room. A couple of minutes later, Another nurse comes in in a classic tight dress and white ... Continuar »
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Mom liked me to watch (4)

The day my dad left on his trip, mom and I fucked that whole night. We also talked about what turned us on and how we might try to make these things happen.
Moms most favorite thing to do is to be able to tease guys by showing off her body. At first doing it so they think she has not idea that they are getting a nice look at her. Then later slowly let them know that she wants them to watch.
I guess I was like my dad, I liked to watch her teasing guys then watching them fuck her good. It really got to me if they were men that knew her or my dad.
She also said that she got wet when young ... Continuar »
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My step-sisister Sara

Hi, I am Ryan, I am 18, have dark brown eyes, dirty blonde hair, I’m 5’ 11”, but the best thing about me is my 7 inch dick, I am still a virgin but I didn’t know that it all was about to change. Well, enough about me and on to my step sisister. Her name is Sara, she’sis 19, is 5’ 8”, has blue eyes, bright natural blonde hair, B cup breasts and she has an amazing tight ass that jiggles ever so slightly when she dances around the house. I know I shouldn’t be paying too much attention to her because she is technically my sisister, but what the hell; she is so hot it would be a crime not to noti... Continuar »
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Hooking up with the Neighbor

The other day I was out mowing the lawn. I am in my mid forties and in good shape. I could see my neighbor Thomas down the street shooting hoops. He is just out of high school about 5' 10" and a lean Latino. I finished the lawn and he came over and asked me if I wanted to play hoops. I had played hoops. catch, four square in the neighborhood with the k**s for years. So, I did not think anything of it.

We were playing for about 20 minutes and Thomas said he was getting hot and he took his shirt off. We started playing again. Except this time when I would defend him he would back me u... Continuar »
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Well hung son

I had been so horny lately. My husband Bill had barely touched me these past few months. It was true, I had packed on some extra pounds. My curvy body was getting bigger still. There was no one to turn to except my son Kyle. I admit it, he turns me on. Kyle is very tall and thin. I sometimes wonder what he looks like completely naked. I didn't have long to find out.

One day it was just Kyle and me in the house. As I was walking down the hallway, his bedroom door was partially open. I looked in and I saw my son standing there naked. I almost gasped. His cock was dangling down between his leg... Continuar »
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Mom liked me to watch (3)

I finished taking care of my mom, because my dad didn't. Mom thanked me and bent over and cleaned my cock with her mouth. Dad came back downstairs all packed and ready to go. He told mom he had called a cab so she wouldn't have to drive him all that way to the airport. He told us he would be gone for at least a week maybe ten days or longer, he didn't really know.
Dad asked me to go outside, he wanted to talk to mom alone. I went out back and looked in the window like before. I heard him ask mom if he could lick her beautiful pussy before he left. He told her he wanted to have that as his la... Continuar »
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My mommy

I had the best mother in the world, or so I thought. She is very pretty, very sexy, and she takes very good care of dad and I. Then one day I came home unexpectedly. I wasn’t feeling well and the school nurse had sent me home. I hadn’t seen mom when I came in at nine o’clock and I was asl**p in my bed when suddenly I was rudely awakened with a loud bang. I sat bolt upright in bed and listened.

I must have heard mom’s bedroom door being slammed shut. But I couldn’t comprehend why. It was about eleven o’clock.

I heard several voices shouting, “Anal! No way! Asshole! Exactly! Asshole!”

... Continuar »
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Holiday with steps****r chapter 2

Carol made her way to the tiny bathroom, and I finally had some time to allow myself to dress without making a fool of myself. I was always on a hair-trigger edge, and it needed little to push me to an orgasm.

So many times I had managed to embarrass myself on a bus. What was it with me and buses? It was probably the vibration of the engine, in sync with my body. I once talked to a psychologist friend of mine over drinks and he laughed about it. "It's so common amongst youths."

I had put my trousers, socks and shoes on, but it was so warm I decided to just leave the shirt hanging on its... Continuar »
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I have been married for over 30yrs to a 62yr wife I love but after our 2nd c***d was born she went off sex which I thought was due to pregnancy and baby but over the years nothing changed and there was always an excuse no matter what I tried ,Flowers , Kissing cuddling, Romantic weekends breaks, Underwear, Sex toys and more .
So it was down to the wrist work and porn and few times got caught and get an earful from the wife usual thing dirty old man pervert etc this didn't help our sexual relationship.#
One day I was browsing the web and wife came in and accused me of watching porn an... Continuar »
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my best friend discovers my love to suck dick

I had known Bill for many years, we worked together at the same company and became quick friends...I knew his wife and f****y and we would all hang out together. They all knew my wife and f****y too, but then I got divorced and remained friends with Bill and his wife Jane. I had been a cock lover and cock sucker for a few years before I got divorced, but no one ever knew and I preferred it that way....I like to keep my personal life discreet.

So I had been living alone since my divorce and had a couple of regular guys I would blow, mostly on weekdays. This one guy Tony would come over abou... Continuar »
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The haunted house

The haunted house


The haunted house

"I don't know, Mom. It's really run down. The agent said it was a fixer-upper, but I don't think this dump can be fixed up."

Mom and I were standing in a yard full of weeds staring at a dilapidated two-story farmhouse. She and I lived together in the city. After being burglarized several times, she decided that she had had enough of city life and began looking at houses in the country.

"I like it," she said defiantly. "It has a certain charm about it. We're both handy with tools. We could have so... Continuar »
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Under the Covers

I was lying in bed waiting impatiently. I was fidgeting and I couldn’t keep still. Davey should have been here ages ago. Or was I just being too impatient?

My heart slipped a beat and my whole body trembled when I heard the door open and close quietly. He came quickly to my bed and slipped under the covers.

I put my arms around him and hugged him tightly as he pulled the covers over us and we wriggled down the bed until we were both completely under the covers.

I wrapped my arms around him tightly and d****d one leg over him, pulling him close to me and kissing his forehead repeatedl... Continuar »
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Fucked by an older guy while dressed up

It happened about 10 years ago when I was in my early thirties. I had been dressing up for a while and met a few guys for some fun. It almost always turned out to be oral with small amounts of anal mixed in. This is the story of my first time with an older guy, and let me say, he rocked my world. It was during the summer and I was home alone and feeling rather horny and I decided to post an add on CL.

I had quite few responses, but most were just wasting my time. Then I got a response from an older guy calling himself Fabian (not his real name). He asked me if I had ever been with an older g... Continuar »
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Nude beach experience

We took a visit to California and my husband wanted me to go to Black's Beach, a nude beach near San Diego. Although we had been to the French Caribbean and I had been topless and nude on a more secluded beach I had never been to one in the United States. I told him okay but I had a condition, he would have to be nude and do something for me while we were there. He eagerly agreed to my request whatever it was. My plan was to embarass and show him off at the beach. We left our hotel nearby once we got there and I just wore a slipover panties or bra. I teased him on the way the... Continuar »
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Holiday with steps****r

Were it not for the start-of-summer BBQ at my place of work, this beautiful ending to an emotional story would never have come to pass. Hell, I had not even planned to go to the start-of-summer party since invariably, most of the employees insisted on an open bar, reducing them to quivering jelly by the end of the night.

I rarely drink enough to get past sobriety, so the single fact that an open bar was in attendance, wrinkled at my good senses. Be that as it may, I was given a complimentary ticket, and there I was, if reluctantly.

So when the manager finally drew the grand prize, two t... Continuar »
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TEENAGE MEMORIES - Mr Shaw the PE Teacher

As school football captain it was my job at the end of PE to collect all the balls at the end of the session. Friday morning was the last lesson before dinner time I’d just got all the balls in the sacks and put them away I was making my way to the showers when I realised everyone else had left, which wasn’t a bad thing as I’d have the showers all to myself.

Turning it on I baked under the hot water, then suddenly there was a loudish bang and then silence, a few minutes later I heard footsteps and then Mr. Shaw, our PE teacher walked into the shower room, he looked at me and said “I thought... Continuar »
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Layla Part 1 (True story)

It was a few years back when I noticed my 'interests' were getting more deviant. At that time I met a girl, well, woman. She was just over 30, I was 23. Impressed by her confidence and looks I felt intimidated.
Working in the same grocery store, there was no escaping this captivating creature. Blonde hair, blue eyes, a smile to die for. Her body was curvy, hips, tits and a round ass. A woman. Not like those girls I was used to.

'Layla' and I had to work late most of the week. And in our talks during those hours we grew closer. The conversations got more intimate.
She was shameless. Told me ... Continuar »
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College Changed Everything; Part 1


My world came crashing down on top of me, my chest tightened and a black void was closing in around me.

I was stood in the middle of my high school corridor, I had just done the unthinkable and asked Vanessa “the heartbreaker” Pollock out to prom. Vanessa was your typical popular high school girl. Tall, blonde, amazing figure, piercing blue eyes, ample chest and big firm ass. Her naturally beautiful face and that captivating smile were now directed right at me. Her finger pointing right in my face. In life we all have moments that we regret, this one was a major one of ... Continuar »
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College Changed Everything; Part 3

I woke up early the next morning. Well this morning was gonna be awkward as fuck. How the fuck do I speak to my mom now. I threw some clothes on and headed down stairs.

Mom was sat at the kitchen table with a large mug of coffee in front of her.

“Hi mom” I sheepishly said.

She looked up to me “morning honey, you're up early.”

“Yeah couldn't sl**p well”

“Me neither” she rubbed her head “can never sl**p long after a night out. Hangovers are no good for an old woman like me.” She cracked a smile.

Silence fell in the room and i felt it getting awkward until she broke the silence... Continuar »
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Naughty stepdaughter punished

My mother and father had separated a few years ago, and I'm still getting used to the fact that my mother has recently gotten married. I hate him, and the fact that my mother is now seen as a cougar.

Damian is 36 and my mother is 49 turning 50. I hate Damian, he tries to act as if he is my father but he isn't, and it's getting old. I'm eighteen and they still feel the need to treat me as a c***d.

I was called to the office today for wearing our school skirt up too high, how do these people expect us girls to get any attention when we look like nuns. I have to admit I did make my outfit... Continuar »
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Chris takes my wife's marital cherry

A few years ago my wife worked in an office and was friends with a group of girls and they would go out together to local clubs. Sometimes a younger man called Chris would be with them and he was quite flirty with them all. One of the girls, Lucy was a bit naughty and had been fucked by Chris behind her hubby's back. Chris used to flirt with my wife and I'm sure she enjoyed the attention. Nothing happened but I always thought he would be the one to take her marital cherry, especially as I Lucy had told my wife Chris was very well endowed. I asked my wife if she'd ever heard from him since le... Continuar »
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Wife's first BBC.

Over the years I had tried to talk my wife into being shared. She was strongly against it so I let up on the subject. I decided to respect that. Not realizing that I simply hadn't noticed an interest she had. Later I would... Lol.
My wife has a close friend that has been out neighbor for years. She has three k**s and is a single mom. We have watched her k**s over the years and they are around our own k**s' age. Her oldest son is a great k** as well as his b*****r and s****r. Over the years I've noticed him catching glimpses at my wife while she's around the house. My wife frequently walks a... Continuar »
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Wife Doesn't Know about ThroatBanger Gay

My wife and I typically take one weekend night per month to get away from the k**s and enjoy some grown-up time. On Friday night, Jules left the k**s with our babysitter and met me downtown at my office. We were going to catch an early movie and then planned to grab a quick bite at a trendy Italian restaurant that our friends had been raving about.

As we sat down to watch the movie trailers, Jules mentioned that Cyndie, our three year old daughter had the sniffles and maybe we should pass on dinner tonight. We agreed to call the babysitter after the movie and check in on the k**s before eat... Continuar »
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I Like Sucking Cock Gay

I'm not quite sure where this all began, although I suppose I can hazard a guess. I watched (and still do watch) a fair amount of porn, and at some indeterminate point, I began noticing the guys' cocks. At first, I noticed the differences between cut and uncut ones, and then began to compare them for their length and girth. I began watching videos strictly with girls sucking dick, and began masturbating while staring at the cocks disappearing between wet pairs of lips, rather than the girls the lips were attached to, and I came to realize that it was the cocks that were turning me on.

This ... Continuar »
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Pornshop Privleges

I looked over my shoulder and asked him when the last time was that he fucked is wife. "This morning." he replied as he slid his big cock in between my legs where it then projected out in front of my own cock. It was that thick and long.

I came to this adult arcade in Denver quite a bit. Today, a friend was working the register area, so I was able to use his back office to change my clothes to reveal my inner-slut that seems to possess me when I'm extremely horny. We were both crossdressers and took turns working the counter occasionally. One of the advantages of being a student and having ... Continuar »
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Debora's Sexlife - Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - The Driver

I often live rather dangerous and don't realize it until afterwards, but I still don't wanna change my way of living.

I knew early on, that men always keep on looking at me because they like my body, and I always enjoyed the watching.

My name is Debora and I can say that I'm addicted to Sex.

I don't just look for hot dates when I'm going out in bars or clubs. I'm also often in chats or sites like these, and that might just be the dangerous thing about my way of living, since you never know what type of man you're going to meet.

I will write down everything I... Continuar »
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My Mother Taught Me

When I turned 18 I thought I knew everything but the only thing I did not know was the practical side about sex. Which I would learn soon enough from the most beautiful woman I know… my own mother. My mom showed me and was the one who truly made me a man and I loved every minute of her lessons.

My friends and I had talked about sex many times but none of us had really done anything of the sort to really know how it felt. I was versed enough in the oral exam but still lacking in the practical. One afternoon after school I had some friends over and we chatted about a sweet 19 year old latina... Continuar »
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Get my cock sucked by a guy - first time

glow to my darkened dorm room. The door was locked, and I finally
had the opportunity to spend a little time with myself. Flicking
through the familiar images of big breasted women inhaling giant
cocks of shaved muscular men, my constrained cock began to pulsate in
my boxers. I slowly started to undress myself; first exposing my
muscular hairy chest to the air and then slowly removing my pants
allowing my rock hard cock to slap against my stomach. I pulled my
cock into my hand and with a sigh of relief moved my hand up and down
the length of my shaft.

As soon as I had started, an IM... Continuar »
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Garage Spinner

My woman and I bought a house. We managed to get in right at the right time, before the market came back up. We dumped her 900 square foot 1940 brick ranch and got into a nice big split level. An extra 350 square feet and a huge garage. Natually we had a spare bedroom, and she kicked around the idea of renting out the room just because we didn't need it. My k*** are grown and gone, and she can't have any. Life is good, but later I realized she was setting me up, because her n***** Scotty was having trouble at home and wanted to move out.
Naturally before I knew it, this 18 year old shithead ... Continuar »
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wife surprises me with something new

My wife(J) and I have been married for 33 years and during that time we have experimented five times with another guy. Each time my wife(J) has only agreed to it if she did not know or see the guy. The last time this happened was six years ago just after she turned 50. J is 5'3” tall with 34c breast and carries a little extra weight around her midsection after having 3 c***dren. She is very self conscious about her 160lbs. At 56 there are whisps of grey and white in her hair but still looks like she is in her mid 40's. As a school teacher she is very confident and sure of herself but very ... Continuar »
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Mother in Law Cannot Resist

This story is fiction and all the characters are fictitious in the story. Hope you will love the story.

Fiona tries to resist her son-in-law's cock but cannot.

The following stories all started almost 10 years ago when i was twenty years old and I moved into my girlfriend's house after being booted out of home by my parents. My wife lived there with her mother Fiona who was thirty seven her dad Alan who was forty four and her s****r Alice who was f******n.

It was a little crowded in the house at first but when my wife was offered a placement abroad with work it was too good for h... Continuar »
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