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Blonde beauties bare beachvolley #4

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The three tasty teen bare beach blondes watch with big eyes as my great granddod gives them a practical lesson in pleasing oneself by playing her hairy horny hot wet sexy twat The eldest confesses she does it a lot but never talked until now yet openly about that the two other teens acknowledge they also know it already well but did never get as wet The right way to teach you to get as wet as I am is by learning you to lick each other" The scenario of our sexual education session for the three teens develops as in Petra's plans Their mom Kris offers to be first vict… Leer más

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Jessie gasped seeing that Ravi's manhood was over 6 inches. “Wow Ravi how long is it now?” Jessie asked walked forward and dropping to her knees. “7 inches,” Ravi moaned as he felt Jessie’s young mouth engulf his meat. Luke walked over to Jessie and started to suck on her left breast as he inched and played with her right one. Jessie moaned out load as she started to deep throat Ravi's cock. “My gosh Luke" Our nanny is giving me such a good blow! Jessie pulled out, smiles and walks over to the living area. She sat on the couch and spread her legs.… Leer más

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Daniel 6

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The water from the shower streamed over my naked body as I tried desperately to wake up. It was 5 AM and I was regretting my decision to go with my Father to get Todd. We were headed up to his college to pick him up for Thanksgiving vacation. Todd is my oldest brother, a junior studying pre-law. The water was hot and slowly I was coming around and waking up. I had already expelled the large load of cum my brother Dave had shot up my ass when he fucked me last night. And it was definitely to early to jack off, so I turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. As… Leer más

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My whore wife goes full time

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I've posted about how she started as a whore. And about her later time selling her body on the street. But missed the part where she went full time pro. It isn't pretty. She got addicted to d**gs while I was deployed in the military. I refused to pay for her d**gs. So she started going over the the bikers that got he hooked and would fuck enough of them to get what she needed. Later she realized that wasn't the best way to do it. So she took to the street. She was able to make a go of it, for a couple reasons. First the bikers ran crime in our town, so she as long as she was buy… Leer más

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Title Contest - see comments for details

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(Reading "All-You-Can-Eat Buffet" before reading this one is recommended, but not required. Comments always welcome.) Seriously!? I thought to myself, wandering into the dark bathroom. I had turned the light on, and nothing happened. I suspected the light bulb had blown out, so I went to the hall closet to get another one. That didn't work out as well as planned - the last good light bulb had been taken out of the box, and the box had been put back into the closet. I hate it when that happens. Off to the store to get another. I decided that, even though the department store had them… Leer más

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Dirty parents


Same night, after their sex in bathroom. Mum jumped to her bed and rubbed herself while waiting to dad. I was waiting in my bedroom to start their show. When dad finally came to my mom, she immediately started sucking him fast and hard. I heard sloppy noises even in my bedroom so I went out to enjoy it. I was lucky, dad forgot to close the door so I had a quite good view to them. Mum was sitting on the edge of the bed with dads cock in her mouth. Dad was standing at her and moving her head up and down when sometimes he grabbed her tits or gave her a little slap. Mom laid on her bed and s… Leer más

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Episode 36 - Pumping Station Visit

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Usual Health Warning This entire story is pure fantasy. The author has no wish to promote und*r-age sex; but if that does appeal, then restricting your urges to your own ch1ldren has merit for the wider society. This story does contain (hopefully) fairly graphic scenes of fami1y intercourse and machine-masturbation, so please do not read if easily offended. This story is set at the Victorian Pumping Station on the outskirts of Leicester. It’s a little boy’s dream – all solid heavy metal, hot pistons f0rcing into massive cylinders. Cast iron staircases where you can look straight u… Leer más

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Sister Putting On A Show.

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sister Putting On A Show. During my summer nights as a teen I would usually sleep late. My sisters dog was an older dog so I would take her out before I slept because I know she likes to pee during the night. This one night particular I walked in and my sister wasn't sleeping. She was face down and ass was up. Her right hand was somewhere within her pants. At the time I didn't realize it but she looked up and her ass was still in the air. She lowered it slowly.. but I can see her hand still moving. We didn't say anything and I thought nothing of it. Took her dog potty. End of that night.… Leer más

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Blonde beauties bare beachvolley #3

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While we engage with Kris in a tasty threesome with my demanding dear granddod the three teen dods of Kris enjoy themselves - with Petra's X-box and other gear They find her lap-top still open at a page with hot porn and all those 'ooh' & 'aah's When we get back at them we find them with flushed faces, hands in their panties Everybody is embarrassed by this sexy situation, I keep my cool and see a scenario Kris flushes as red as her teens and my Petra from forgetting to switch off xhamster With all lost for words, as the only male elder member of humanity I take the stand Col… Leer más

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-= Chapter 1 =- "Oh, Mom!" Billy gasped. "Oh, shit, I'm sorry! I guess I should have locked the door!" Kathy stood motionless in the open door to the bathroom, gaping wide-eyed at her naked son as he dripped water on the tiled floor. Billy was the younger of her two boys, and she'd u*********sly continued to regard him as a mere c***d, despite his age. But what she was staring at now proved that at least in one critical area Billy was fully grown. His enormous, half-swollen cock hanging between his thighs would have been more at home on a donkey than on such a slender, innocent-looking… Leer más

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One of my Favorite In(3st Stories

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The smell was almost rancid, and David decided to throw out his latest lab experiment. He only had a single beaker with the light-blue concoction, and like the last half dozen tries, was about to be flushed down the toilet. His current standing in Chemistry deemed a successful completion to this experiment. Which was also his entry into the High School Science Fair. His experiment; to produce an aroma that allowed a change in mammals behaviour. Originally he thought it was a simple project, yet when setting out to create a new scent, his experiment became increasingly… Leer más

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Mom Had Too Much To Drink - Part 2


I woke up first, mom was still out of it. She was laying next to me, naked and looking beautiful. I didn't want to disturbe her, so I quietly got up, slipped on some shorts and went out to the kitchen to get som coffee. I was sitting at the kitchen table, working on my third cup of coffee, when mom came wandering into the kitchen. I guess she thought she was at her house, because she came out naked. When she saw me sitting there, it gave her a bit of a scare at first, but then with a puzzled look on her face, she asked, "Donny, what are you doing at my house?" For those of you who have… Leer más

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Daniel 5

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We are all pretty stoked as we boarded the bus that would take us for the first time to the state swim finals. Sean and I got on the bus first in order to get back row seating, knowing that the coach and the two chaperones always rode up front. The ride was going to take 3 hours so we all had to be on the bus by 7am to get there in time. It was great to see all the guys having just gotten out of bed. You could see that most of them had only pulled on a pair of sweats as their cocks were swinging freely as they walked down the isle of the bus. It made me horny just thinking about… Leer más

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Playing Truth-or-Dare with GF & BFF... True St


Having more fun outdoors! Once the roommates started coming home, Br, Mi, and Alan went out side first to the garage. Were there was a Laptop, Alan's truck Brandon's scooter and some chairs. Sitting in those chairs they played you-tube videos some music some crazy sexy ideas. I'm bored daddy lets go some were, they all discussed ideas, BR asks micha if she wanted to go for a ride on his scooter. Alan laughed, nice pick up line, Brandon replied with it works over half the time b*o. Sure that sounds fun, Mich lifts her leg over the seat exposing her beaver, this should be very fun Brandon… Leer más

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Best Sex

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June woke up in the middle of the night with her pussy on fire. She needed to fuck now. She got up and walked naked to her dad's room and opened the door and quietly walked to his bed and lifted the covers. She knew he slept naked and she got under the covers and began to rub his cock then she licked it as he woke. He said "June baby, do you need more cock? Daddy fucked you twice after dinner then I licked your pussy for over an hour when I tucked you in bed. I am very happy to fuck you more. This time I am going to fuck that sexy ass first. Suck my cock till it is hard then get up here and sl… Leer más

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MATERNAL INSTINCTS By Amanda Wrighter CHAPTER TWO “Aaahhh,” Annie blurted as she woke up and spurted hot fluid down her thighs onto the wet bed beneath her. She sighed and stroked her belly to calm herself. It was just a dream! Damn! By now she’d grown used to the intensely realistic dreams that pregnancy brought on, but this one had been overly stimulating. She cum on herself upon waking. Can’t believe I actually had a wet dream about Steven! That’s some sick shit right there! Just then, she twisted in the bed and realized Steven was lying naked next to her. “Holee… Leer más

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Daniel 4

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Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2005 17:55:15 EST Subject: the Making of Daniel part 4 The Making of Daniel Part 4 18 and over please...... My life has changed so much in the last month, it is unbelievable that just 3 weeks ago I was a virgin, beating off 3 or 4 times a day. Now I am getting fucked every night by my brother David, and Sean my boyfriend is such a cum hound that I have to satisfy him at least twice a day at school. He ends up sucking me off in stalls, in the locker room during gym, even in the janitors closet. He just can't get enough, and believe me, I love satisfying his need.… Leer más

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Christmas with My Mother-in-Law

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This story, although fictitious, is based heavily on true events and true people, just the names have been changed and it's mostly my own fantasies that are touched upon in the actions. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It was a brisk chilly Christmas eve, the 24th of December. I was staying with my gorgeous girlfriend at her mum's house. My parents were away on holiday and my girlfriend always spends Christmas with her mother, and not wanting me to spend it alone, she eagerly offered me the chance to stay at her mum'… Leer más

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Gangbang BBW Teacher Wife


A conservative attractive BBW wife is gang fucked as her husband watches in horror. *** Debbie Vines was nervous about teaching night school at the inner city community center. She had volunteered as part of cooperative effort between the middle school where she taught and the church her and her family attended. Debbie had come from a small town in South Carolina and had married her husband right out of high school. Her husband Jim, had worked for ten years at a Ford dealership and they had three wonderful c***dren, Ryan who was eleven, Deanna who was nearly fifteen, and Jes… Leer más

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Daniel 3

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! His body laid on top of me like a blanket, his weight was bearing down on me just as his cock was bearing down in my ass. He was pushing his hips down on my ass with such force, air was being expelled from my lungs and a loud pleasurable grown sang from my month. He pushed my head deeper into the pillow, drowning out my moaning as not to wake our parents in the next room. My ass was so full of my brother David's hard cock each time he would thrust his hips down on me, I raised mine to get the full length of his 10 inch cock as far up my ass as I could. We were in a such a deep sex… Leer más

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