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Turned into a cum eating sissy for granny


Having left school and found no job I had settled into a routine of late nights and lazy days. Mum would give me things to do around the house but I never bothered to do them. I would either put on my Xbox an play call of duty all day until mum came home or just put on my lap top and watch porn and wank myself silly. On more than one occasion mum had walked in on me with my cock in my hand slowly rubbing it to some milf getting fucked on xhamster and with no father around to discipline me it was left to my mother to mumble something about being sick of me being lazy or a filthy perv. I thou… Leer más

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ADVentures of a STEwardess ...... Shopping is Fun

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I got home after a day out shopping and I have bought some news outfits to wear out and some new lingerie. I was tired and exhaust, but enjoy going out and trying new outfits on. There was this one girl who was 22 years old with long brown hair and brown eyes. She wore a black short mini skirt and white blouse and had on a black bra that I could see through her blouse. She noticed me starring at her and she would come over and ask me if I needed any help periodically and would put her hand on my back when she talked to me. I was very nervous having her around me, knowing how young she wa… Leer más

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Moving Away With Mom (2)

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Mom started kissing me back as I slide the straps on her nightgown off of her shoulders, on down her arms. She quite stroking my cock long enough to get the strap off of her right arm then went back to stroking my rock hard cock. As I slid the strap off of her left arm, I kissed my way down her chin onto her throat, on down on her chest till I got to the base of her right tit. I kissed and licked while altering back and forth between kisses and light flickering tongue licks as I went. I started following the base of her tit toward the right side of her right tit, around to the bottom side o… Leer más

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Beauty of College

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At university, Yameen was just starting to adjust after two months into the university life. Now, he had grown to have urges but to stop himself he refrained as much from going near girls but particularly this special girl, Neha. She had soft hands, soft spoken and her face was equally mesmerizing on Yameen. Slowly by slowly her eyes would move away when ever she looked at him. Her innocent was so assuring and without make-up her skin was like a wheat-ish complexion with a bit on the white side. Clearly, she found her-self slowly taking her hands and wanted to touch Yameen on the cheek with it… Leer más

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Asian hooker fell in love with me

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Want to get to the real thing? Go directly to "HERE IT GOES" below! So as I don't have sex with my girlfriend anymore, I often have to find way not to explode. There are time where I can simply wank, and others where I can't stand it and need to find a way to have real sex. I'm not ugly, but I don't really have "the game" I can't hit on girls and manage to go further... So I end up looking at online ads and find hookers around the place I'm at the time. I do have thing for asian girls, so when I saw this ad, I thought: "Hey I gotta try". So I called her and there I was on my way. I have… Leer más

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My s*****'s First Anal


I can still remember the night I got the call. My sister was crying on the phone. Her girlfriend had just left her for another woman. After crying for several hours she said she was going to be staying some local hotel to which I told her no way. She would come and stay with her big brother. My house is nice. I bought as a steal from a couple going through divorce who just wanted to get rid of it and split the cash. The house has a bar with game room, a pool table, and I keep the bar stocked. There are three bedrooms, a massive master bedroom bathroom... more than enough room for some… Leer más

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Richie and Mummy the final episode

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Dr Jenkinson had arranged for me to be the ultimate event at the conference for a selected number of members. Whilst the wives and boring guys went off on a tour of Paris, the "in crowd" were invited to a special gang bang, at which I was to be the fuckee. The event was taking place in our suite in the 5 star hotel. I wore a stunning dark green taffeta gown that was slashed at the front, barely covering my nipples, and slashed at the back right down showing my arse crack. I was wearing 7 inch fuck slut heels. As the doctors arrived one by one in their tuxedos, they were encouraged to come a… Leer más

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caught by my sister and her friend 3

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Since the barbeque I had been avoiding Kate at school as I didn't want to arouse suspicions, well the next Wednesday that plan unravelled. I was hurrying down the hall heading to class when Kate popped out from behind the lockers, before I knew what was happening she had pushed me through a doorway, I looked around, oh shit the girls toilets! Before I could protest she shoved me into one of the stall and locked the door, then she pulled my pants down and set me on the toilet seat. This had all happened so fast and I was so bewildered that I was anything but aroused, looking down and seeing my… Leer más

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In like with my affair


One Saturday I was outside cleaning the gutter it was filed with leaves n dirt n water. It rained yesterday. My husband was working. It was hot and my neighborhood is quiet I live on a cul de sac. I have a pink tank top no bra, white shorts no panties & flip flops. Hair was wet from a shower and twisted up in a loose bun. I'm on a ladder scooping piles of leaves... I went dont the ladder got the hose turned the water on and the attached nozzle I bought had 4 settings I tried for ing the leaves out. Bucause there mustve been too much gunk and the added water from the hose my gutter fell. A… Leer más

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Indian Wife's Transformation

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When Priya came home from her evening classes that day she sounded quite happy and excited. She told her me that she had made friends with a new girl in her class. Her name was Jenny. Priya said that Jenny was a really sweet girl and they even went to have a coffee. I was really happy for Priya as she had finally found a friend in her class. Priya was like any other typical Indian housewife settled in US. She was incredibly beautiful and sexy lady but just like any Indian wife she was quite conservative and never paid much attention to her looks or her clothes. Although I had tried many times… Leer más

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Who is she #2


Well this beautiful stranger came to my mothers house for christmas. She met a lot of people and everyone loved her. My mom introduced her as my girlfriend which of course I did not mind. We stood under the mistle toe un expectedly and my mom raved about it… chanting kiss kiss kiss (I felt like it was a mild hazing) back in college. But she smiled that beautiful bright smile leaned into my arms and kissed me like no other, my ***k was so hard. Late that night she stayed with me and we cuddled, nothing happened although I was HOPING. I continued to see her thru out the week while she took ca… Leer más

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Mom & Daughter Go to Beach II

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(This story is continued from an earlier installment. Please visit my profile for the earlier installment.) Chapter 5 As I walked back to the beach my mind kept replaying the sight of my mom and Robert having sex. On one level I was so happy that my mom got to enjoy cock for first time in many years. On another level I wanted to personally know what sex was like. When I got back to the beach the others were playing in the water and they encouraged me to join them. As we got in the water they all started playing around by s… Leer más

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Fucking bit titted step daughter at last

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Been wanting to fuck my 18 year old stepdaughter for years and finally got the chance when her Mom was away. We had been hanging around for two days, eating, watching TV in the evenings. We had just finished in the kitchen when I hugged her from behind and kissed her on the neck. She stood there for a couple of seconds then I turned her around, we looked into each other’s eyes and I leaned over to kiss her. We have messed around before and she is a fantastic kisser so we really got into it. Soon my hands were on her firm little ass and moving up under her shirt to her 34DD tits. I pull… Leer más

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My Daughter, My SexToy

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Part 1 "Oh god, here she is again," I mumbled to myself as Cheryl, my fifteen year old daughter walked down the stairs into the living room where I was sitting on the couch. She was wearing a short white T-shirt, and a pair of pale pink nylon panties, trimmed with lace; nothing else. As she came down the stairs, her young breasts, firm as they were, could not resist bouncing, proving to anyone who watched that she was wearing nothing to support them under the T-shirt. My wife and I had separated two years ago and, since that time, Cheryl had been spending every other weekend, some va… Leer más

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Mom Becoming a Model


Ever since mom's photo shoot incident with Lewis, her behaviour especially with me around the house had changed. She became more open with me in the way she would dress and she generally became more confident in showing off some skin not just with me but when out in public too. When home on occasions she would often come down to breakfast or be preparing breakfast in her robe. Often braless, the top of her bust would always be visible. Just to remind you, mom's body despite being 40 didn't seem to be losing any of its sexual appeal. Her long silky legs were always a turn on as… Leer más

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BEST Job Interview

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I got to the job interview early; I used the time to go over everything I think they would ask. The secretary called me in and showed me to the head HR lady’s office. She looked to be in mid to late 50s and didn’t even stand up to shake my hand… “Mr. Sam” she said pulling her glasses down slightly over the bridge of her nose “I regret to inform you that the position you applied for has been filled, we… tried contacting you by phone and via email, but none of them seemed to work … cause here you are” “I…”, “I’ll tell you what” she moved the papers that were in the middle of the desk to the left… Leer más

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Daddy Gives daughter a Facial


It's a well known fact, that every picture tells a story, or do they? I have shown family photos t friends and every time I get a different reaction, as the image will revoke a reaction with the person viewing them. Let me give you an example. Coming from a family of naturist's, I was photographed in my birthday suit both in the home as well as in hotels and on the beach, the first two reactions were from people with different agendas, one, devout churchgoers, were offended, and two, a man I personally knew who had an unhealthy interest in my daughter, who just happened to be my image… Leer más

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Moving Away With Mom (1)

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The events in this story started just a couple of days before my 16th birthday. First some hindsite that lead up to it. After I started school in the first grade, I was able to spend my summers down south with my grandfolks, and my granddad would take me hunting and fishing, and my granddad taught me not to wast a bullet while we were out hunting, so by the time I turned twelve years old I never missed my target. At home my mom stayed at home while dad worked any where from eight hours to eleven hours a day. For two weeks after school let out and one month before school took up again I… Leer más

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Well, this is really how everything started for me, not just exploring other guys, but really my first sexual encounter which just progressed. Not used to writing any sort of story, never mind something like this, so, if its any good, please let me know. Anyway, I was away on a week long trip with school, and we had an afternoon off. I was in a room with 3 other guys, all around my age. This particular afternoon, it was roasting hot, I mean boiling, and the AC in the room wasn’t working. As it was, we were all barely clothed. I was laying on my bed in boxers and a t-shirt, another guy (who… Leer más

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My name is Terry and I'm thirty-three years old. Not exactly in my prime anymore, but I lift weights for at least an hour every day so I've got a pretty good body. I'm told I look something like Jean-Claude what's-is- face, the martial arts star, though I'm not quite as muscular nor as handsome. Still, I'm in fine shape for my age and I feel even better. I have more energy now that when I was sixteen. Three years ago I married a woman who had an 11-year- old daughter by a previous marriage. One of the big draws for the marriage was that the woman also worked out in the gym… Leer más

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