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My Wife Is A Lesbian And It's OK With Me

Sexo lesbicoTabúMirón

I married my current wife Gretchen knowing full well that she is a committed bi-sexual lesbian. Gretchen is 35, 5’5” inches tall with a very muscular body, short hair, with very small breasts. Her breasts are so small they cannot be distinguished under a loose T-shirt. Her face has a boyish look to it and frequently she is mistaken for a young man. So you say why did you marry this woman? Well she had a great personality, is very intelligent and was a successful Property Manager in town. Gretchen also loved sex; her muscular body led her to have the tightest pussy I have ever had. Her puss… Leer más

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Learning From Emilie

Primera vezMadurasTabú

-- Learning From Emilie -- Early one Saturday morning I was standing at the bathroom sink in our government quarters brushing my teeth. My father had awakened me earlier than usual, getting ready to go on an overnight guard duty assignment. Once he'd left, I decided to go ahead and get up early, get cleaned up, maybe go out for a nice motorcycle ride. There was a movement at the open door and I turned my head, toothbrush still in my mouth, to see my stepmother Emilie walk into the bathroom. That was unusual enough, because she was usually quite careful to respect my privacy. But it w… Leer más

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My Shemale Mom and Aunt chapter 2


When we three got home Mom told to me go to my room and wait for her, about 5 minutes later I was sitting on my bed. She walked in with one of the bags of goodies we bought, Mom said I think you should call me "Jenna don't you Timmy". Jenna started to strip so I went to her and got down on my knees, she said later Timmy hop in the shower NOW!. Mom/Jenna undressed and joined me in the shower she grabbed the the shaving lotion and her pink razor, she shaved every thing except my testicles, she dried me off and said lay on the bed while I finish, I laid on my back and pushed my knees to my ch… Leer más

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A nice day for a drive and a......


I was driving along in my hot car when out of the corner of my eye I caught this fantastic sight of a woman sunning herself in her side yard. I had to pull my car over and get a better look at this creature. She had the fullest, hottest body I had ever seen. She was so hot she could melt butter at a hundred yards (which I would smeared all over that hot body and eaten every inch of). I snuck up to get a better look at her. She was wearing a wicked weasel bikini that with her body left nothing to the imagination. I sat behind a bush and watched as she applied coconut oil to her supple… Leer más

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My First Fam Experience

Primera vezTabú

When I was about 6 my parents divorced. My s****r Lisa was two years younger than I and we moved around a lot for several years until my mom finally met my step dad. One place we settled during that time was at my aunts house with my two cousins. My cousin Josh was a year older than I and my female cousin Sara was a year younger than I. My aunt had just gone through a dicorce as well so my mom and her were working together to make ends meet. Being so close in age we all got along really well. We lived in the country and we were isolated for miles around. We would go into the woods and… Leer más

Publicado por tabooguy81 4 años atrás 7 12,953 94%

Aunt Susan

Primera vezMadurasTabú

The room seemed warm and smaller than usual. I'd been sitting there for an hour planning it all out. Going over it in my mind with almost military precision. Planning what I would say, how I would do it. Trying in my mind to overcome the crippling shyness that beset me whenever I talked to a woman I really wanted. I was a novice then. 18 years old and with only a few rushed and unsatisfying wanks from the inexperienced hands of fellow novices. But this, this was different. Susan was (and still is) my mum's best friend. And for years that was all she was. Nice aunty Susan. Then around about… Leer más

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She Loves My big Black dick

FeticheSexo duroTabú

The last few months, my life had hit rock bottom My wife kicked me out of the house and filed for A divorce, you can say I was up shit’s creek. After two weeks of living in an extended stay hotel I decided to pack my things up and find a New place to live, I got inside of my car and Just drove. After two plus hours of riding I came To Birmingham Alabama. I needed access to the internet So I could search for extended stay hotels. I drove for a few Minutes and I came across a local library. I walked inside and Found the librarian returning from her lunch break. I could not see he… Leer más

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Aunt Abby and The Artist (Part 1)

Primera vezMadurasTabú

This story is dedicated to my friend Abby... I hope it makes her dreams come true. 'Aunt Abby and the Artist' (Part 1) David Connelly walked briskly through the airport terminal towards baggage claim. This was the first time the teenager had ever flown by himself, but he wasn’t nervous. In fact he was a little upset that his mom and dad had f***ed him to take this trip to stay with a relative while they took a vacation cruise. David, or ‘Davey’ as his mom still called him, had protested that he was too old for someone to ‘look after him’, but they insisted that four nights was too lon… Leer más

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"I'll suck your cock for twenty dollars." I was barely paying attention as I stood up to the urinal with my cock in hand waiting to empty my aching bladder. My eyes were shut and I was far away. The voice was low, just slightly above a whiper. I glanced to my left and saw a young k** standing at the urinal beside me. He looked in his mid to late teens with his hair trimmed down into a crew cut.He must have been in one of the stalld. I never heard him.. "Sorry," I said,"did you say something?" A brief silence as he looked at me. I thought he might be ready to rob me. He was very slight… Leer más

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A boring Summer Holiday - Day 3 - Friday

Primera vezMasturbaciónTabú

Sam woke the following day. It was mid-morning he hadn't heard his parents going to work. He got up, he had slept naked that night. He walked across the landing to the bathroom and jumped into the shower. As he dried himself he still had a morning hard on. He dropped the towel on the floor and walked down the corridor. Sam opened his s****r’s bedroom door and looked in. Jo wasn't there. Sam scanned the floor. If he found some of her dirty panties he was thinking of having a wank in to them. The floor was clear. He walked down to his Mom’s room. Maybe he'd find a pair of her panties, but aga… Leer más

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awakening richard


i was really happy growing up with the f****y i had. we were always very close and open with each other, and i had the chance to grow up without hangups and the problems many have with their sexuality. none of my f****y was body shy, and bumping into another f****y member naked in the house would never raise even an eyebrow. there were no locks on the doors and most of the time they were all left open including when someone was in the toilet, and if someone was in the bathroom´and we needed something, we´d just go in naturally. so i was quite used to seeing naked adult male and female bodie… Leer más

Publicado por red_kate 4 años atrás 6 4,526 100%

Me, the girl and the babysitter. Part 1


I live near the high school and today happened to be the first day of school. I was driving by the school when i saw her. She was a tiny little thing, 4 foot 11 or so, long brown hair in a green skirt and white top. She was walking down the road and I decided to take a chance so pulled up beside her. "Hi" I said, "what are doing walking? Looks like it might rain. Wanna ride?" "Well." she started,"My mom told me not to take rides from strangers but you look ok to me, and it does look like rain. OK mister thanks." And with that she got in the car. Now that she was in the car I could take a b… Leer más

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I didn't find out anything more for quite a while. I wondered all about it though. What had really gone on? What had they done to her? Mom had a computer in her room. I wondered if I could find out anything by looking at her essays and stuff on her PC. One weekend when she was working, I was in alone. I decided to have a look. There wasn't much to be seen in her essays. They were about the use of torture and interrogation in that country, written objectively and quite professionally. I went to her browser and looked at the history. Yes, she had been doing research of all kinds on it, bu… Leer más

Publicado por naughtyboy200 4 años atrás 2 2,232 100%

Love, Devotion, Surrender. Chap 5 - My Opening


This is an excerpt from My Story, about the Women who raised and trained me over 35 years ago... Love, Devotion, Surrender. Chap 5 - My Opening I was ordered to strip and complied. Mistress Ev walked off the stage. Two Amazons wearing nothing but chastity belts wheeled out a table next to me then stood in front of me. Their nipples were gigantic and large gold rings pierced them. They danced in front of me, a hypnotic writhing and twisting that brought them together in an embrace and separated them. Their tongues would touch, I saw a string of saliva between them. Standing… Leer más

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Primera vezSexo duroTabú

SUMMER VACATION A STORY OF SECRECY & DEPRAVITY FICTION BY AMANDA WRIGHTER CHAPTER 5 I was frozen. Cassie slowly walked closer to me, her eyes never quite meeting mine. Was I dreaming? I had to be...there was no other rational explanation for what was happening. I reached down and covered my dick up with my hand, secretly cursing myself for not putting the damn thing up while I was outside. I was just glad all the lights in the house were out. It might make it a little harder to see that I had an erection. With only a few feet between us now, Cassie was close enough for me to… Leer más

Publicado por crazyxxxcash 4 años atrás 1 2,634 100%

my first sex

Primera vezMadurasTabú

my first time with my aunt (ladies can contct me at and skype me at Hello everybody! This is Sunny with a fantasized story. I fantasize a lot about touching; feeling and fondling big-breasted females and also beautiful, voluptuous bellies, deep holed navels. I love females wearing saris and revealing. I can give them lot of pleasure, fondling and pampering. I also love to keep my erection for a longer period and enjoy it. Sometimes I enjoy my erection for many numbers of days. I am married hence “No Sex” with others. Only fore playing and fond… Leer más

Publicado por ronniers 4 años atrás 2 1,915 71%

My mum's birthday (part 2)

Primera vezMadurasTabú

Well, I couldn't very well argue with that, and I wasn't sure that I wanted to anyway. In truth, I was getting to really like the idea of my own mother getting completely wasted and found it quite a turn on. However, we must have slept for quite a while, it was now 8 pm and I hadn't eaten since lunchtime, so I said: I'm pretty hungry, can we have something to eat first. Mum said: I'm parched, we 'll have a drink first, then we can eat. What are you going to wear? I said. Mum thought for a moment, and then went over and opened a draw, and held up a very skimpy black tube dress. How ab… Leer más

Publicado por coradia 4 años atrás 4 10,242 97%

Oedipus takes a train


It was the second day of a 10 day trip... 18 year old Danny and his mom Diana were taking a very long overdue vacation. The first was spent covering distance to get to the Rocky Mountains. The trip including stopping at some point each day for an afternoon or evening at some interesting spot. Lots of amazing scenery and a lot of walking to do. The train was nice and modern and they did have a compartment. But rather than the 2 beds they had booked they had a single couch. The beds… Leer más

Publicado por the_lord_wolf 4 años atrás 11 6,778 100%

Me and my stp saster


When I was 17 my father remarried, over 10 years after my mom passed away. I was happy for him, but my new step-s****r was one of the hottest girls in my High School, Nicole DeLeon, whom I’ve had a huge crush on for years. Not that I really had a chance, but now that we’re ‘related’, my chances were basically 0. To help paint a pic picture a girl with jet black hair, green eyes, perfectly toned body with an ass you could bounce a quarter off and large shapely tits that she loved to show off. I myself am average looking but had a well-toned swimmer’s build with an 8”+ cock that’s as thick a… Leer más

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sis and I head to the beach

Sexo en grupoTabúMirón

M sys sis and I are twins. We both just graduated from high school and we both have been accepted to good schools. Jenni is headed to the west coast and I’m going to a Big 10 school. Mom and Dad sent us to San Diego for a week as part of a graduation present. Jenni is about 5’9”, long brown hair and long lean legs. She has small to medium sized tits and she is very athletic. We (f****y) belong to a a country club so we are always playing tennis, golf or swimming. Jenni has a deep tan from all of the hours in the sun. I’m 6’4” and athletic also. I keep my hair short and I don’t tan as much as… Leer más

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