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Mom wants my opinion

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When I came home one night after being out with the guys, Mom and Dad were yelling at each other. Dad slammed the front door on his way out. Mom was crying and I could smell the booze. I was hoping Dad would come back home after he sobered up. I asked, “What’s the problem, Mom?” “It’s none of your dammed business.” I sternly responded, “Mom, it is my business. I love both you and dad.” “I don’t think your dad loves me any more.” “Mom, sit down and let’s talk.” “Alright, fix me another drink and fix one for yourself, too.” I knew she didn’t need anymore to drink, but I went ahead and fi… Leer más

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Eli's Awakening

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Chapter One (Written in First Person) I'd lived a comfortable life. As comfortable as one could get considering my mom had died when I was ten. However, I never grew up bitter about it because I have a great father. My dad told me he and my mom had met when he had come to teach her to play jazz piano and it had been love at first sight. I found out later from a journal of mom's I'd found in her box in the attic that it had really been lust at first sight. He was fifteen, when he stepped into my eighteen year old mother's, life. They began a rigorous training process in building her… Leer más

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Living with my Aunty Jane


What a great year this was turning out to be. I had just completed my internship with a company and was offered a full time job with a sister company in another state. I was excited about moving to a new city, but because of my reckless spending I did not have much money in the bank to afford a big move like this. It was depressing to know that after just turning twenty-five, I did not have much to show for my hard work. I was scheduled to begin my new job at the beginning of the next month so time was certainly a factor. I racked my brain trying to think of a solution but just was not coming… Leer más

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Our little game with panties part 2


So if you read the first part you would know that up to the point I had proven to my wife that most men love sniffing a woman's panties and pleasuring themselves to them. We had already narrowed down at least two of our friends who (when given the opportunity) helped themselves to some fun with her sweet pussy smells. And she had begun setting little traps for other guys, such as repairmen, installers, even in-laws on family vacations. She really seemed to be hooked on the idea of other men sniffing her panties, and would fuck me like crazy imagining what they are doing alone while they thin… Leer más

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Prized - a fantasy tale chapter 1

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“You my pretty human, you will be my prized slave.” Crogg said with delight gripping Enota by her hair and dragging her out of the cart she’d been tied up in, her mouth was gagged and her arms were painfully bound behind her and her ripped tunic exposed her pale unblemished breasts to whatever orcs and other slaves worked for the b**stly General. He noticed, obviously, and took the opportunity to cup her soft mounds in his giant rough hands, pinching the nipples hard enough to force a muffled yelp from her. He chuckled and ran his black tongue across her neck and cheek, she squirmed trying to… Leer más

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Tail Blazing

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Tail Blazing ---------- Finally, Dad had succeeded in purchasing the adjacent farm after several months of negotiations with Widow Johnson, whose family homesteaded the farmland and surrounding woodlands since the late 1800's, more than tripling our holdings. There was a single stipulation that the widow's family would keep possession several acres of land, a recently built home near the highway and its small barn and outbuilding. "Frolic, it's official now. The Johnson's place is now the Wonder's place," he announced returning from the lawyer's office. He handed me several sets of detailed t… Leer más

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Grandpa's Treat Part 3


It was a new day and I did all my morning chores before settling down to read the paper, the summer heatwave was kicking in and I was too hot in just a small pair of shorts. I was thinking about what I could get Mary to do today on her visit, Cleaning I thought, there is a bit of dusting that needs doing which should keep her busy and provide me with some eye candy. It was Mid-day when the doorbell went and as I opened it I saw Mrs Duff, looking even more beautiful than yesterday, Mary was there dressed in just a tee short and shorts, it didn’t look like she was wearing a bra either and also t… Leer más

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The Old Lady

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There's this older lady in my neighborhood and she is impressive, 79 years old and walks 3 miles at a quick pace twice a day. Now add to that the fact that she's always wearing an ankle length skirt. To talk with her, you learn the thought processes have slowed a bit with age, but she's a "wrinkler" that is fit physically. I noticed that every time she walks the neighborhood, it aligns with when my wife is either napping or not at home. I took advantage of this timing to stand in front of my large picture window naked, stroke it till it was engorged, just in time for her to walk by. She alway… Leer más

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Grandpa's Treat Part 2


After Mrs Duff and Mary left I sat back down and pondered about the situation, I couldn’t make Mrs Duff out, she looked good but business like and had quite a good body on her and the fact she took some cum from my shorts and licked her finger really had got me thinking, and what was all this about yogurt!! I must have dozed off again because the doorbell woke me up, in a daze I walked to the door and standing there was Mrs Duff, “Hello again Frank, I just dropped a lad off up the road and thought I would pop back for a chat” she said as I invited her in. Lots of thoughts were going through my… Leer más

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2 Couples and a rainy evening


The festival was coming to an end and the four of us were stumbling to our tent to call it a night. We weren’t drunk but we had been drinking quite a few beers so the road to the camping area seemed a bit longer than it supposed to be. My boyfriend and I agreed to go to a music festival together with a befriended couple who were actually a couple of years older than us. I was 28, my boyfriend was 32 and they were 46 and 45 years old. We quite liked them, not only as friends but also in a sexual way. The boyfriend and I admitted being attracted to them one evening when we were talking about our… Leer más

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The Envelope II


Five months after mom had sent me the envelope I helped her move.  We found the perfect apartment in a large apartment complex just ten minutes from where Beth and I lived.  Beth and I rented a truck to move mom's things with the help of my friend Bob.  It took the better part of a Saturday to get accomplished.   Mom was thrilled to be close to us again and be able to see her grand k**s more often.  She also wanted to have easier access for the two of us.  In the move I noticed that mom had bought some camera equipment.  She had this very expen… Leer más

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Life's a Beach


"Why don't we go away this weekend?" I asked Trish as I muted the advertisement on the television. "You could take Friday off, maybe Monday, we could drive up the coast or something!" My wife looked up from her laptop and grimaced. "It's a bit short notice. It's going to be hot this weekend isn't it? You know I don't like the heat." "Well yeah, that's the idea of going to the beach." I encouraged. "Come on, we haven't gone anywhere in ages. You could do with a break." Again she looked not overly enthused. "We're really busy at work right now!" "I know, that's why you need a break. They're… Leer más

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Mom's New Man - Part 2


Mom and I had been enjoying our arrangement for almost two years. I would come home from work and she, more days than not, would be ready for me with dinner and sex or sex and then dinner. I provided her a better living than she ever experienced. She managed the money with terms we agreed to - saving a certain percentage, maintaining the home, paying the bills, etc, and she could spend whatever was left however she chose. We talked and planned all aspects of our lives together just like a husband and wife would do. Yet we never got into a rut. She was always exploring new ways to turn me on (a… Leer más

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breeding a mature slut


This was the time..breeding time…Your cunt lips had been recently pierced with four gold rings through your outer labia allowing your cunt to be spread wide… open for all to see and indeed use…your arms were spread and tied apart. likewise your legs, ankle straps having a dual purpose with cords attached to your cunt lips… spreading them….finally the eye mask and ball gag …you could only mumble now… there’s no safety word ….you feel the first hard cock lining itself up between your swollen and spread cunt …the cock is rammed ruthlessly into your exposed sex your dryness causing pain but also p… Leer más

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My Mom has saggy hangers

TabúMadurasPrimera vez

I peered through the half opened door. She had her back to me. She was at the sink. She had nothing on, naked as a jaybird. I suspect the door was closed when she went in there, but it slipped open a bit She began to turn around. I backed up a little bit making sure I was not in plain sight. She turned around and her giant tits swayed back and forth as she did. Wow they were amazing, well to me at least. These tits were not a man's' ideal tit. These tits were a size H, and they had some years to them. Naturally a size H tit would sag without age, add the fact that she was 55 and had 2 k**s and… Leer más

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Family Life Ch.17 - Dark secret discovered.

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When David pulled up outside Heather’s house on Saturday, she immediately came out of the door, running down to meet him, a big smile on her face. She was dressed in sweater and tight jeans, carrying her coat, David thought she looked perfect. He was waiting for her, with the passenger door open. As she reached him he slipped his arm round her, pulling her to him for a deep kiss. “Mmmmm,” she said once he had released her, “that was nice.” “Now everyone in the street knows you’re my girl,” he said, smiling at her as she settled herself on the seat. Once they had arrived at the rugby ground,… Leer más

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Summer Vacation Chapter 8

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Liz didn't know about what Diane and I had done while she was away. When she approached, she whispered in my ear. She wanted to be alone with me. Now I was stuck between protecting my sister from horny little boys, and going off with Diane to get my dick wet. My cock made the decision for me. I quietly went with Diane, breaking away from the crowd of k**s. Liz had no idea where I went. She was too busy flirting with the sex starved boys, that she never saw me and Diane disappear around the corner of one of the apartment buildings. Diane and I walked along the railroad tracks that led down to… Leer más

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First time I touched a cock

FeticheTabúHombre gay

I definitely don't consider myself gay. In fact, I wouldn't even say I am bi. So you may be wondering, then how the hell did I end up touching a cock. Let me start by explaining what gets me off. I love women, specifically I love my wife's naked body. When I jerk off, or get off, I am always thinking about a woman, or with a woman. Over time, getting off to pictures of my wife naked, and sniffing her panties, led me to think about other's enjoying her. I started to picture guys jerking to her pictures, which led to fantasizing about her fucking other guys in front of me. Again, the guy is no… Leer más

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My friend's mom Jayne

MadurasTabúPrimera vez

I always loved older women. It was a fantasy of mine to be with one. I mean how many 21 year old boys do not want to be? My name is Dan, I'm an average 21 year old guy. I am about five foot eight, hundred seventy pounds, six and a half inch cock, and did alright with the girls. I just wanted more, I wanted a mature women to rock my world. My friends and I would always hang out at our friend Chris's house, he was very rich. Every night we would go over there hang out in his basement, have a few beers, normal stuff nothing crazy. Chris's mom was pretty flirtatious. She would be down there all… Leer más

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Buddy's wife


Back when we were younger and partying like we were, some friends met us at a lake house. It was another couple, and they came to spend the day with my wife and I. They showed up having already drank a bit, and after a few hours of drinking in the sun, we were all pretty wrecked. We continued the party out on the lake drinking in a boat as the sun beat down on us. A of a sudden a rain storm came out of nowhere and the four of us where soaked through. Good thing we had all been in bathing suits. But the rain was enough to make us head back to the house. As we got off the boat, the first thing… Leer más

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