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Christmas Climaxes

TabúPrimera vezSexo en grupo

Step dad, mum and college lass: Everything under a Christmas tree should be opened with relish and delight.... Some may say I’m lucky, others who share the same birthday as me, will take a different view. My birthday falls on Christmas Day. Yet here I was getting up excited and very early on Christmas morning just turned eighteen. I was prepared as usual for the ‘single double’ present that covered both birthday and Christmas. But at least it was under a tree. The tree I had helped decorate with these new supersized handmade specialty eight inch peppermint candy canes just rec… Leer más

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Sneaky f*cker


It has been so cold lately. We have a big house that costs a small fortune to heat and cool. So, at night, we turn off the heater and snuggle under our fluffy down comforter to keep warm. Last night I felt my hubby snuggle up to spoon me and we fell asleep embracing. I felt so warm and safe snuggled up against him, sometimes I wish it was always this cold. I usually wear panties and a t-shirt to bed unless I’m feeling amorous; it’s my not so subtle signal that I want sex. As I was dosing off, or possibly coming out of a deep sleep, I started to feel something beginning to swell between my l… Leer más

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Man's Best Friend

FeticheSexo duroTabú

Having a foursome is a pretty hot way of fucking. Here's a recent experience I had with my neighbor that I just had to write about. Lately my dog black lab Sam has been barking and pawing at our apartment door like crazy. I always thought someone was out there but each time I checked - nobody. So I figured, ok - he's just hearing ghosts or something. Turns out, my neighbor Brenda, a twenty-something cutie who I've had the good fortune to swap bodily fluids with occasionally, has a retriever, Tide (she went to Alabama), that is now old enough to go into heat. Sam has noticed this from pretty… Leer más

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nach der Weihnachtsfeier

TabúPrimera vez

Es war auf der Weihnachtsfeier vom Betrieb. Ich bin Franz, 57 Jahre alt. Es war wie jedes Jahr doch diesmal hatte ich nur noch einen Platz bei den jungen Damen der Finanzbuchhaltung gefunden. Man kennt sich und wir haben uns gut unterhalten. Da ich noch mit dem Auto fahren wollte trank ich nur alkoholfreie Getränke. Unser Auszubildende, Marie, gerade 18 Jahre saß neben mir und redete und redete. Anna saß mir gegenüber und sagte: ich glaube die Marie muss gleich nach Hause, die hat wohl schon ein bischen viel getrunken. Ich sagte: in einer halben Stunde fahre ich, dann nehme ich sie mit. Marie… Leer más

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Topping for my lunch

FeticheSexo duroTabú

If you are new to my post I will provide a brief overview of who and what I am . I am a transgender who should have been born a girl. I have lived my whole life as a female. My 6th grade teacher was my first when I was twelve. he used,a bused, pimped me off I was his sub for many years. Due to a few things that were done to me in my younger years I am unable to get an erection (do not care anyway I have a useless tiny clitlit, should have been a pussy wish it was gone.) , Anyway I also do not have an orgasm like a male I drip and flow never gush or shoot just dribbles out. I am unaware when… Leer más

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Mom's Friend Carla

MadurasPrimera vezTabú

"Now I don't have to remind you about watching your manners, do I Billy?" the boy's mother asked the lad sitting in the passenger seat of their rusting 1967 Mercury Comet, one of the many nearly worthless things the man of their house left behind when he took off a few years back. "Ma!" whined the eighteen year old young man who would always be a boy in Mommy's eyes, as witnessed by the button down shirt and shiny shoes he was told to wear by his mother. "I know," Patty Morin replied. "I just want you to remember that the way you talk to me when we're having our special times - well, l… Leer más

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Mom Sex

MadurasPrimera vezTabú

I made my way back home after my encounter with the neighbor. I didn't want to see my mom, so I went and watched tv in my room. Would my mom confront me? Would she say something to my dad? Was she possibly turned on by the whole episode? I sat there hoping that she was since it was her that I had been thinking of. Dinnertime came soon and I made my way downstairs. Mom didn't say anything since my dad came home to join us. She looked somewhat nervous to me, as she didn't look me in the eyes the rest of the evening. A whole week went slowly by without a word from her. My father was home each… Leer más

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Mom's True Self

MadurasSexo duroTabú

I am so relaxed laying listening to my fathers' footsteps as he climbs the stairs to his bedroom. My smile indicates the wonderful sight that awaits him when he enters his bedroom. It started just before noon when I came home from my morning classes at the University. Probably the luckiest day of my life as I think back on it. I walked in the door and hollered as I usually that I was home, and my mother called out that she was in the kitchen. I walked through the house and discovered her standing over the sink rinsing some g****s. As I entered she looked over her shoulder and smiled at m… Leer más

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Vampire angel


Raina was laying on the bed sleeping. Suddenly, she felt pressure. Aunt Katie and come by. ‘Hi.’ Aunt Katie said. Kissing Raina slowly gently on her hips. ‘ how’s my naughty little neice..’ she whispered. Kissing Raina’s Clint . ‘ good I see.. ‘ she whispered, softly squeezing her lips gently stroking her neices curls and grabbing twisting gently her clint. Twirling her mouth instantly around Raina’s vagina wall,, Katie’s toungue giving her a wonderful fierce toungue lashing. Resting in slumber, Raina purred,, ‘ auntie...’. Breathing those hot sinfil kisss on her v. Wall and massaging her slit… Leer más

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Bisex-Strapon con una patrullera

FeticheTabúSexo duro

Bisex-Strapon con una patrullera .....Voy por una carretera secundaria, hace sol, no hay otros coches circulando. De repente veo una motocicleta acercarse por detrás, lleva encendidas unas sirenas, no puedo ver de quien se trata, doy por hecho que es un agente de la autoridad, reduzco la velocidad, giro el volante y me aparto un lado, mientras salgo de la carretera me meto en lo que parece un camino paralelo a la carretera principal, paro justo detrás de unos arbustos. Por el retrovisor veo que la motocicleta parar detrás de mí, veo que se trata de una mujer, se baja de la motocicleta, se ace… Leer más

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How lost my virginity to a mature couple

MadurasPrimera vezTabú

When I was S3V3NT33N I discovered the Burbank Theater in San Jose. The first time I went there the guy at the counter didn't check my I.D. he took my money and smiled "have a good time". He knew I was fresh meat. The place was teaming with hot old white men. Grandpas gravitated to me. They loved my hard boy cock and I was happy to feed them my seed. The third time I went there I sat in the second to front row. An old man sat next to me and gave me a smile. I pulled out my tool and he wrapped his hand around it. I could tell he was pleased. He put his soft wet mouth on me and slid all the way… Leer más

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My New Job - Part 2


It's been approximately 6 months since I posted Part 1, a lot longer than I anticipated, certainly a lot longer than my wife's expectation when I posted #1, but then these last six months have been a whirlwind of tragic and exciting, and my attention - everyone's attention - was really not focused on writing recaps of our life. While moving on is never easy, we have all done so and I have played a major role in that (or so I like to believe) I'm not sure where to begin really. I talked about this with my wife when she insisted I sit down and write Part 2, and her response was, "just write, s… Leer más

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Das ist Love Com


Leah parked her Volvo, grateful for finding an open spot at the busy beach. She spotted her quarry at the far corner of the lot and her heart beat a million times a minute. Taking deep calming breaths she glanced down at her shaking hands. Looking in the rear view mirror she checked her makeup one last time before putting her Ralph Lauren sunglasses back on her nose. Looking at herself in the mirror she realized she needed a brush through her hair and grabbed her purse for that purpose. Her long blonde and brown streaked hair went easily through the brush despite having been blown from the win… Leer más

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Her Wicked Ways

BDSMTabúPrimera vez

Her Wicked Ways Deep down John knew that it was more his attraction to her that made him accept her invitation to come back to the house to receive what his father had left to him. Serena his "Wicked Stepmother" as he always referred to her as sent him a letter telling him that his father left him something of immeasurable value that was never mentioned in the will. he loved his father but for the past few years of his life they did not speak at all due to the way he was treated by Serena. John reluctantly responded to her saying that he could make the specific date she wrote him about. That w… Leer más

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My stepmother has a surprise for me


My stepmother has a surprise for me My name is Robert, I'm 18, skinny and not too tall. I've never had much luck with girls, in fact I never dated one and I used to spent my days playing games on my computer and watching porn. Shemale porn. Dominant shemales fucking men. I wish i could be one of those men on the videos, that turned me on so easily. I was alone one day jerking off watching a scene of Yasmin Lee dominating a tied up guy when something unexpected happened: my stepmother arrived early from her job, entered the house quietly and caught me. Stephanie married my father some years ago… Leer más

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Findest Du Mich Zu Dick?


For some reason, Sophie had always been drawn to Asian men. Growing up in a small town, there were none around, but that didn't stop her from fantasizing. Spending hours watching K-dramas and Japanese anime, she grew to love Asia even more. When college finally rolled around, she decided she wanted to go to a university in Tokyo. Needless to say, her parents weren't thrilled with her packing up and moving around the world. A college in the US was what they wanted, but nothing could stop her. She had the grades and got a scholarship that covered most of the cost. Her parents decided that if tha… Leer más

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Sleeping Slutty

Sexo en grupoSexo duroTabú

It was a night like any other. My GF Tori and I were hanging out drinking at home. We were slamming them pretty hard. We arrived at that point where you say whatever is on your mind. So, summoning up the courage; I said, "wanna take turns sharing fave porn videos?" She was on board. The only rules were no judging and no making fun. I was the porn veteran so I went first. I played all kinds of kinky stuff. Gaping asses, pegging, shemale...all over the spectrum. (Forgot to mention that when one person selected a vid, the other had to lose an article of clothing and take a shot) Long story… Leer más

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Tina's Excuse

Sexo duroMadurasTabú

In her dressing gown, fresh morning coffee. Breakfast with Louse Minchin and Naga Munchetty. The doorbell rang. "Bit early for post." Her husband was still in bed. She adjusted her gown to maximum cleavage, was exciting not knowin who it might be but still modest and innocent. He stood large shoulders, big chest, a little scruffy and rough. "This the Jones household?" "I got a court order to seize goods to the value of £50000, unpaid debts!" He put his boot in the door and barged in. Tina quickly adjusted her robe. "Wait a minute, we have no debts. Our bills are all fully paid." "It's… Leer más

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Porn writing Mom Chapter 3

Primera vezMadurasTabú

“My nipples, son,” a croaky-voiced Stephanie said as she felt her son’s hand manipulating her tits as he was kneeling between her legs, in front of the chair she was sitting in. “Touch my nipples with your fingers, please.” Marty let go of his horny mother’s tits, which dropped and jiggled back into their own shape, and looked at the reddish brown buds his mother was talking about. They looked as large as the nails on his middle fingers – larger even. The wide areolas were covered with goose bumps. As he was somewhat aware of his mother’s legs on either side of his hips, he reached out wit… Leer más

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Discover Hard

Sexo duroTabú

by Williacj Hi we're the schlotsky family and we love discovery world. I'm Maggie this is my husband ted and my son Colby and two daughters Paige and Karen. Colby is into auto racing,Karen is into science she loves video games and technology, Paige loves marine life, she loves fish anything that has to do with fish, we're the Schlotsky's and we love discovery world. Paige really likes to spend time with her dad at discovery world, he's not really into marine life but she's teaching him about it. sometimes I wonder is this more than just quality time with dad for her? I'm a little curi… Leer más

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