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Housewife Horror

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It was a bright summer afternoon, me and my husband kunal were going on a small vacation up the t#@## hill station to spend a little quality time together.Our own personal time. As we were driving our way through the hills I casually looked at my husband. His eyes were kind of dull with the dark circles more prominent . He has been working too hard, it’s… Leer más

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Aunt Paula

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Aunt Paula was in her mid-50s when Uncle Roger died. My family lived about 75 miles from them near the Oregon – California border. They had never had any c***dren and my mother didn’t want Aunt Pasla to be alone after the funeral, so I was volunteered to stay with her for a couple of weeks or so. Aunt Paula is a retired Jr. High School teacher, and a rather large boned woman. With Monster Sized tits that must weigh 30 pounds each, at least in my eyes they looked like it, I was only 18 at this time. And was on my first summer va… Leer más

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Almost Arrested Public Exposure

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I enjoy reading about your exploits here in on xhamster. I love true sexual adventures shared in such an open way. I wish there were more folks willing to share as freely. I was recently reminded of the times I thought we were going to jail when caught by a police officer. Yes when your "thing" is public exposure and humiliation such as being nude or at least topless in public places sometimes you must deal with the law. Now I do understand the US Supreme Court has ruled that exposing a woman's breasts by itself is not indecent exposure. Only if a town rules equally for men as they do for w… Leer más

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The Soccer Mom next door

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I live in a typical quiet neighbourhood on the edge of a busy town, my neighbours are all typical busy working families with 2.4 c***dren and mortgage, where as I am a single guy in my early thirties. Now my neighbours to the right of me, John and Lucy Bennet are that typical perfect couple I was talking about, John works in office in town for a financial company making good money, Lucy is a the perfect stay at home mom with one k** at junior school, and between bake sales and soccer practice spends most of her time making sure her house is perfect. Then one day it seem their luck changed, Joh… Leer más

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The Ex colleague

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I’ve been wanting to put this story on here for a while now as I’ve rarely been as turned on and horney as this. To give you background I used to work as the UK manager of a medium sized marketing agency. I was 48 and doing well in my career. There were around 30 people in my team, complete cross section. I have a fairly rounded bum and big boobs and used to make the most of them in the office, attracting glances from most of my males colleagues, even though I was carrying a few more lbs then maybe I should have. But I enjoyed the attention. One guy in particular used to go out of his way to f… Leer más

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Airreall: Delux Package

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After hearing about this place from just about every single one of my queens, gays and their lovers I decided to come to scoop this place out. XXXXX Pleasuretrium” for all your needs, wants and desires we have it all” Come and explore. So far nothing special seems like just another porn shop like any other. I have been to plenty of them. Truth be told I even worked at one for a few shorts months. I do say short months cause well, some toys need to be tried before sold. I need to give it my seal of approval before I sell anything to anyone. Must be at my level of expertize. I will admit they ha… Leer más

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Antonia's May Day Meet - Pt 2


Clive whistled slowly through pursed lips as his eyes took in the sight before him, absent mindedly he sipped at his drink. " My Antonia you are truly beautiful, " Clive put down his glass and moved towards me. He lowered his head and kissed me gently upon the lips his large hands slowly began to caress my breasts. My tongue pushed into his mouth as our lips entwined in a passionate embrace. I felt the familiar stirrings as my nipples responded to Clive's gentle touch, Steve spoke, " So Clive are you cool with me taking some pics and a vid or two?" Clive broke from kissing me, " Sure thing man… Leer más

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Truck stop


I was at the truck stop with just a tube top covering my tits. I had been driving for a while and was horny and needed a break. Just as I left the ladies room a man came up to me and said "Well hello baby. That is a nice set of hooters you have." He then pulled down my top and began rubbing across my tits then lifting my mounds. Then he bent down and sucked a nipple in his mouth. "Want to come to my truck and be naughty? I have a nice big cock for those big tits." He then ran his hand under my skirt and fingered my pussy. "Your pussy is nice and wet. Let's go be nasty. I have a couple hours ti… Leer más

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wedding afters....

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My mother got married just a couple of hours ago. and me and my sister,are just getting some snacks and drink ready,for when the happy couple arrive. lm paul and the oldest at 43.and my sister is joanne...she is 40. its the second time mom has been married,she is nearly 60...and been with john about 5 years. so she thought it was time to tie the knot. l have not seen mom for ages,has l live quite some miles away from her,joanne lives near mom. me and jo.get everything ready...we had only been in the house for about 30 mins,when mom and john arrived. they both came in,l shook john,s hand. wi… Leer más

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Meet & Hooking Up with My Sex Slut Amulya - Pa

AnalMadurasSexo duro

Readers of the earlier part might be aware of how I meet with Amulya & fucked her in the Museum. Here is the continuation in Part 2. Part 2 of my Meet & Hook-up with Sexy Slut Amulya - http://xhamster.com/users/sexyamu212. As it was early evening as we left the museum, I asked Amulya to get into my car where I made her sit with her legs up on the dashbo… Leer más

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horny drive to casino

AnalMadurasSexo interracial

ok where do I start ok here we go I m a very horny guy that only like white woman so I watch porn every other night for hours and hours watching white women getting fuck with there black thigh high stockings on my turn on btw so anyway I was watching porn like every other night last night but I got really fucking horny by watching these white milf getting fuck so I got so damn horny and it was around midnight so I got in my car with a fucking hard on and I live 45 minutes away from hard rock casino here in Hollywood. so I got to casino to see if I can get any action with some kind white women… Leer más

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Southport 1980


I was spending a weekend away with my latest boyfriend Kirk. We had booked into a little B & B on Bath St. and were looking forward to a little romantic time together. Kirk knew all about my past, I think it turned him on just hearing about it! We had enjoyed the day messing about on the boating lake and in the resort’s “Theme Park”, Pleasureland. Being early September, the sun had already set at 7.45pm, as we made our way onto the pier. “ You hungry babe?” I asked Kirk, he nodded , “ we’ll get some fish ‘n’ chips then, eat them "al fresco”,“ Ten minutes later we were sat at a woden table… Leer más

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Mother's Stories - Part 1 Jane's First T


1. Jane's Testimony Well I'd better tell you a little about myself first. I'm a recently abandoned single mum – my husband had left me about a year before this all happened. He went off with another woman, someone he worked with. So it was just me and my teenage son at home. It took me quite a while to cotton on what my son was up to. It was when I noticed a pattern developing. You see, several times a week I would have a wash in our kitchen, which is downstairs. We are short of money so I only heat certain rooms in the winter, and we heat our water using an immersion heater, so I ration bath… Leer más

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Wife And An Old Truck Driver

Sexo en grupoMadurasAnal

As you already know we’re very kinky about sex and we enjoy trying new things…We had two real encounters and we fantasize about other things that we would wanna try like a beggar, homeless, auto driver, rickshaw puller or any other dirty looking fellow…The though of a dirty homeless man enjoying my wife always turns me on….I and my wife always discuss sex openly. This particular st… Leer más

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A Matured Aunty

Sexo duroMadurasHumor sexual

the heroine of m story is Jahnavi. She is in her 30’s. She is married. And her husband is elder than her. They both got married in their late twenties. They stay beside our house. From the day, I saw her, I have a desire to fuck her, as her figure was tempting me. And her 36d boobs were making me go mad at them. So from then, I started to flirt with her. One day I got her number and started to text her casually. And day by day our relationship got strong. One morning she was saying that I didn’t sleep yest… Leer más

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Losing Virginity To Aunty in Upstairs

MadurasSexo duroMasturbación

We bought a flat in Bangalore recently and my father was getting some interiors works done. As we had college holidays, he wanted me to stay in this new flat for a week to supervise the finishing works. There was a temporary folding cot and bed there and good restaurants/mess etc nearby, so my parents considered to be a good experience for me to live independently. They never knew it also helped me in losing my virginity. I am 6 feet tall, but quite thin and also extremely shy by nature. Coming from a sma… Leer más

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The Office and the Black Girl

Sexo interracialSexo duroMaduras

This is a true story. The names have been changed to protect the naughty people. It all started about five years ago, I was in my early 50s and shopping for groceries when I first saw her in the produce section. A vision of loveliness, young, long black hair, wearing a flirty little sun dress, pretty white smile. Lovely black skin, her shoulders looked like the sweetest chocolate and was making my mouth water. I had never been with a black woman, and am not the kind of dirty old bald guy that hits on women young enough to be their daughter when I meet one, though I do have kind of a talent fo… Leer más

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we meet with a friend

Primera vezSexo interracialMaduras

My girlfriend is much younger than I am and we like to go out and find older men for her to have fun with sometimes, this is about one of the better nights we had. Rebecca & I met a guy recently online and set up a meeting with him, I will call him Tony. We all met at a local coffee/donut shop first for a meet and greet, we had previously talked about any off limits and set up a safe word, just in case. I had reserved a hotel room already, so we headed over there. Tony did express that he was cool with me being there to watch but just a little bit on the nervous side, so Rebecca rode to t… Leer más

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Hotel Rendezvous II


I don't know about you, but I'm definitely still basking in the afterglow of the mind-blowing experience with which you recently gifted me. The way you kept everything at an extremely sensual snail's pace...well, most of the time anyway...was excruciatingly exquisite. No one has ever treated me to as much detailed and loving attention. Your lovemaking, our lovemaking, was beyond anything I've ever experienced. You had me at "hello", then had me hard as a rock, then had me at your mercy, then just had me. Cumming simultaneously with you, buried deep inside your sweet wetness, your orgasm… Leer más

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Hotel Rendezvous I, From Her


Way too much time has passed since we last saw each other let alone touched each other. So here I am waiting at the airport for you arrival. This rendezvous is on me, the planning I have done is for your pleasure. My pleasure will come from pleasing you and making you purr like a lion every minute of the next 72, or so, hours. I just hope you enjoy what I have planned for us. For the next 3 days and nights you are mine, I am yours and. . . . . . .best of all WE are together. I arrived a day early to get everything together, so here I am at the airport waiting your arrival. When I fin… Leer más

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