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Historias de porno maduras

Watch Wife's Reactions In Cinema

Sexo duroMadurasMirón

We'd been in the cinema foyer for about ten minutes or so when I first saw middle aged pudgy man. It wasn't his build that drew my attention. He was just a small, squat man with a substantial beer belly wearing an understated green and brown check three piece suit that had clearly seen better days. Nothing unusual about that. It wasn't his appearance either. He was nearly bald apart from a circle of wispy grey hair at the back of his head that ran from one ear to the other. And he obviously had that stupid misplaced idea that he would look younger if he wore it a bit longer. So it was brus… Leer más

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Holiday surprise part3


Holiday surprise part3 On return to our suburban life style, we spent the first week, catching up on everything. I had a commission to complete as well as my Monday to Friday work as a bus driver and that of course had to come first. Before I started I had the frames made, as I did not want to send the completed work to the framers, the men there knew both me and my lady wife and there`s no point in inviting a reputation is there, and giving my local carpenter a cheap thrill is not what it`s all about! Our sex life had gone from near zero to top of the scale in 14 days of English holid… Leer más

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Porn writing Mom Chapter 1

Primera vezMadurasTabú

His English teacher being sick, 15-year-old Martin Betts as well as his class mates were told they were done for the day, and were allowed to go home. It was only 14:15 pm so that gave Martin a lot of extra time to play his new XBOX-360 game, to see if it was as good as his buddies claimed it was. Walking into the door, the house seemed empty; perhaps his mom was buying groceries. Kicking off his shoes in the hall, the soft carpeting made Marty virtually silent as he walked up the stairs. But once the second floor was reached, Marty found that something else was not as quiet. He noticed… Leer más

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The Landlady


Just a silly story I wrote over a couple of nights. Completely fictional, hope you like it. NEW TENANTS Jack started seeing Lorna and it became serious. Trouble was that Jack being eighteen was a little naïve regarding women and couldn’t see that she was basically selfish. They say that love is blind and it was in this case, fortunately Lorna wasn’t prepared to become tied down with marriage and suggested they merely live together. That would give her a get out clause when she tired of him. Looking for rented accommodation, they found one, it was cheaper than most primarily because the land… Leer más

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Exposed Wife

FeticheSexo en grupoMaduras

My 43 yr old wife loves being displayed and humiliated and used by many. She is 5'10" 36d 30 35 nice ass and loved being bald and loves to dress up. Saturday night I told her to be ready to go out at 8 . I told her dress like the whore you like. It was about 7:55 on Saturday night she walks down stairs with a raincoat that is buttoned up to neck and bottom mid calf. I see her 5" red heels. I say ok open raincoat she unbuttons and opens coat she is completely naked except for garter belt and hose. I say very nice slut. She asks me if I would mark her. I said yes I leave room and return with bl… Leer más

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Sun, Sea & Sex

Sexo duroMadurasTabú

My mother couldn't stop chattering all the way to the airport. On the spur of the moment, we'd booked a bargain three-night mini-break at a hotel on the Costa Blanca, and Mum was bubbling with excitement. She kept talking about what we'd do and wondering about the hotel - I think she'd memorized all the brochures and leaflets she'd collected at the travel agents, and after having to listen to her I think I pretty well knew them off by heart, too. She was already dressed for the warm Spanish weather: she was wearing a short, thin flowery sun dress with a halter neck that left her back, arms… Leer más

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My Slut Wife does a special Display.

FeticheSexo duroMaduras

My wife and I were driving to the adult theater once again, a normal occurrence for us, at least twice per month. I enjoyed taking her to the adult theater and have her play with the variety of men that ventured in to see a movie, but she provided a different level of enjoyment. We had found a new blouse for her to wear, a sheer blouse that left nothing to the imagination. Cheryl was hornier than usual, and was quite anxious to get to the theater for some sexual fun and games. As we drove she leaned towards me,, and pulled my cock from my pants and was slowly stroking me. I did make it into… Leer más

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A frieds mom


Many years ago while at uni, myself and a friend were invited to a party. The plan was that I was to meet him at his house and get a taxi to the party as he had to finish work and have to a shower before leaving. I turned up with two bags containing drinks I planed to consume, share and some for drinking games later. As well as a bottle or two to drink before leaving for the party. His mother, Sue, was in the front garden weeding. I had met her only once before at a party a couple of months back and kind of flirted with her a little when I arrived and didn’t know she was my mates mum until he… Leer más

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Our First Time Dogging Pt. 02

Sexo interracialMadurasMirón

There were a few rules, no v******e or rough stuff. Everybody is a consenting adult, but this next rule is very important. This one is from the women, no means no. Breaking this one is a quick way to be thrown out of the club for good, the guys tend to get very protective about this one. As for new members there is a bit of a trial period, just to make sure that you will fit in. The whole point of the club was feel safe and have fun, you could either watch or take part it was up to you. But other than that, most anything goes. As we were finishing our meals Sandra started to tease me ag… Leer más

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La profesora Miller y las dos vecinitas


La profesora Miller y las dos vecinitas He visto un anuncio por Internet y una profesora que dice llamarse Señorita Miller da clase de inglés en una casa en mi barrio. Es por la mañana, llamo al telefonillo, me responde una voz con acento pero se la entiende el español, subo al piso, llamo a la puerta, de repente se abre y la veo, ella debe de tener unos cuarenta y tantos, lleva una falda muy ajustada con la cintura alta, una blusa blanco satén y unos tacones altos, es rubia y lleva gafas. -Holaa, ¿eres el de la clase de las 10? -si -pasa, empecemos La sigo por el pasillo, ella delante de mí,… Leer más

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Our First Time Dogging Pt. 01

Sexo interracialMadurasMirón

I'd just pulled my cock out of my wife's sloppy cunt, this was her third load she'd taken so far and it was still early. As I stood back another man quickly took my place, rammed his cock in and began to fuck her. I looked at my sexy slut of a wife laid on the park bench table, naked except for some stockings and suspenders. This was how she liked to get fucked, with her legs wide open and her big tits wobbling as she was taken by one guy after another. Stood around the table were more men with their cocks hanging out. Watching, wanking and waiting their turn to fuck her. Two of them w… Leer más

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Bettina und ihr Lover - 1. Teil


Ich bin der Phillip, bin 18 Jahre und gehe noch zur Schule. Wohne also noch bei meinen Eltern. Bislang hatte ich mit dem anderen Geschlecht noch keine Erfahrungen gemacht gehabt, bis sich folgendes letzten Herbst ereignete: Wie so oft war ich bei meinem Besten Kumpel bis spät abends um an der PS4 zu zocken. Irgendwann drückte aber doch die Blase und ging auf's Klo. Mein Kumpel war noch mitten drin am Zocken, während mein Char im Kugelhagel abgeknallt worden war. Während ich mich erleichterte fiel mein Blick auf die Wäschebox. Normalerweise ist das nix besonderes - hier aber schon. Hing ein… Leer más

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What a Son He is


When I least expected it, my life was turned around. Mark, my son, finished school for the summer term. He was at home to await for his results, as most of his friends were some distance away he spent a lot of time just sitting around at home, I was glad of his company though. He'd been home for about a week when Mark announced that he was going to take me out for a meal or something. "You don't have to do that." I smiled,. "Course I do," Mark laughed " It's been ages that we haven't been out and i want to take my pretty mum out. "Oh Mark," I laughed "you'll make me blush." "Not y… Leer más

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A Weekend Away


One day my mum's friend Bronwen was visiting and they were in the kitchen talking. As I came down the hall I could hear them, they were talking about sex. I stopped just short of the kitchen and listened. Bronwen was asking how she was managing without sex. "Oh fine," my mum said. "Isn't hard on you?" Bronwen asked. "Not really," mum said. "Damn I've been going nuts, I mean all this time without sex," Bronwen said laughing. "Oh that, Yea it is hard on me," my mum said laughing. "I've been climbing the walls," Bronwen said. "Some days I do too. "Seeing a man's balls turn… Leer más

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Drugged Dad To Fuck Mom

Sexo duroMadurasPrimera vez

Let me describe me first am 5’5 tall with athletic built body and my tool is 6 inch which I hope can satisfy any women. My family consists of my mom, me and my dad. This happened a few days ago, my dad visited me and my mom from US. Since he is around we could not make out and we were missing each other. Days passed but I could not find a way to fuck her so I was getting frustrated and want her at any cost and my dad surprised us in their wedding anniversary by telling us that he is going to take her with him when he returns this lead me to shock. On that day I was watching TV till late and I… Leer más

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What a Boy my Son is.


After I returned home from work, I accidentally walked in on my young son who had just got out of the bath, as he had been to rugby practice. "Oh I'm sorry Mark,” I said, but yet I couldn't take my eyes off of him standing there in front of me naked. He looked so stunning and I couldn't help but take notice of his young manhood hanging between his legs. It must have been at least 5 inches limp and was very thick. "That’s okay mum, you’ve seen me before" he said as he wrapped a towel around himself. For the rest of the day I couldn't get the thought of his cock out of my mind. I wonder… Leer más

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Watching my wife

MadurasPrimera vezSexo en grupo

I’ll never forget the first time I watched another guy fuck my wife. Watching a man’s large cock slide into a woman’s willing cunt is one thing, but when it is your own wife that is being fucked that is absolutely stupendous! My wife, Sheila, then 42, had after much discussion been persuaded by me that I really wanted more than anything to watch her being fucked by another guy. She said she would only do it once and once only as she was quite sure I would go off the idea once faced with the reality and she was not all that sure she would like the experience either. In fact, neither of us were… Leer más

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Club Experience

Sexo en grupoSexo duroMaduras

A little background: We had written our real experiences under the title of "Park Service". It seemed wise to take all of them down during the harassment investigation. We were not involved, however a man we called "Clay" in some experiences seems to have been the culprit. He was transferred (work related) to a remote region "out west" and there is there the issue was. Meanwhile Mike and Deb had their second c***d and have "cooled it"moving to a less demanding location. My husband and I have been back to our simple relationship this past year as Park where we volunteer offered no clear o… Leer más

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Katherine and the beauty salon - story from a fan


I went into a beauty salon enquiringly about any possible Christmas deals that I could get for my wife. I walked in not really sure what I was after, until I saw Katherine. She was an older woman, dressed in all red. Her big boobs were almost pouring out of her top. She had a warm welcoming smile, I think she could tell that I really didn't know what I was after. We sat down for a few minutes to speak about treatments and stuff, the second she mentioned the word “facial” my mind went into overdrive. Of course, her idea of a facial was completely different to the one I was thinking ab… Leer más

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MadurasPrimera vezTabú

Adam was the apple of his mom's eye. He had turned nineteen a few months ago, and was a fine young man. He was always very close to his mom, and sided with her much more than with his father. His mom, Beverly, was always willing to try something new, and was a fun person to be around. His father, Neil, was a true stick in the mud, always on the grumpy side, and a real bore. Beverly was soon to be forty, and although she looked, and acted much younger, she wanted to try a new look. Neil was less than happy to hear this. He was very content with things the way they were. Why change something… Leer más

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