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Mature Gentelmen.


A few months ago I befriended an old couple of men who lived together, all ways walking together, at first I thought they were an old gay couple. Until I found out that they were brothers. Andy and Ray were both in their mid to late 60's. One day during last summer, I was doing a delivery next door (I'm a courier driver) Andy called out to me and asked me to come on over for a few minutes. I had a bit of spare time and said sure. I made sure the van was locked up nice and securely and made my way into the three bedroom house. Andy looked a little worried as Ray wasn't home at the time, which I… Leer más

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A good night's sleep that changed our lives !

Primera vezMadurasTabú

My name is Paul. I'm a gorgeous lad in his early 20s, with brown, bushy hair and rare black eyes. My mother's name is Christine. She's an amazing red head that looks a lot like Lea Massari in her youth-early middle age (FYI, Lea Massari has starred in an i****t theme film; lol, life's coincidences are hilarious sometimes). My father died a few years ago and bequeathed a small business empire to us. Mommy found trustworthy hands to leave the empire's management to, so the two of us just enjoy our lives, day and night. Yes, i know we're blessed by life, i know you hate us righ… Leer más

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If You Had Just Said No

Sexo interracialMaduras

My wife Sally is 48 has the body and energy of a 24 year old, 5” 2” 105 lbs, hot auburn hair, sparkling green eyes, 34D boobs a waste that I could put my hands around, and the cutest butt you have ever seen. In a word she was HOT! We were married 22 years but still had sex two or three times a week. That being said when it came to sex Sally was very concretive, sex missionary only, she lover oral on her never would her lips touch my cock and don’t even let my fingers or cock get near her butt! My name is Al, I’m 49, 190 lbs brown hair and 6” thick cock I have a good Government Job and make a… Leer más

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Huge Milk Maid Pt 2


After that glorious time spent getting to squeeze Trisha’s huge titties while she jerked out the largest sperm ever outta me, things didn’t go immediately as planned. Trisha was too frightened to get together with me again. And, unfortunately, her rational was understandable. She was in charge of all other house staff, and had been for several years. She was so experienced at her job that my parents lives were made much easier. As such, they were constantly throwing money at her, and they made it almost impossible for her to seek employment elsewhere. Not that she would have, mind you. She lov… Leer más

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Stepmother and stepsisters teach a sexy lesson

MadurasPrimera vezTabú

My Dad was one of those who didn't want to talk about sex. I never got "that talk" when all my buddies were discussing it. The few dates I had in High School did not bring about any discussion. I think Dad did not ask any questions because he didn't want me to ask any questions. So what I learned about "that stuff" came the way it comes to so many teens these days, by the internet. I quickly became a connoisseur of dirty sites. Of course this is not very good sex education and I suppose I had a lot of strange ideas about what to do with girls. Fortunately I had very little chance to put them… Leer más

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Mature Wife New Drugs Pt 2

Sexo interracialSexo lesbicoMaduras

Sunlight comes thru the window, I open my eyes, and feel Liz’s nude body snuggled up against mine, I hug her even closer to me, and start to reach for her boob, but remember no touch! Liz sutures and presses her butt against my cock that much to my surprise begins to harden. Liz feels my reaction and her eyes shoot wide open and says honey your hard! She turns buries her tongue in my mouth we start to move together but Liz remembers her procedures from the day before and jerks away from me. Liz says sorry baby. She leans down and whispers in my ear if you help me clean up really good after we… Leer más

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A gangbang at Jacksonville

MadurasSexo duroSexo en grupo

I had invited my sweet wife to join me in one of my boring business trips away from town. This time it was at Jacksonville. The first evening, after some heavy conference meetings, Ana and I were finally enjoying a late night swim at the hotel pool. My sexy Anita was wearing a green lime thong; that barely covered her shaven mound and could hold her nice round boobs. Suddenly, she approached to me and complained about two guys who were there inside the pool, staring at her curvy body... I noticed that they were standing in the shallow water. Their bodies were covered just up the waist. I c… Leer más

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Old eyes, but

Primera vezSexo duroMaduras

Old eyes but What a body from the neck down. She teasing me, when driving by me with Joe, showing off what she is made of. My neighbors girl friend from out of town, loved teasing me with her low cut and mini skirts plus raising her arms over her head to show off her boobs. The lift of her arms showed off some nice flesh & a half bra. Her boy friend seemed clueless as to what she had, but I noticed. Joe was at the office, when I dropped over to pick up their beer bottles. She bumped carelessly into me, naturally, saying OOPS, I AM sorry! With a silly smirk on her Polish face. They had a t… Leer más

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Finding a brand new Black Master

AnalMadurasSexo interracial

That afternoon I was at the mall with my friend Camilla; when I spotted a black guy at the jewel store. He was a security officer; tall, dark and handsome. Very athletic looking and I loved the definition of his arms in his white shirt. The contrast was amazing as was his smile. He greeted us as we entered the store and we were soon attended to by a female assistant. I saw something I really liked but wanted to return later on my own. Camilla invited me to have lunch. When we were sitting down, I asked her if she had noticed the black guy. She siad of course she had noticed him. Af… Leer más

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My Mom

MadurasTabúPrimera vez

My name is Ryan and I'm a 6ft blue eyed blonde. My mom always said how handsome I was which always put a smile on my 19 year old face. My mom is 5ft 10" with blue eyes and blonde hair. She is very pretty for a 40 year old who can still turn the heads of not only men but other women too. My father had died 2 years ago of a heart attack right in the middle of fucking his secretary. You could say he went out with a bang! We moved last year from the big city into the countryside to get away from all the hustle and bustle to the peace and quiet. The insurance that dad had left us had set us up for… Leer más

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Englische Woche

Sexo en grupoSexo duroMaduras

Wer jetzt gehofft hat, etwas über Fußball lesen zu können, den müssen wir leider enttäuschen. Schließlich sind wir hier auf einem Erotik-Portal. Aber um Treffer, Steher-Qualitäten und Gruppenspiel geht es in unserem Erlebnisbericht auch. Irgendwie. Das Wetter im Vereinigten Königreich ist ja bekanntlich im Sommer nicht immer optimal, weshalb viele Briten ihren Urlaub gern in südlicheren Gebieten verbringen. In beliebten Hotelanlagen treffen dann häufig zahlreiche Briten und Deutsche aufeinander, was nicht immer ganz problemlos verläuft. Mit Handtüchern dauer-reservierte Liegen, Saufgelage und… Leer más

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Just a word with Sheila

AnalMadurasSexo duro

That Tuesday morning I noticed that my sweet secretary Sheila was not dressed in her usual scrubs; but she was clad in a sexy black skirt and a tight fitting white top. I commented that she looked quite sexy. But then she surprised me; as she bent over and showed me her black string with barely covered her dark asshole. After the ordinary Tuesday’s meeting, Sheila asked me if she could have a quick word with me. She walked into the ladies room and pointed me to enter there. As soon as the door was closed, shy Sheila whispered in my ear: “Would you please fuck my mouth, Boss…?” Before I… Leer más

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Ana and her former Boss


Our good friends Janine and Bob had rented a nice cottage in the woods and they had invited us to spend a weekend with them. My sweet wife was delighted to go there. Bob had been Ana’s former Boss and his wife Janine had been a close friend during so many time. I barely had met them in the past; but they were a nice couple. The first night after dinner, we sat down close to the bonfire in the chimney and had a few drinks; chatting about all sorts of things. After midnight everybody was a little bit tired; so each couple headed to the bedrooms. I touched Ana in bed; but she said she was t… Leer más

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A stranger in the night


That night we were coming back home from a party with friends. I stepped out of the car as the garage door closed behind me; my loving Victor followed me, as he fumbled with his keys. We never saw him... A dark figure slipped from the corner, darting quickly behind my back and wrapped his muscular arms around me. He put a cold knife to my exposed neck. “Just be quiet, guys…” He commanded. He was a very tall man and then I felt my feet dangling above the ground. "What do you want?" Kevin asked with a tremor in his voice. Victor asked him what he wanted… "Let’s start by you unbutton… Leer más

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Anita and a real Black Bull

AnalMadurasSexo interracial

One night, as Anita and I were fucking in our marital bed, I could sense that my sweet wife was hornier than ever… While we were resting there after two hours of good sex; I asked her why she was so horny. Ana smiled and admitted she was so wet and horny because one of her friends, Cecilia, had told her she was dating a black man on the west side of town. I thought Cecilia was happily married; but Ana told me she was going to split up with his husband… She and Ana were close friends and then my loving wife was shocked about the thought of Cecilia fucking a black guy. But Ana admitted a… Leer más

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catching up with cuz or now cousins. Chapter 4.

TabúSexo duroMaduras

So there i was standing there by the door watching Becky walk over and giving Gwen a big hug. She whispered something in her ear and then they both kind of giggled and looked towards me. Gwen then made the announcement that since Becky had arrived we would stay in for dinner and she would go to the store while we got caught up. She went on her way and i had no idea what to expect. Becky looked amazing. Her tits looked like the same amazing tits that i remember and i wondered if she ever thought about what we did. She came over gave me a giant hug and whispered in my ear "want to play Nudist C… Leer más

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A Drunk mom visits her son

TabúMadurasSexo duro

Danny stopped his Mom as she headed to the phone to call. "Mom, wait. It's obvious you’re upset and had a drink or two." He sat his Mom back down. He looked at Kate. "She is my Mom. She needs me. You will have to go to Megan. I am sorry." Megan stayed with her Mother in the same apartment that Danny stayed. This is where they met and started to see one another. "You’re going to make me leave? Just because you’reMom doesn't like me? She can get over it." Kate said. Before Kara could tell Kate what she really thought of her Danny stepped in. "Kate please. Just go ok? I will call you later. I… Leer más

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My niece Charley - Part 4


When I got home Charley had texted me the pics I took of her. Pics of her pussy and ass, pics of her 14 year old, ass gape opening and closing, plus pics of my cock knocking at her back door and slipping in. Damn these pics were hot. I must be out of my mind, but Charley is a 30 year old woman in a petite 14 year old body, She knows things, practices things that are both amazing and bizarre. After the barn incident we did not do much of anything but pics and texts for months. One time she saw my truck at the hardware store and she waited for me, and with my truck door open, she got in close u… Leer más

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Fucking Frolic and Her Lezzie Lover! #1

Sexo duroBDSMMaduras

My daughter’s friend Kelly has always just pissed me off for one reason or another. If I got my daughter a bike, she got a faster one. If I bought Frolic a dress, she got a dress and new earrings. She always seemed to enjoy showing me and my family up. Frolic told me she was not really like that but it got to me none the less. So this year, both girls are Seniors when I caught them naked in bed together licking on one another, I nearly lost my mind! I slammed doors and stormed out of the house and it was a few days before I could even talk to my daughter. When we did, I refused to talk to her… Leer más

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My niece Charley – part 3


So after my soiree in the park with my niece Charley, I get home and she texts me again. I open it up and she says “ I enjoyed sucking your cock Uncle Dan. It is just perfect. So tapered, and thick at the base. I’d love to give you another present” I see there was an attachment and I did not look this time, it was a video and I sent it directly to my computer. I walk over to my computer and open my email program and there was the vid. I open it up and there was Charley, sliding her dildo in and out of her ass. Her pussy was open, and glistening. She pulled the dildo out of her ass, and opene… Leer más

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