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Fucked My Landlady’s Hot Son

Sexo duroHumor sexualMaduras

Let me remind you of myself. Fair complexioned, Height 5’7″ and Figure 34-24-34. I believe this much information is enough to drive you crazy. I am also available on Google Hangouts for sexy chatting and long and sexy role plays. I am thankful to all the readers for taking the time to read my stories and sending me feedback. Guys, I love all of you and I love the c… Leer más

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A Warm Summers day

Humor sexualMirónMaduras

It was a warm summer's day in the middle of June and my Wife and I decided to go for a nice walk in the countryside . We thought we would take a picnic as well as calling into a nice country pub on route. I was wearing canvas shoes , denim shorts and a white short sleeved shirt and my wife was wearing a lovely, yellow summers dress, with matching yellow lace underwear. I was 30 years old at this time (five years ago) 5'7" closely shaved head, designer beard stubble and slim to medium build. My wife Maxine, aged 42 (milf) is just a bit shorter in height, slim with brown shoulder length hair, b… Leer más

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How My Uncle Fucked Me-1

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I will tell you with my story and you will come to know. We were staying in Jogeshwari E in 1 bedroom flat. Yes we were from a lower middle class family. Father burdened with loan because his partner, one of his c***dhood friend, who cheated him and took his business forcefully with the help of some local mafia and political leader. Father joined a company where he used to work in shifts. His salary was low and we had our difficulty… Leer más

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My Aunt

MadurasPrimera vezSexo duro

My cell phone rang pulling me up out of stupor on my last day on campus as a freshman at the university. Reaching for it I reminded myself of all of the packing I needed to do before my dad showed up Sunday to haul my stuff and me back home for the summer. The caller was my mother I shook my head trying to clear up my senses before answering. "Hello Mom, I'm up I'm just not functioning real well after finals yesterday." "Uh baby, you need to get a move on, your father will be there in about 2 hours to pick you up. We need your help here as soon as he can get you home. Well we don't, but your… Leer más

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Sleeping Wife Played With


My wife Carol was always a sound sleeper. That allowed me to play out some of my fantasies with her while she slept. Carol had a very erotic and sensual side of her that she suppressed as she feared it would take over and she would become the cock slut that lurked inside. Although she was a great cock sucker, she rarely gave me head – she liked it too much. When she was hot the inner slut would take over and she was a tigress in bed – she would suck my cock as if her life depended upon it. Or, she would fuck my cock with her big hairy pussy, driving me deeper and deeper. I had the standard 6 i… Leer más

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The tickets were originally for my mother and her close friend. They were set to go on a cruise ship and explore different exotic islands during the peak of summer. Unfortunately, mom's friend had a last minute issue at work, and she had to cancel a few days before the trip was supposed to start. The tickets were non-refundable. My mother tried to find someone else to go with her, but since most of her friends are also lawyers, none of them could go on such short notice. That's where I came in. With no other options left, my mother reluctantly invited me to the cruise trip, and I reluctantl… Leer más

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Tied to the bed posts

Sexo lesbicoMasturbaciónMaduras

I opened my eyes feeling exhausted and I found myself lying on my back, onto an unknown bed, in an unknown room… The satin scarves around my wrists and ankles felt silky smooth, but they were also very tight and leaving me no wiggle room. I could see the ceiling in shadows; I felt I was completely naked… My nipples were hard and my pussy lips were wet; I also could sense a bit sore down there. I could recall somebody was over my body; between my spread legs and fucking me in slow motion… I noticed a small webcam hanging on the wall; straight above my naked body. Somebody would enj… Leer más

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Two Jamaican black studs for me

AnalSexo interracialMaduras

My loving hubby and I decided to spend a little vacation at Jamaica. Just a week; but enough to be later called “a great week…” While there I became friendly with a couple of young black guys that worked at the resort. These guys were so hot; every time I looked at them I got wet. After three days of just talking and teasing with them, my loving Victor finally encouraged me to go ahead with my real intentions… Thanking him, I plunged into the game. That evening I saw both guys walking by the swimming pool and I called them to come over. They were Charlie and Anton; both were col… Leer más

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A perfect black stranger fucks Ana

Sexo interracialMadurasMirón

My sweet Ana called me that evening when I still was at my office. I made apologizes to her because I was late at my desk and still had another two hours to finish and come back home for dinner. But then my lovely wife told me she was now going to the local bar because she was in the mood for having a good big black cock… She told me I could go directly to the local motel besides the highway; she would be there for sure in the next two hours and then I could enjoy the full show… I was not surprised about Anita’s behavior; I knew that I was very stressed about my work and really got tire t… Leer más

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A walk around the lake

Sexo duroMadurasMirón

My old friend Matt had invited my wife and me to spend the weekend with him at his comfortable house in the woods. He was a widower now; since Nancy had passed away a year ago. While talking with him, he told me he was fine about his sexual arousal and he had no great expectations about having sex; but he also confessed me that he was attracted by my sensual Anita. Then I had accepted his invite to go to his home; I was hoping to see my sexy wife entangled with my old friend in his king size bed. As we arrived there in the afternoon, Matt offered us his home, his heart and everyt… Leer más

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My sexy wife with male strippers on stage

Sexo en grupoMadurasMirón

My sexy wife had heard about a brand new male strip club, just a few miles from town. Her slut girlfriend Helena had told her about the place and then Anita felt anxious to go there. She was always complaining that is unfair for women; because they never have the opportunity of enjoying to see naked macho men on stage… Then Anita told me if we could go there and I said it was fine for me. She had seen many huge dicks before; including black ones… On next Saturday we drove up to the strip club. Ana was very excited as we got out of the car. She had heard from her girlfriend Helena that… Leer más

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My wife picks somebody at the bar


My sweet wife had accepted to come with me in another of my boring business trips. I had told Anita that we could enjoy some free time together in that city we had never visited before… After checking at our hotel, we had a light supper at the lobby bar. The boring business conference would start on the next afternoon; so I could enjoy the night with no worries about going to bed early. Anita had some nightclubs in view; of course her slut girlfriend Helena had told her about. We decided to set on one that was only a short walk from our hotel... My sexy wife began her preparations… Leer más

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Our Date

MadurasFeticheSexo duro

I come over to your home to meet you , and you greet me and we kiss my hand finds it's way to your breast, slipping under your bra, your fat, hard nipples burning a spot in the palm of my hand. You undo your blouse and take off your bra, giving me free rein to bite and tug on your nipples. I say, let's pump them. We have chatted about this before and I know that you are anxious for me to give your breasts and nipples some attention. You take me to the bedroom where I use a bit of oil on your nipples and pump each one into a cylinder. we both get naked and I trace my tongue around your breas… Leer más

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The Sauna

Sexo en grupoMasturbaciónMaduras

The wife and I had booked an all inclusive stay at a high end resort in the Caribbean. The best part of the package, was the unlimited use of the world class spa. This was a bit new to us, being novices when it comes to massages and spa etiquette. The first day we arrived at the spa for our morning pampering, and were quickly shown around. There were rooms to either side of the front counter, one for men and one for women. We split up and took the tour of the changing facilities, and in each of those rooms were showers, shaving equipment, towels, robes, lockers, etc. We were shocked to see e… Leer más

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The Paper Route

TabúMadurasPrimera vez

As a youngster I had a paper route in order to earn the extra money I needed to buy some of the goodies that I desired. This was a very profitable route, although it was a once a week delivery. I was always trying to drum up new business. One day my mother told me to go and ask a new family that had moved in, if they would like delivery. Learning of this, I headed to their place and rang the bell. A young girl, about 9 years old answered. I asked if her parents were home. Shortly after, a woman whom I assumed to be her mother came to the door. I was totally overcome by the size of her promin… Leer más

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Sex at Pool Hall

MadurasSexo en grupo

I am not sure I should share it, but I’ll try: a few weeks ago while hubby was away on a fishing trip. I visited a girl friend and we were invited to a pool hall, for members only. I walked in and, was taken to bar and offered a drink. Then the bartender handed me a yellow plastic wrist band and explained that all members have regular medical check and are safe for unprotected sex and because they are more male members than females, the woman can’t refuse to play a pool game with men who ask her and the one who looses must take one article of clothing off and give it to the bartender for safe… Leer más

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Granny is a big help to young men Part 2

MadurasFeticheSexo duro

Hi, it’s me, Granny Gladys back again. If you read part one, you will know that I am an old biddy who loves to fuck and have fun, and to do that I have started quite a successful sex councillor thing for young men. One of my most unusual young men (or rather a boy really) was called Eric. He phoned to ask if I could help cure his fetish for wearing female under ware and fantasies for older women. He was an ordinary looking guy, nothing special. This is how I helped him and myself. Like all my ‘clients’ I sat… Leer más

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Older man surprises a younger woman with his stami

Sexo duroMaduras

This story is fiction and all the characters are fictitious in the story. Hope you will love the story. HOW MANY TIMES WILL 66 GO INTO 38? This story is completely fiction but it based on some past affairs, some fantasies and a recent event. It touches on some infidelity, vaginal, oral and anal sex. If that is not to your liking I suggest that you not read the story. As always your feedback and comments are welcome. INTRODUCTION I had been married for almost 45 years when I lost my wife to cancer two years ago. In the middle years of my marriage I traveled a lot on business and had… Leer más

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Saints to Sluts CH.8 (The Slutty Neighbor)

Sexo lesbicoPrimera vezMaduras

Read the first 7 Chapters to get versed with the story Tuesday 11th March, 8:30 AM Lahore, Pakistan "Let's hope this meeting goes well" Arshad said as he looked over his files while he ate his breakfast "I am pretty sure it will work out" his brother Akbar said Arshad along with Akbar and his son Imran and her brother's step son Ali was going to a meeting with the head of the trading association to discuss the cancellation of his shop licence and was hoping with his help the cancellation could be stopped and nothing happened to his shop. "You guys are all dressed up" Akbar asked as Sal… Leer más

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Toilet Sex

FeticheHombre gayMaduras

This story follows on from the others; this happened the weekend after Daddy had the homeless man around to visit me. My mother agreed to have the k**s for the weekend so Nina and I decided we would go out for a few drinks with our friends as we hadn’t been out together in such a long time. Due to Daddies influence Nina was always dressing slutty now when going out the house, tonight was no different, she had on a short skirt and a very low cut tight top, her cleavage on show, I was wearing jeans and a top but did have a pink thong on underneath. We met our friends at 7pm, after a good catc… Leer más

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