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Gunnie Jonte and Ramzy on Cruise

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Gunnie Jonte and Ramzy on Cruise 5 – 6 november 2018 We both wanted to take Ramzy on cruise with Cinderella to let him see what we have done before so got us an trip with the cruiser and took Ramzy with us. We took the bus to the ship and this excited boy afgan Ramzy he took up his chalkpen in the bus already lucky we sat in the back we had talked about my Turkish lover Benji to him so he signed for him too. When we got to pur ship I had got the text off me and we checked in and got to our cabin with doubl… Leer más

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Benji and Ramzy

MadurasSexo interracialTabú

9 november 2018 Oh they came back. I told Ramzy when they left on Thursday that Jonte was going away in the midday on Friday so to my surprise at 12 oclock the doorbell rang and when I opened there stood Ramzy and Benji. Ramzy said I phoned Benji and asked he if I would pick me up then we go to Gunnie because Jonte is away and Benji said ohh I cum and pick you up now. I let them in of course they both started kiss me and there hands all over me felt so good feel them all over me. Wait say Ramzy have to write on Gunnie so he write Pig on my face Ramzys and Benjis on my breast and Slut on my blo… Leer más

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Loving my BULL DADDY!

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I love football season , DADDY has his friends over , & I get to wait on HIM , & them , serve them drinks , & sandwiches that I make. Sometimes to my intense delite DADDY uses me in front of them , or pimps me out to them for bets he loses ! They mostly are large beautiful BLACK GODS like DADDY is , but none of them know how to treat me , but DADDY! I walk around in a pink thong making sure DADDY , & the other guys have whatever they need , or want (LUCKY ME) ! Sometimes DADDY will call me "Hey you worthless,… Leer más

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Be careful for what you wished for!! – Part 1

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Fantasise about seeing your wife or girlfriend GANGBANGED? Do you want to turn your fantasy into reality? If YES, contact us for more details on e mail address etc, etc My heart began beating faster and my cock became stiffer as I re-read the massage. At first I thought that it must be some k** messing about, then I realised that my fingers were typing the address into an e-mail document. “It’ll be a laugh.” I thought, as I typed ‘Interested. Send details.’ “It’ll be a turn on for him to consider banging my wi… Leer más

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Gunnie meets Benji and Ramzy

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Gunnie meet Benji and Ramzy 8 nov 2018 Benji my turkish lover called me and said he was on his way to me he has not said anything about before so I said cum man lover and I will have another guy here also if you don’t mind oh no he said because my young boy Ramzy who is afgan was already on his way because Jonte was away to meet a friend in another town so he is going to gone for several hours so I had called after Ramzy and he was first to come igave him a big hug and deep deep kisses my wonderful young lover think he is 16. -Ramzy my beautiful boy you have to wait a little bit my friend Benj… Leer más

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Fresher’s Party – Pt 2 (Day Two Cum Treat)

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After telling you about how I escalated the fresher’s party, that my batch organized for our juniors, into a sex party, I am bringing you the account of the next two days. The sex continued till very late that night. It was around 2 in the morning when I started feeling drowsy and shut my eyes. Alcohol had kicked in and most of the people had started to fall asleep. When I woke up, the sun was already beating down. I glanced at my wrist watch and… Leer más

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Aunty Gave An Unbelievable Job Offer

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I had quit my job due to certain issues and was jobless during that time. I was at home for a certain period, helping my mom for household works like most of the jobless guys do. One fine day my neighbor Manoj saw me. We met for the first time as they were new to the colony, but they were well friendly with my family. He enquired about my job. I informed him what ha… Leer más

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My Wife Fucks A Poor Wet Beggar

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Hi, my name is R. I live in gorgon with my girlfriend and well the truth is I like people looking at my wife. She is not that pretty but My God she has a great figure and not the model figure. She is 40E-30-38, I am always looking for the pics of a big cock preferably black, and it just turns me on thinking of a black guy on top of my girlfriend. And the contrast of a black on wheatish… Well my wife likes to see big cocks whether a black, white, dog, horse bull and others and we talk a lot about it. I like seeing her arous… Leer más

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His magical hands

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I met him at work , his mira dog really needed a grooming Its a job I been doing with my mom to help the home buisiness between my degree courses he had move to montreal after loosing his sight in a work accident 45 yr old tall big belly black dude , his black sunglasses giving away his condition It was the 3rd time here, welcoming him and Misha the nice shepperd ''hey boi is misha been a good dog?'' ''yes sir as always''' ''good girl misha '' he was about to leave when he told me i should come by its place someday for a free massotherapic session leaving me his card , going out with m… Leer más

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Along Came Jane

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This story is total fiction and dedicated to a wonderful member here janebbw54. I was finishing off a story to publish on Xhamster when I took a break to see if there were any new stories of interest. I noticed I had a message. It turned out the message was from a very nice woman named Jane commenting on one of my stories. She was still on line so I thanked her for her comment and we started talking. As it turns out we had a lot in common we are both married. We are only a year apart in age, and are both nearing the end of mid-life, ok so we are old but not dead by a long shot and we are bot… Leer más

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Jane Goes to the Gig

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I had always been interested in black cock. Big black men, even bigger dicks, and even bigger loads of cum. It's not that I wasn't happy. Happy isn't the right qualifier. Steve and I got along fine, and all of our friends were mutual. In a lot of ways, I really did like him, that's probably why we stayed together for so many years. The problem, at its core, was fulfillment. I was totally unfulfilled. My unfulfillment set the cracks forming, and sent my mind wandering. I started to want something else, something Steve wasn't giving me. Sex. Steve didn't fuck. He didn't even make love. Steve did… Leer más

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She cheated, I hated it, and then I surrendered!

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About ten years ago I was dating a girl who worked as a nurse in a local hospital. To cut a long story short, we'd been having some difficulties in our relationship; the frequency of our sex life had dropped because of work commitments and a few other family issues meant that tensions were high. During all this I realised that she was was behaving suspiciously; she'd go to the shop for teabags and take ages to come back, or she'd keep her phone with her at all times and be really guarded about answering it. I'm not sure what it was, but I sensed something was going on -- and I was ri… Leer más

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True Story of a White Guy part 2

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ASIAN CAT & WHITE CAT Part 2 In the morning I took my pho (a soup) after booked my bus ticket to Ha Long Bai and met my friend David with whom I spend the rest of the day. David was living in Hanoi for three years and worked as an English teacher. He said tonight at 6pm I have an appointment with a couple of my students so why don’t you join us, I said yes of course. And so it was 6pm and we were sitting on our usual table in the Rock bar with a view to the street, watching the people passing by. We ordered two beers and the students arrived. 4 girls and 1 boy all about 18 years old. Davi… Leer más

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Games - Strip poker story

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My name is Tony and I used to work for a large European textiles company with branches in France, Holland, Germany and England. Each year a representative from each branch was sent to the other branches for the annual company conferences. This was my first time representing the company and was sent to Holland. When I arrived that afternoon I was greeted by a company limousine and bussed to a large company owned house that I was to share with the representatives from France and Germany. I was shown around the house and told that I would be collected in the morning to be taken to the conference.… Leer más

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Spider and the Fly - Part 2

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How large must a web be to catch the fly, only the spider knows. Recap: Robert and Jean, two risk takers have had their first swinging experience, during which he got to watch his wife engaged in interracial sex. Since he tends to be a voyeur and she tends to be an exhibitionist they both got off on what had taken place. It was great sex but her black partner mentioned it would have been so much better if he didn’t have to use a condom. Since her husband had a vasectomy she hasn’t used any kind of birth control. Now a couple of days later Jean is having coffee with her friend Barb,… Leer más

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Spider and the Fly - Part 3

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Deep in the shadows the spider smiles as the fly comes ever closer to the web. Recap: Two thrill seekers are dipping their toes into interracial swinging. While he’s not a cuckold he is a willing partner and loves watching Jean, his wife, risking being knocked up by a black man. As a voyeur watching her have sex really turns him on, especially since she’s not on any form of birth control. And the first time she let a black guy cum inside of her Jean was nine days into her cycle. Both are risk takers but by this time the excitement and nerves are like a fly being lured into a spider’s… Leer más

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Neighborhood watch

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Alannah walked purposefully down the street, shoulders back, head up, doing her best to look intimidating. She'd worn a tight white dress that began at her amazing cleavage and ended only a little down her thighs. Her dirty blonde hair fell down her shoulders and curled at the tips, her big lips were ruby red and her green eyes were smoky with her maskara, she was, after all, going to confront a man, a black one at that, and would need every asset she had. All the c***dren were in school and people at work, so the only sound was the click of her white heels on the pavement. She knocked on th… Leer más

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Spider and the Fly - Part 1

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Into the Web First of all a disclaimer, just in case. This is a work of total fiction. If any character appears to even remotely resemble a real person that is a pure accident. With that said hope you enjoy this bit of fiction. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ “My, my said the spider to the fly, jump right ahead into my web….” I often think of that line out of the song created so long ago. It’s a great illustration of how the past year has gone. First introductions; I’m Robert, 34 years old, married young, fathered two k**s then had a vasectomy. Little did I know that marr… Leer más

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An unforeseen incident caught my wife and me off guard that changed Casey’s life, and our marriage. My wife Casey is the most perfect girl I've ever met; she has a caring, sympathetic heart, and is sweet to people around her. However, it’s not easy to have a beautiful wife who attracts other men’s attention when we go out for a dinner, shopping, or on the beach. Sometimes men like to flirt with her, and I notice they are all confident, big, and muscular. When I see that, I have an insecure, envious, jealous feeling. I ask her if she is attracted to men who are more masculine than I am for sex;… Leer más

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My sext .. just for but of enjoyment :)

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Me o^o 09:37 I move your hair through my fingers from both sides of the face, behind the ears, hold your face and kiss your sweet lips .. Sucking your tongue.. And then we play sword fight with our tongues Me o^o 09:38 Just at the beginning.. Then we can't breathe ?and so we move to the bed Me o^o 09:42 Then put you on the bed.. I also lay on your side.. Slowly kiss all the parts that are not covered by dress Me o^o 09:55 That's most important thing I wanna hear Me o^o 09:55 Plus you should tell Me what gives you more pleasure too Me o^o 09:56 Haha Me o^o 09:57… Leer más

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