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Mmmmm damn, you big sexy booty and juicy pussy are made for black cock. You make my BBC swell up and throb to slide up deep in your hot pussy, I'd love to role play sex chat. Wanna cum play with this stiff black cock? 09:40 Oh god yes sir i wanna play with that beautifilul long black cock 09:45 Lets start off we met a week ago and im coming over to your house to hangout for the first time 09:47 I answer the door wearing a pair of gym short with no boxers and a tshirt. Hi sexy, come on in Ive been waiting to see you all day. Giving you a long hug. 09:50 Im wearing grey yoga pants with a… Leer más

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BBW Lovers

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This happens to be my first story ever written. I hope you enjoy it as much as i did writing it! This is a story about how my wife and I found a new love in our life with our friend Brooke. When my wife Sierra and I told Brooke we were moving across the United States we all felt pretty terrible. Brooke had become one of my wife and I' s really good friends and it was hard to leave her but we promised if things didn't work out with her husband then she could come stay with us. I was a joke we all laughed at first and didn't take it seriously. Brooke was very shy when I came to talking abo… Leer más

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Friendly Desires

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by Williacj I hung out over my friend Karina's house a few days ago."Man if I was around your age I'd ask you out."I told her "well you know we can still be friends" she replies “I could sure use some friends” I replied”nothing wrong with a little friendship a friend in need is a friend indeed.” "you have needs? she asked. "I have a lot of needs,doctor bill my rent and water bill paid off.” “I'm not talking about those kind of needs”she replied”needs like a girlfriend" “I'm single and have been for a long time karina” “that sucks” she says.”you're such a nice guy i don… Leer más

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Treasured Chest

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by williacj I saw Derrica Williams of fox six news one day while at the grand avenue mall downtown. "I know you're already married but I'll be straight up with you I watch the news on the weekends because of you”I told her"i know you're married but I have hormones,I'm not apologizing to you or your husband for this." "actually I'm flattered that you fantasize about having sex with me"she said”don't worry I won't tell him,he doesn't have to know about any of this." "I'm gonna come out an… Leer más

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My "first time"

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For my "first time" I was 18 years old, in a biology class sat next to a dirty girl (Mel) and she was nice. A few of us knew M dirtyness. Mel was cute, brunette, thin and tall with large hips. Mel used to play soccer with us. She was a TOMBOY because of the way she was dressing and talking to people. She grew up with her four older brother. The others guys did not care about M but me, I did. Because I saw what she truly is. Once we were at Mel's house Boys and Girls were there. I was not Mel closely friend at this time. Everyone was drinking, playing video games, watching movies. Then I he… Leer más

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I get More Cock than I Asked For Gay

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I told Nikki about an upcoming business trip to the Las Vegas area, and how I'd be interested in meeting with her for a strap-on and simulated forced bi session and that I would be willing to be generous. Nikki started out with one dollar figure, which then increased she said, because Jenny her friend wanted to play too. Then when I asked about rules, she said, rules, what rules? There are no rules! I had to beg for condoms and lube for anal, my only rule. At first Nikki refused. Then she said she'd talk to Jenny. Then she came back to me and said no, saying that she and Jenny have been assfuc… Leer más

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Sex with EX Pegged, Gay

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I will start out by telling you I am a mid 30's married male who has a pretty good sex life but one day I got the urge to call my ex and see if she was interested in seeing me again since I would be on a business trip in her area. She said she was and could I come over Friday night but I would need to come up to the back door and to make sure I took off all my clothes on the porch before I walked in. Wow, I was going to get some of her hot ass and I was excited. I finished my business Friday afternoon and left to drive up to her house. I pulled up to her house and walked to the back porch.… Leer más

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Fucking my asian wife from behind!

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We went to bed already and had the lights off when I felt my wife's tight and round ass against my dick as I was getting ready to sleep behind her. I got my hand under the blanket to feel her nice ass and let my hand slide between her cheeks to touch her pussy from behind. It was warm between her legs and I kept sliding my hand further until I felt her pussy getting wet. Oxana turned around and opened her legs, signal for me to finger her pussy but she seemed not… Leer más

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Last days in Negril

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During our stay in Negril I took great pleasure in stripping out of my bikini top to sunbathe on the beach, pretending not to notice the looks I was getting from guys and girls as they checked out my large breasts. Of course because of the heat my partner had to put plenty of sun cream on for me and I’m sure he was the envy of several guys as they discreetly watched him massage the cream into my back and my tits, paying special attention to my nipples, which, despite the heat, seemed to be constantly stiff. Maybe it was something to do with the tiny bikini bottoms that I would wear that woul… Leer más

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Cuckold Eunuch

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Cuckold Eunuch I lay naked on the floor, as I always did when Sam came home from one of excursions. It was late, about 1.00am as she came bursting into the bedroom. “Ah there you are, Darling, all ready for me! I have collected some lovely creamy cum just for you!” Sam was wearing a short skirt and high heels and an open jacket under which she had a bodice type top that pushed up her C cup boobs making them seem way larger. Brushing her long brown hair over her shoulders she then lifted up her skirt and squatted over my face. She wasn’t wearing panties and I looked at her smo… Leer más

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My Wifes Aunt, Mother In laws sister, business women, dog owner and the dirtiest slut I know, has a interesting history. Which only I become aware off since the mother in law joined in the games and opened up. I going share some off the interesting bits with you now. Madge apparently had a fairly conventional upbringing nothing that her sister would share anyway, it started when she met a coffee farmer from Kenya. He was white and in the words of the mother in law colonial old fashioned. However Madge and the farmer appeared to get on and they got married before moving to Kenya. Big relief th… Leer más

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Drunken one-night stand

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Freshman year of college, I played it pretty cool the first couple of months, because I was crushing pretty hard on a girl from back home. I drank a lot but didn't do much in the way of hooking up with girls. That all ended when the girl back home helped me reach the devastating realization over Thanksgiving break that it was never going to happen. The result was me looking to relieve my sexual frustration with the first girl I could find. One Friday night I tagged along with a friend to an apartment party , and that's where I met Liz, a freshman at another nearby college. Liz took a year off… Leer más

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Mom Turned My BF Gay PT2

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Andrew woke up with a start. No! No! It could not have happened, his conscious mind told him. He did not just get fucked by another man. But even as his thoughts sought to deny it, he felt a stab of pain in his ass and knew it was true. He threw the covers aside and stared at the huge wet spot beneath his ass. His incomprehension lasted only seconds and then he became aware of the slow dribble oozing from his asshole – he was lying in a pool of Thomas's cum, cum that had originally been dumped deep in him. My god it looked like there was a gallon of it on the bed. And all of that had been in h… Leer más

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Mom Turned My BF Gay

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Andrew walked home from the party. No, he didn’t really walked, he stumbled and staggered, legs held as wide apart as he could, nursing an asshole that only a few hours earlier had been the virgin bud of a true stud, and was now gaping obscenely. Even as he walked he felt it throb and pulse… and he felt the warm liquid leaking down along his inner thighs – liquid that could only be Thomas’s cum. His mind kept going back to the party – a party to which he had been specially invited and to which, he now realized, he never should have gone. Andrew had come to New York for college. At 18, the b… Leer más

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Back after training…

AnalSexo duroSexo interracial

A couple of day later we arranged a date during Edmond day off from work to satisfy Maia’s dream to get his huge cock in her tiny ass, so the meeting was Edmond’s home (I suppose) where we shared some drinks and we spoke about our trip to Jamaica and so on…..until…. Without any warning, he gently pulled her in to him and embraced her. It took a moment, but her lips relaxed and she kissed him back. They stood like this kissing as his hands wandered over her back enjoying the coolness of her flesh. Maia really didn't know what to say or do finding herself lost in the moment. Slowly his big… Leer más

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A Fun Valentine's Night Out to Remember

MirónSexo interracialSexo en grupo

"Well, tonight is the night for your special Valentine's Night date and gift...all in one!", as the hot water from the shower massaged my neck and shoulders, I thought "We'll see if this is what he really wants, or get all jealous and a bruised ego or something". "How's it going in there, babe?" Hubby asked. I can't believe that he ever talked me into doing more of this. Not that I am nervous at all, but to seduce another man with my husbands knowledge and encouragement, just seems a wee bit odd doesn't it? ...That's all. But if that's what he wants for me on Valentine's night, then that's wha… Leer más

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A Not So Prim & Proper Wife- Ch. 4

Sexo interracialSexo duroMirón

To Recap: Our heroine is failing at her goals to be a proper wife. After so much neglect, she is being exposed to more sex than she has in years, and she is starting to crumble. Her tormentors have included one of her high school students, her boss’s supervisor, and her next door neighbor, an obese Hispanic man named Roberto. Her husband, Dan, is aware of these, for the most part, though he has his own problems, as his career is in jeopardy for a failed performance. Forced to travel, he is away from his wife at this very critical juncture. A wife being subjected to the unwanted advances of me… Leer más

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Our intro to swapping

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The story is true, at least to the extent my memory can track details over nearly four decades. 1972, Long Beach, California. She’s Sharyn. I’m Mick. She’s 18. I’m 21. She is an astonishingly cute girl about 5’2”, waist-length jet black hair, dark eyes and a tight body that screamed “fuckable”. I’m about 5’10”, slender, brown short hair as befitting my then-current status in society, easy enough on the eye according to certain discerning women. I’m doing my Vietnam service through the US Navy, which has seen fit to assign me to a ship homeported in Long Beach, California. Sharyn and I arrive… Leer más

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unexpected dosage

Sexo duroSexo interracial

by williacj My phone rang early this morning “hello” “is this chris?” a voice asked “this is him speaking” “I'm dosei I'm good friends with Teri how are you doing?” “I'm good what's up?” “Teri told me that you fucked her a few weeks ago and she said you were the best she'd ever had in awhile” “I'm flattered but I don't think too highly of myself that way”I replied. “hey I was wondering, would you be interested in meeting me for coffee later on?” “um I don't have any plans I'm off t… Leer más

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Special K

Sexo duroSexo interracial

by williacj I was at a jazz club for adults only and I was sitting in the lounge area listening to johnny Hodges”yearning” when Rachael Kaye of fox 6 news walks into the room. she sees me looks around the room before she comes up to me and starts talking to me. She flirts with me and later starts grinding against me.”is anyone sitting here?" she asks me. before I can answer she sits down beside me"you're holding back” she says."we're alone there's no need to be shy." I reached over and touched her arm… Leer más

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