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Transition to Vikki, part seven

Primera vezTransexualesAnal

Next chapter of Steven's change into becoming Vikki........... First thing, some apologies. I know this chapter took longer to come around than the others, I did have LOTS of read throughs and partial re-writes as it evolved. Second, this chapter contains more straight narrative than those before. Bear with me, the chapter is crucial to the whole storyline. Third, it introduces some more possible subplots and story options. Besides!, trying to create fictional conversations in my head!, between multiple people if they're to be credible, gives me a headache. Waking the next morning I felt i… Leer más

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failed threesum

Primera vezSexo en grupo

now here is a fail story that seems so sexy and like every dudes dreams come true at the start. it started as us looking online for females to join us for some fun, after about 2 months of endless posting and searching we finally had a reply on one of our countless postings. it started out with hi and how are you and picture exchanges so we knew what each other looked like. after a few hours of chatting we felt safe enough to name exchange, for privacy reasons lets call her missy, a short time later after a few more emails we agreed to meet missy in a very public place for obvious safety reaso… Leer más

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My First RAVISH Experience

Primera vez

My First RAVISH Experience: Hi to all Readers, This is Arjun i'm here to submit my Ravish experince when i was doing my UG. A little bit introduction about me my name is Arjun 26 years old , 5'8 Ft tall and Slim Built guy and to an extent Energetic or Enthusiatic most of the time or a careless mindset guy with enthu always. I'll try to post all my RAVISH experience in a series and will try to narrate it in a intresting way. Let's Begin the Story here it's gonna be a bit lengthy, kindly bear with me. It was 2011 the year i joined my Engineering in one of the reputed college in Chennai. I use… Leer más

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Christmas Climaxes

TabúPrimera vezSexo en grupo

Step dad, mum and college lass: Everything under a Christmas tree should be opened with relish and delight.... Some may say I’m lucky, others who share the same birthday as me, will take a different view. My birthday falls on Christmas Day. Yet here I was getting up excited and very early on Christmas morning just turned eighteen. I was prepared as usual for the ‘single double’ present that covered both birthday and Christmas. But at least it was under a tree. The tree I had helped decorate with these new supersized handmade specialty eight inch peppermint candy canes just rec… Leer más

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nach der Weihnachtsfeier

TabúPrimera vez

Es war auf der Weihnachtsfeier vom Betrieb. Ich bin Franz, 57 Jahre alt. Es war wie jedes Jahr doch diesmal hatte ich nur noch einen Platz bei den jungen Damen der Finanzbuchhaltung gefunden. Man kennt sich und wir haben uns gut unterhalten. Da ich noch mit dem Auto fahren wollte trank ich nur alkoholfreie Getränke. Unser Auszubildende, Marie, gerade 18 Jahre saß neben mir und redete und redete. Anna saß mir gegenüber und sagte: ich glaube die Marie muss gleich nach Hause, die hat wohl schon ein bischen viel getrunken. Ich sagte: in einer halben Stunde fahre ich, dann nehme ich sie mit. Marie… Leer más

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Mom 'n Dod [I]: Carla 'n Tessel 3: Tantr

Primera vezMasturbaciónMirón

TASTY TEEN TESSEL'S TURN TO TRY TEASING THAT TASTY BIG BROWN BENT BANANA I invite tall tasty teen Tessel to watch, while I lick love lips for first sexy satisfaction of her hot Mom I see she is standing at the doorstep, fully nude, with both her hands busy at her bare sexy snatch I continue conquering cute curly Carla by offering her an almost endless row of big unexpected 'O's The teen has the hots, great gestures in my direction, every time I take a look at her, in hot self-satisfaction Tessel teases me into pleauring purring pussies, not only coming Mom's! Dear Doddie is next n… Leer más

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Mom Sex

MadurasPrimera vezTabú

I made my way back home after my encounter with the neighbor. I didn't want to see my mom, so I went and watched tv in my room. Would my mom confront me? Would she say something to my dad? Was she possibly turned on by the whole episode? I sat there hoping that she was since it was her that I had been thinking of. Dinnertime came soon and I made my way downstairs. Mom didn't say anything since my dad came home to join us. She looked somewhat nervous to me, as she didn't look me in the eyes the rest of the evening. A whole week went slowly by without a word from her. My father was home each… Leer más

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Mom's Friend Carla

MadurasPrimera vezTabú

"Now I don't have to remind you about watching your manners, do I Billy?" the boy's mother asked the lad sitting in the passenger seat of their rusting 1967 Mercury Comet, one of the many nearly worthless things the man of their house left behind when he took off a few years back. "Ma!" whined the eighteen year old young man who would always be a boy in Mommy's eyes, as witnessed by the button down shirt and shiny shoes he was told to wear by his mother. "I know," Patty Morin replied. "I just want you to remember that the way you talk to me when we're having our special times - well, l… Leer más

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Das erste Date als Hilkij

BDSMPrimera vezTransexuales

Es war meine erste Verabredung für ein Sextreffen, zu dem ich als Frau erscheinen wollte. Ich hatte den Mann über ein Sexportal kennengelernt. Er hatte auf mein Profil hin Kontakt zu mir aufgenommen, zu mir: Hilkij! Über Längere Zeit schrieben wir uns immer mal wieder. Wir waren ehrlich zueinander und hatten uns zu unseren Wünschen und Lüsten klar bekannt Der Mann war praktizierender dominanter SM`ler und verheiratet. Seine SM Aktivitäten waren seiner Frau bekannt, selbst war die Ehefrau jedoch nicht beteiligt. Der Mann wollte jetzt heimlich ein Treffen mit einer Sissy. Heimlichkeit vor… Leer más

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Sexo duroAnalPrimera vez

Jane was interested in sex at a very young age. At twelve she developed tits. At f******n she was a size D and at sixteen she was a size DD. This created a lot of attention from the boys. She loved the attention and most of her dates were to park and show these tits to her him letting him touch and suck her big mounds. Sometimes the boys would put there hand down her panties as he sucked on a nipple. Jane loved the finger in her cunt and it was not long till she was jerking their cocks as they sucked her tits and finger fucked her cunt. Things got very sexy fast when she went on a date… Leer más

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How lost my virginity to a mature couple

MadurasPrimera vezTabú

When I was S3V3NT33N I discovered the Burbank Theater in San Jose. The first time I went there the guy at the counter didn't check my I.D. he took my money and smiled "have a good time". He knew I was fresh meat. The place was teaming with hot old white men. Grandpas gravitated to me. They loved my hard boy cock and I was happy to feed them my seed. The third time I went there I sat in the second to front row. An old man sat next to me and gave me a smile. I pulled out my tool and he wrapped his hand around it. I could tell he was pleased. He put his soft wet mouth on me and slid all the way… Leer más

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Cougar Mum and Frustrated Daughter

MasturbaciónMadurasPrimera vez

Kez a college lass, is disgusted her divorced mum has emerged as a cougar; screwing a boy from her own college class. She becomes frustrated with her own deprived virgin coochie and can’t even quietly get herself off because her mum is rooting loudly all through the night in the next bedroom… I never saw my own mother as a MILF. Divorced yes. Single mom certainly. Menopausal…probably. Cougar …NO. I was completely caught by surprise when my mum… ‘Valerie’… introduced Josh Roberts to me. Talk about embarrassed, Josh was in my ancient history class…must account for his interest in senio… Leer más

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Her Wicked Ways

BDSMTabúPrimera vez

Her Wicked Ways Deep down John knew that it was more his attraction to her that made him accept her invitation to come back to the house to receive what his father had left to him. Serena his "Wicked Stepmother" as he always referred to her as sent him a letter telling him that his father left him something of immeasurable value that was never mentioned in the will. he loved his father but for the past few years of his life they did not speak at all due to the way he was treated by Serena. John reluctantly responded to her saying that he could make the specific date she wrote him about. That w… Leer más

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My Stepsister Was A Shemale

TransexualesFetichePrimera vez

My Stepsister Was A Shemale I won't bore you with all the crap so Ill make try and get you up to speed quick. My parents divorced when I was a k** and I lived with my mom most of the time (I was an only c***d). I moved away when I went to college. By the time I started grad school I had my own place and things were going fairly good. About that time my dad married this lady who had a daughter that was about my age. I met her at the wedding and I thought she was a real dish. Her name was Sheila, and she was everything I looked for in a woman--she was tall, stacked, a great body, light bro… Leer más

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The Corruption Of Suzy

Sexo en grupoSexo duroPrimera vez

Believe it or not, I used to be very prude. I never considered myself promiscuous in any way. My husband always warned me that a woman reaches her sexual prime in her late twenties while men peak between eighteen and twenty-one. Boy, was he right! Things that seemed perverted started to seem interesting. The first time he brought home my 12-inch vibrator I was pissed at him. I thought vibrators were perverse and I had no interest in a fake cock. He had to wait until I was d***k on night to actually slip it in me. Actually, it was more like stuff it in my pussy! It was so fat I could not even w… Leer más

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Housewife and the Boy

Primera vezSexo duroMaduras

Nancy was cleaning up the family cabin for her son and his friends to spend a weekend fishing. The lake was great for hiking around, and her husband said there were some big fish in there. Her husband, Hank, had asked why bother cleaning up the cabin for a bunch of k**s. Nancy was fastidious with keeping house, and couldn't bear the thought of her son and his friends sleeping there with cobwebs in the corners. It was the thought of their mothers finding out that motivated her. She had been right, the men hadn't cleaned it out for months. They could afford to hire a cleaning squad, but ther… Leer más

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Porn writing Mom Chapter 3

Primera vezMadurasTabú

“My nipples, son,” a croaky-voiced Stephanie said as she felt her son’s hand manipulating her tits as he was kneeling between her legs, in front of the chair she was sitting in. “Touch my nipples with your fingers, please.” Marty let go of his horny mother’s tits, which dropped and jiggled back into their own shape, and looked at the reddish brown buds his mother was talking about. They looked as large as the nails on his middle fingers – larger even. The wide areolas were covered with goose bumps. As he was somewhat aware of his mother’s legs on either side of his hips, he reached out wit… Leer más

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The Deeper The Love

Primera vezMadurasSexo duro

Note: This is one of my earliest stories. I wrote this, probably 20 years ago. I was experimenting with story ideas, and seeing where it would lead, and was the continuation of my growth as a writer. It is also loosely based on real events, in fact, the real story is much wilder than what you will read here. But, basically this is an abridged version of those events. * "What makes love between two people so right, but so wrong?" - part 1 - My name is Kay and I've been having sex with my son Jeffery for three years now. I've been thinking about some of the wild things we have done but… Leer más

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Awakening the Slut Ch. 2

Primera vezSexo duroMirón

It had been a half-hour since the girls had left and they still had not returned. I had been unaware of the time, as I had been busily ogling the bevy of hot chicks that were at the club. I was really getting horny and could not wait to bury my big slab inside Donna’s cunt. The girls finally appeared and slid into the booth on each side of me. I was just about to say, “where the hell…” when Donna reached under the table and began stroking my cock through my pants. Lisa purred in my ear, “Let’s go back to your room so we can both fuck your eyes out.” I could not believe my ears, “Sounds like… Leer más

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Primera vezSexo lesbicoSexo duro

Note: This story is not a trilogy of erotic tales, but instead, a tale of three people who share three erotic encounters... I do hope you all enjoy! Originally written under my pen name venomlegions ***** -one- "FIRE" I was jealous when my twin brother John told me he had a girlfriend. John was mine, and I didn't want to share him. I couldn't tell him that, of course. I was the fast girl during high school, and even in college, when my tastes went far beyond what I could get in back seat, I never even tried to make love to John. We were best friends, and sometimes he was the only guy i… Leer más

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