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My continuing affair with my Step-Mom part 1

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At the end of my last story I mentioned that, for several years, we continued our escapades. The following is a recount of one of the times we shared. All of this is 100% factual, I have no reason to make this up. I was 18 years old, a recent high school graduate attending a local community college and dating my high school sweet heart (to whom I am now married to for 6 years.) I had moved out of my mom and step dads house to live with my dad and step mom. I did this for two reasons. First, I had more freedom and my girlfriend could stay with me anytime that we wanted. Secondly, living un… Leer más

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OH My Sister is sexy

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I grabbed Vanessa’s waist with both hands and slammed my hips into her heart-shaped butt, forcing the air from her lungs and making her squeal out loud. She twisted her head around so she could look at me as she gaspingly spurred me on to fuck her even harder. Her pussy was as tight and wet as ever and the pressure in my balls was rising fast. Luckily my friend was also getting close again, rubbing her clit like a maniac and moaning ever louder with each of my thrusts. Vanessa had already told me it wasn't her safe period, so I knew I had to pull out soon, but she reminded me all the sa… Leer más

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My Sister's Lotion

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High school was difficult for me. Not because I had issues with grades or anything, but because my sister was a grade-A fucking bitch. She found ways to tap into some of my deepest and most fragile insecurities and basically rip my self image to shreds. My virginity and my complexion where her two favorites. What made it worse is that she was also a grade-A fucking bombshell. It's one thing to get degraded and talked down to by a sibling, but it's worse if that sibling is basically the hottest creature on the planet. Jenn's body was ridiculous, and I hated it. Her features were wonderfully… Leer más

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Now Put Your Nurse's Uniform On…

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Now Put Your Nurse's Uniform On… By Manndee Part 1 I guess when you start a diary; you should always start at the beginning. It is not my intention that anyone ever reads my diary, but I guess I have had some rotten luck as the years have gone by. My real Mum died; well that's what I tell myself, but to be honest, I don't even think of her as my real Mum. My step Mum was called Ruth. She was not my biological Mum, but if they hadn't told me that I was adopted at the age of 9 months, I would never have known. So as far as I am concerned, my Mum, Ruth, was a Doctor. She was married to my dad,… Leer más

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Cum Dress for Me...

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Cum and Dress for Me…Part 1 By: Manndee I saw the advert in my local paper - it just jumped out at me! Then I was surfing the internet, usual stuff, looking for something to get horny over… WHAM!!! The same advert appeared within three days of seeing the advert in the paper. I'm not into that hocus pocus stuff, but it seemed weird that within three days I had seen the same advert. I felt compelled to do something about it. I tried to reason with myself about it. In the end it was like a message, a message telling me to do it. The little voice in your head that you listen to for advice was tel… Leer más

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Mary Does Porn

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I'm relating this story as my friend, Greg told me. I'll continue in Greg's words as he told it to me. My name is Greg and my wife's name is Mary. We own and operate a body waxing business in Hilo, Hawaii. I'm 60 and Mary is much younger at 41. I run the business end of it by being the receptionist and keeping the books and Mary does the waxing of mostly female customers; the majority of them wanting Brazillian waxes. Mary is tall for a Filipina at about 5'8 and thin. She has black hair, dark brown eyes and 34c tits. She's quite pretty. As I mentioned, she usually does females but gets th… Leer más

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Momma Connie

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Momma Connie A Short Story by Dave ***** Dave’s sexual content disclaimers: The following material is an original erotic fictional story, intended exclusively for an adult audience. If you are not of legal age to view such material, please exit now, thanks. Graphic language and detailed descriptions for all aspects of various sexual situations and encounters are central to this story, from beginning to end. The content within may be considered taboo and therefore offensive to some readers. Proceed at your own risk. All characters engaging in sexual situations and/or activities are ass… Leer más

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GF Pegs Me

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This is a story about the first time I took cock...maybe not a real cock, just a phallic object! My gf Amanda and I had talked for quite a bit about fantasies and done a little bit of playing around, but I wasn't ready to admit to her that I watched gay porn and jerked off to hot black guys! Eventually though I didn't even have to tell her since I had forgotten to close all my browsers before I left for work and she found them all. What happened next was a little bit of an awkward discussion, but lucky for me, this was a girl that had an open mind! A very open mind considering the discussio… Leer más

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My Sister

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I was only ten years old the first time I saw my sister’s pussy. It was after swimming at the cottage, when we were going inside to change into dry clothes, and I walked in on her by accident. She told me to get out but I stood there mesmerized by her tits and pussy. She was thirteen and had hair growing around her pussy, and that experience had me hooked on girl’s pussies. After staring for a minute, she said “well did you get an eyeful bro”? “sorry sis, but I’ve never seen a girl naked and it’s awesome”. “Fair is fair bro. Now you’ll have to show me your cock”. “What. You really w… Leer más

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Mothers and Daughters Motel Fuck Part 2

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“You cunt” the mother said “$100.00”, “no way $50.00”, I said “unless you want to go for broke and give up that ass of yours”. “$5 K” the mother said, “Fuck off” I said, “$500”, “no way” said the mother, “that monster cock is not going in my ass for less than $3 K”. “There are a 1000 dollars in the nightstand, take it or leave it” I said. “YOU Cunt” said the mother, turning to her daughter she stroked her hair kissed her forehead and turned and said “Show me”, standing and walking to the nightstand my cock was more than semi-hard, the knob end was tight, and the veins were very visible, the m… Leer más

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A.C. foursome

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Let me start by saying my girl is an absolute a****l in bed and loves being manhandled when I'm fucking her. She is in her early 30s and has an absolute flawless body despite having to never have to workout for it, a real natural beauty. So we had this plan of spending the weekend in Atlantic City for a while now, a nice couples weekend for just the two of us.... or so she thought. Little did she know I had been secretly planning a threesome for us while we were there. So a couple weeks before the date I had gone online and posted and "Ad" for another guy to join us for the night. I did not wa… Leer más

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RED ROSE 2: Test-Top (bdsm, + 32 pix!)

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RED ROSE RISES IN PROF. PETER'S ESTEEM BY TOP RESULTS OF THE BDSM-TEST SHE TAKES Red Rose has almost only 'sexy secrets', so to say, about someone as erotically inexperienced, as she is. Red Rose has almost no information at her profile page: Bits about her looks & Wishes: Love & Offspring! Red Rose has one bit, which is as interesting, as intriguing Prof. Peter: the top ten items of a bdsm-test. Red Rose has two 100% scores, one at 3/4, two more at 2/3 -- Sixth highest rating is 'Submissive': 63%. Red Rose seems to be a perfect perverse partner for Pe… Leer más

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Inseminating sister-in-law

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Inseminating Danielle It was the second time in three weeks that my forty year-old sister-in-law had stopped by for an unannounced afternoon visit-very unusual. “What is going on with Danielle? Does she have some problems”, I asked. “Danielle is just having some problems with Karl”, replied my wife, getting up to start making dinner. Danielle and Karl have met in Adventist church and seemed perfectly suited for one another. Both were religious zealot-a devoted follower. I never approved this to although they pressed me in that direction. Given their mutual commitment, religious beliefs, I… Leer más

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Girls for Daddy

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….I was very young when I got a girl crush on my daddy. It didn’t pass like just a phase I was going through. Over time it grew into a secret, hidden sexual lust in me to have my daddy have sex with me. I quickly discovered it felt so good to rub my pussy and think about my daddy. When mom up and left, poor daddy didn’t have a woman to sleep with. I saw opportunity to ’help out’. I waited until he was good and asleep and got up and crawled in bed with him. He didn’t wake up. I slowly snuggled up to him and he must have had a dream going, because he put his arm around me and pulled us closer.… Leer más

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Mom Fuck me

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Until I read stories on Literotica, I had no idea how many sons had fantasies...or sometimes realities...of having sex with their Mother. I mean, it is not really a conversation one has with their buddies. Imagine this: "Dude, you know who I would really like to fuck?" "Anyone who moves, I imagine." "True. But do you know who my most constant late night focus of my daily stroke-fest sessions?" "Beth, the head cheerleader?" "She's in the top five, no doubt." "Well, who would be number one then?" "Promise you won't judge?" "No." "Seriously, this is really embarrassing." "Fine, I promis… Leer más

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My Step Sister

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My name is Matthew Kennedy, but people just call me Matt. I'm an eighteen year old guy, standing at 6'2", living in Florida with the rest of my family. My family... we were an odd one, that's for sure. When I was very young, my mom died in a horrible car accident. Sadly, I was never able to create a good enough memory through the short time I had with her, so my memories of her are taken from old home videos. She was a beautiful, happy woman, and although I never met her, I still feel pains of sadness when I think of her. The one who took it the hardest was my dad, however. Most of my c***dhoo… Leer más

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Sometimes you Win Sometimes you Lose Maybe

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It was coming up to Saturday night, which means my usual late night game of poker with a few of my friends. We did this every Saturday for as long as I can remember. It was just an excuse for us to talk woman and get d***k, sometimes even win some cash. Maybe I should tell you a little about myself and my life. I am mike 23, average build average job. What wasn't average was my girlfriend. She really is a true stunner. On the short side maybe 5, 2 but has a figure to die for. She is a size 8 petite little thing but has amazing tits. 30DD but on her small frame they are huge. We have an… Leer más

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My Pakistani Lover Makes Love with My White Body -

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Z took my breath away with her smile when I met her. She turned out to be my right hand man and we bonded well on sorting a load of problems in the place. She is about 4ft 10, petite, long straight dark shiny hair (except when wet when it is beautifully curly). For work she wears Kameez and black trousers and shoes. She is married (for the second time). The connection between us was pretty immediate and after a few weeks she came into my office, which takes up the top floor (it is small. a desk, a chair and a settee). She said "so what's happening here?" meaning between us. We arranged to le… Leer más

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Prison Time Gay

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I have to admit, my lawyer was very apologetic and accompanied me while I was transported from the jail to the state penitentiary. I'm not sure how he was able to do it, but he went as far as the main entry gate, where I climbed out of the van and was walked though a gate. My lawyer talked for nearly the entire ride, either apologizing or laying out his strategy for an appeal. He kept saying, "Don't worry, I'll get you out of this. It's an open and shut appeal." Well we had gone from an open and shut case to three to five years in the state pen, with an open and shut appeal. I wasn't rea… Leer más

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Wife Get's Me a Special Massage Gay

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It was Scott's birthday and I had surprises in mind for him. Last night my husband and I had arrived at this luxurious desert spa near Miami and I had a whole day of treats planned for him today. First we'd have a special caviar breakfast and take a quick swim, and then, for later in the afternoon, I had arranged for a masseur to come up to the room. I had requested a specific special masseur, and not another or a masseuse, because that masseur, I hoped, was going to be a big part of the very special and unusual birthday treat I had in mind for my husband. Let me explain. Scott and I had… Leer más

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