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It all happened when I was in my early teens. My parents were real drunks form as long as I could remember. I would come home late and both would be passed out. One night I was out getting high with some friends, typical weekend. I had just dropped off my girlfriend who was on the rag and it was no sex in anyway that night. I asked for a blow job but she did not feel like it and it was getting late. So I got into my old Chev Impala and drove home. The house was lit up by the TV being on and there to my surprise my mother was passed out on the couch like always but she was stark naked. She l… Leer más

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A New Taste Part 4

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The next morning I awoke early and immediately thought of Harrison. We had exchanged numbers in the rather awkward hour after our intimate exploration and I texted him before getting out of bed. He replied saying that in 48 hours his parents would return. I must come over and I could in his words ‘Suck him all day’. I showered and headed over. I was there by 8.30 am. He opened the door in his bathrobe and as soon as the door closed he parted the gown to exhibit his erect cock. I immediately knelt and pushed him back against the door. It was sucked to the root within 20 seconds of crossing th… Leer más

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My Wife's Charity Striptease - Part 1

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“Gentlemen” I said, “I am very pleased to be able to introduce you tonight to my wife – Sue.” I pressed play on my cd-player and slow, erotic music began to play. There was a round of gentle applause from my five buddies who were sat around my living room. The air of anticipation that had been growing for the last half hour was reaching a crescendo – I don’t think anyone there, myself included, really believed that what was about to happen would actually take place. The door opened slowly and Sue entered. All eyes were on her. She was dressed entirely in black: high stilettos, long black skir… Leer más

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The Diary of An Older Man II: Part II of II

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I leaned forward and slid my right hand under her shirt and onto her stomach, gently tracing my fingers around her belly button in circular motions, as my right hand undid the top button of her shorts, as I slowly unzipped them. I then, continued to use my fingers to stroke her stomach as I slowly eased them under her tiny white cotton panties. The back of my left hand than lifted the material upwards, as my right hand moved further down until I was cupping her little bald honeypot in my hand. I was aware that I shouldn't rush myself, or eles she would take fright, and flight, as I definitely… Leer más

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Negotiations, part four

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............................. The next day I found a written note in my wallet. Chris and a phone number Carl and a phone number Jones and a phone number I remebmerd the fourth term.....meet them alone and tell them about my wife....her wishes....my wishes...... After some thinking I decided to meet them together and I arranged for a meeting the coming weekend. On friday I told my wife I was going out, hanging out with some friends. She got happy for a "home alone evening" and told me to have a great time. I went to the agreed bar and met the guys. We had a good time, lots of fun. In betwe… Leer más

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Sharing my Fleshlight

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Last year, I visited a friends house, we usually communicate via social media, whilst gaming or on the phone but once in a while we meet up to hang out in person. He offered to let me sleep over one weekend and told me I could use the guest bedroom as I see fit (I.e. if I need to nut I could when I wanted - which I did). That weekend I happened to have taken my Fleshlight with me as I was single, just bought it and masturbation wasn't working for me at time. The morning of the 2nd day at his sleep over, he noticed my gold coloured Fleshlight on the floor near the bed. He didn't make comment on… Leer más

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My fantasy for my hot wife

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My wife is a nurse and sometimes has to travel to areas where hurricanes and national disasters happen. Well this is a story that I have dreamed up of one of these trips. She left on s Monday to the hurricane area in Florida. The hospital had made arrangements to stay in a nice hotel and she was to only be there for 2 weeks. It was great money. I had told her about my fantasy of seeing her with a big black stud but she was hesitant. We had many hot nights using pillow talk especially when she was a little tipsy. Well she arrived there kinda late and tried to check in to the room. The hotel h… Leer más

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I'd always wanted to fuck Kate. She'd turned 20 and was already making noise about moving away from home when I almost got the chance. This was years ago now, and here's how it happened. So Kate was still at home, as I've said, but she hated it. Her parents had started fighting recently since her step-dad's business had gone bust. Not his fault, it was just a sign of the times, with the local economy taking a blow. Anyway, it made things tough for everyone. This was in the days before I'd become a security guard, back when I was still living further north, up in the mountains. It'd been a min… Leer más

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First time

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It was 10.40 on a Friday night and I was with a few mates. We'd done been to half a dozen pubs in town, all of which were either empty, played bad music or had a lack of decent looking women. Some inspiration was required. 'What about the Foresters?' Suggested Dan. 'No,' I replied, 'it's always full of fat birds.' Dan's eyes lit up. 'Oh yeah I forgot you like them on the large side don't you?' 'Nothing wrong with that.' 'Foresters it is then.' Watching Dan try to chat some bird up always provided good entertainment. About ten minutes later we were inside The Foresters. Now call it fate… Leer más

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The Diary of An Older Man II: Part I of II

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Saturday September 15, 2018 Dear Diary It was mid September and I was walking the local path in the woods. It was a warm day and what a day it was. My dog Ghost was with me, and as dogs do, he was running around, sometimes behind and sometimes in front of me. I had walked for some time now and I was looking for the little cave down by the river for some shade and to rest awhile. As I situated myself under the shaded nook, I whistled and heard Ghost barking but he never ran back to me so I whistled again and this time I realized that the bark came from above. I decided to climb the top of t… Leer más

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Ex GF gets Even Gay

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I dated Denise for about a year. She was four years older than I was. She didn't have the perfect body, but was still hot. She was about 5'2", 130lbs., 36D breasts, curly blond hair and sexy brown eyes. She used to tell me, I was lucky anyone would stay with a guy who was a premature ejaculator. I should have listened to her, because she was in love with me. I broke up with her to go out with a younger and 'I thought' hotter girl, named Nikki. The new girl dumped me after a month and by then Denise had some fuck buddies, including a friend of mine, named Joe. I begged her to take me back but s… Leer más

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My GF takes me to a BI Gay Party

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Now that Melissa and I had really gotten into scenes where we'd add a stud or a couple of studs to our mixes, and where much of what went on in those scenes turned out to be scorching sex between me and the studs, at Melissa's eager urging -- she at times just watching, sometimes joining -- we were both now game for even more, ever wilder, freakier, raunchier scenes. Melissa had heard about a party, a big orgy where the focus would be on sex between the men, and where the studs would be a mix of gay and bi guys, some of the bi men there with women, as I'd be there with Melissa. The orgy was… Leer más

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Picard Show Concept Idea "Star Trek Galaxy&qu

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Recently I watched my favorite movie reviewer upload about what he think the new Picard Show should be about. Alot of his ideas where almost exactly like the once I thought about. Some differences here and there. So i figured I'd write it down. Don't really have a place other than here to write it so I might as well do it here. Just to get it down. First off this is not a script really just a concept. Some dialog. Some quick jumps, some long lingering scenes that stick in my head. I’m just free writing this in one go. There WILL be some mistakes. Be warned this will be tough. Picard is on… Leer más

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iam a white sissy

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I knew it was wrong yet i coudnt stop after trying it once she was out again dinning with some of her friend it took me only 10min to be back in my room putting a condom on my mom toy a nice 7 inc realistick pink cock with 10 vibration mode i knew how wrong it was, yet coudnt stop wanting to feel it in me feeling so horny walking to my room my mom toy and one of her lacy panty in my hand the feeling of my mom smooth frilly panty only made me want to be sucking and fucking on her toy more starting some porn on my pc screen teasing myself by sucking the toy until i wanted to be like the… Leer más

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Bettina and the Picture Book

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These are excerpts from my novella, The Pohlheim Chronicles. E mail me at camel.jockey1@yandex.com for the complete story. . 1...... The Baron was turning the page of the big book and as he did so his hand delved further, pushing her silk panties down to her thighs, his fingers moving closer to her secret place. The feeling that was circulating around her lower torso suddenly flared and filled that private place of hers with heat. She closed her eyes again as the rest of the world seemed to fade away, leaving just her and the Baron's fingers. Suddenly those fingers did something… Leer más

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Wife Trades my Ass for Rent Gay

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My wife and I had fallen behind on the rent and she was getting very stressed out about the possibility that we'd be evicted. I was trying to catch up and had taken a second job to try to make ends meet, but we weren't making a lot of progress. As a last ditch effort, Susan went to see our landlord, Mr. Reno to see if we could stay another month and try to catch up. As she came back to our apartment I noticed a strange look on her face, it didn't seem like she had good news, so I braced for the worst. "So, what did he say? I asked, assuming he had told her we had to be out at the end of the… Leer más

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Being A Fuck Buddy

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So, back to the past my friends, with my virginity lost and having had sex twice with Karen. I then had three sexual encounters in the span of 4 months with two different women. After never having fucked a girl until my late teens, the world had changed for me. My next fuck buddy was Fran, a high school friend. It happened two times due to drunken house party antics. We did it in a bathtub while the rest of our friends were in the living room doing whatever it was they were doing. I had bruises on my knees and her ass was black and blue as well. I don’t remember too much about the specifics. I… Leer más

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Summer Vacation Chapter 3.

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This is a true story that happened during the summer of '79. July 11th. 11:04 pm. Fifty six minutes until my birthday. I'm sitting on my bed waiting for my clock to hit 12:00. The house was quiet. Mom and dad were fast asleep in their room, Liz asleep in hers. I got up, now sitting on the radiator, looking out my window, taking in the night air. I was waiting for the world to break the calm shouting 'Happy birthday' to me. Instead, all I heard was a series of sirens from firetrucks racing to some emergency in the the next city over the river. I heard my door open just enough to see a head pop… Leer más

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Stepping into his chambers, he closed the door and set his gladiator helmet on a nearby cushion. Taking off his sandals, he crossed the hallway into the bedroom, stopping as he saw a woman standing in front of the bed. "They told me I had a present waiting. What's your name?" he asked. Her reply was soft, and she did not look up. She wore only a bronze link bikini top and a matching belt that was two inches wide and positioned perfectly to cover her shaved womanhood. She stood, arms at her sides, shoulders squared to give her breasts the best posture, feet together with one knee forward and… Leer más

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Knowing from a young age.

Hombre gayPrimera vez

Ever since I was very young, for as long as I can remember, I have been attracted to cock. I have always found it beautiful, incredibly alluring and arrousing. I also have been attracted to girls also, but late at night, alone in my bed, it was sucking cock that I masturbated to. I guess I have always been very sexual and very horny. My very first experience was while spending the night at a friend’s house. We were both very young, pre teens. I waited til he was asleep, then slowly and nervously reached over and touched his dick through his pajama bottoms. An increble rush raced through me. M… Leer más

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