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An Early StartbyBebeEversJ© Acknowledgement; I want to thank Carl and Edna for the lovely pictures and kind words. I too wish we were closer. I must say that you Edna are one of the loveliest girls I've seen. Also I'll try to work your ideas into one of my stories. I've met a few swinging couples and all were sweet, kind and wonderful people. * Because of the accident I missed a year of school and was held back in high school. I had turned eighteen while I was still in twelfth grade. I was getting around fine and followed my doctor's orders closely. He said I was to walk every day come… Leer más

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A genuine story of your sexy mature at a swinger c

Sexo en grupoMadurasMirón

First let me introduce myself. I’m SwissMature, 51, from Switzerland living and travelling between London, Basel and Malaga. I love visiting swinger clubs and playing with men and women. This is my first Erotica telling about my experience in a dark room. After a hot nudity sauna and steam bath I was craving for some hot sex – pussy and cock licking. So I walked down the corridor looking into the different rooms. I was attracted by red light shining out of one of the doors. I’ve looked inside but couldn’t see anything. But what I heard made my nipples hard. I heard women moaning and aski… Leer más

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My Online Cougar

Sexo interracialMaduras

It was Fall season and I finally received a message from a online friend who wanted to meet the following evening. Our plans where to meet in the dessert at a school parking lot at 6:15pm. I waited in my jeep until 6:30pm. Feeling a little rejected, I drove off. As I drove to the stop sign, getting ready to leave, she pulls up and says 'Where you leaving"? She sparkled!! As we parked our cars side by side, she took a drink of water, and looked in the mirror at herself. When she stepped out of her car, I was surprised. She stood about 5'9-5'10 around the same height as myself. She had curly b… Leer más

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The Bentons Ch. 1byRGB© Ch. I: Not So Average Lynn Benton had always considered himself an average guy, living a normal life. Right after he graduated from high school he moved into town from the f****y farm and went to work for the local factory. Now, after all of those years as a blue collar worker, at the age of 45, he was next in line for the low-level white collar job that was opening up at the beginning of the year. Not bad for a man with no college education. Between work, taking care of his f****y, and helping his mom on the farm since his dad died, Lynn's life had settled into a c… Leer más

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cuckold submissive learning my place part 3


Cindy my wife was cuckolding me with Chris (our friend) two or three times a week. At first she tried to hide the fact that they were having sex but after awhile she knew i knew and i would do nothing to stop her. After she had me wear her panties the first time while i ate her and tongued her ass things really changed. Cindy really started taking control, first she bought female panties for me and threw away all my boxers, always making committs about my small pecker, then her committs started about how manly Chris was and how big his cock was. The verbal abuse was daily and the more she said… Leer más

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Anna Canine Problems

BDSMSexo en grupoTabú

-------- Anna: Canine Problems -------- My attractive daughter-in-law Anna came to me, very upset, very embarrassed as well. But she desperately needed my help. Her husband had been k**ding her about how hot it would be to see her having sex with a dog, and how much some women liked it. She was somewhat disgusted by the idea, even after her husband showed her a video of a woman having sex with a dog. She could see the woman in the video appeared to be really enjoying the sex, and the actual sex act didn't seem to be that much different from sex with a man. Anna admitted that yes, the… Leer más

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Hummiliation Part #2 - Wetting her pants


It was the day of the match, I knew the boys are coming over to watch the final – I knew I wanted to make it a special day for myself, the boys and in particularly for my gorgeous slave from opposite my shop. She said herself, that she likes a little humiliation and therefore I was having plans to give her exactly that. At lunch time I texted her: “get a pair of white lycra yoga pants and a short tight fitted top! I meet you at Apt. 47, South Terrace, Dublin 2 – 7.30pm SHARP! Shortly as I send the message I got her short but exact reply: “YES MASTER” I replied that she should take a t… Leer más

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My meeting with tranny milf Sandy 54 part 1


Wanna tell you about my meeting with Trannymilf Sandy 54! I met Sandy through an add in a pornographic magazine I was 23 then so she was 31 years older than me. Wanting for long to meet a much older tranny beauty I got really excited when she agreed to meet me. We met in her apartment after I rang the doorbell a beautiful woman in her midfifties with a white dress long blond hair,white nylonstockings and white high heels opened the door. Her face had a heavy-makeup I was stunned by her looks. Welcome Nellie she said I guess you would like to change? Yes I said with a trembling voice and she… Leer más

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Lost Weekend Sex Addicts

AnalSexo duroMaduras

Vinay... Iove this guy . He has all the bells and whistles a woman is looking for.. Love his cock and balls.. His face is Adonis... Love his muscle tone and deltoids... I love the way he wraps my long legs around his waist as he is fucking me.. I love the way he holds me up when we are doing sixty-nine.. Sucking his balls and shaft while he eats and blows my clit.. The dawn brings an exciting new day filled with orgasmic pleasures.. We are watched by the Venusian light and the fading moon... Enchanted lovers sucking and fucking with total abandon and the world spins… Leer más

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Sharing a bed with mum

Primera vezMadurasTabú

When my Mum, s****r and I used to visit my Aunt we would often stay for a few days. It was a good few hours drive so we would just visit now and again usually for the weekend. My Aunt had 3 rooms in her house. Her own room where she would sl**p alone, her daughters room which had bunk beds so her and my s****r would sl**p in there. That left the spare room and a double bed for me and my mum. In the winter time it was cold and not uncommon for me to cuddle into mum to keep warm. One night I woke up in the middle of the night spooning with my mum. Completely by accident my hand was between h… Leer más

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Our Fantasies vol. 3

AnalSexo en grupoMirón

Michael and Valentina were open about their fantasies and had, on several occasions, acted many of them out. One time Valentina was dressed in skimpy lingerie and a long, heavy jacket. When they found themselves alone in the dark on a c***dren's playground she undid her jacket and let it drop to the ground. Mike fucked her bent over a picnic table. Fantasies of acting/dressing slutty in public and fucking in public had been fulfilled. Valentina learned, with much practice, how to deep throat Mike's 7 inch dick; that was another fantasy fulfilled. Facial cum shot -- check. Anal -- check. Anal w… Leer más

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Peepholebycfmartinplayer© The following is a true story. _________ When our parents told us we were moving, my s****r and I were not happy. We would have to leave our schools, our own rooms, and all of our friends behind. But there was nothing we could do but pack. I was in my senior year of high school, and my s****r was a freshman, and although we didn't fight that much, we weren't exactly close. Neither of us was excited about the prospect of losing all of our friends, however, we had no choice. Our new house was larger then the old one, which was nice, and my s****r and I flippe… Leer más

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Tranny Hooker

Sexo duro

The personals ad read as follows: "Mid 30's couple looking for open minded crossdressers for kinky and unusual scenarios. We provide the costumes and a full makeover. Email for details with a picture. If we think you are a good candidate, we will reply with a phone number." Since I had no plans for the evening, I emailed the anonymous address including a photo of me and shortly after received a reply with a phone number from a woman named Jan. When I called Jan, she asked me about my experiences, specifically any crossdressing I've done and if that involved play or sex? I told her I… Leer más

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Train into town


A few years ago, one very hot summer, I caught a train to town with my wife. The carriages were the old type, where the door opens into them, and you sit side by side facing each other. My wife and I both wanted to sit by the window, so we sat facing opposite each other, and opened our papers. They were the Sunday papers – the huge kind you disappear behind. After a few stops, a man and his young daughter came in. He sat next to my wife, and she squashed in next to me. It was a hot day, and whilst he, like me, was wearing trousers and a shirt, the young girl was wearing a short skirt and light… Leer más

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Hotel pool sank


Recently I was staying at a hotel abroad and had gone for a swim while my wife slept by the pool. It was one of those long pools where you can almost swim right around the hotel. It was fairly busy and after a while, the site of all those women in bikinis was making me incredibly horny. Worried my cock would suddenly stiffen in the pool, I climbed out in a very sheltered spot where the bushes came right down to the water and decided to give myself some quick relief. With one hand I pulled my trunks clean down under my balls, letting my hard cock spring out into the sunlight. Then I lent back a… Leer más

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first time caught wanking


I first got into public wanking when I was much younger, and was playing at a friend’s house in his back garden. I don’t know where he had got to , but as I was playing I looked up to see his mother, fresh from the shower with a towel around her body, putting another towel around her hair. I was transfixed – she looked beautiful in that mom sort of way, with long dark hair and lovely huge tits. Anyway, I must have put a hand to my cock because as she turned to close the curtains she looked down, saw me, and stopped with a really shocked expression on her face. Neither of us moved, and then, pe… Leer más

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Daddy ill do it again!!!!


You and your Step Daddy live together in a apartment and I have a date tonight and you think you will be home alone. So my date shows up and we leave. This is what you have been waiting on! You watch tv and are getting bored and you start to think about watching some of your daddy's porn he has in his room! You look and why your looking you come across his sex toy collection . So you find a good movie and put it in and start to watch it. Its call Deep Throat Teens . You have never seen stuff like this b4! The girl are young and the can take a 8 inch dick ! Your getting wet between your legs a… Leer más

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wash the damn dishes!!!


Your in the kitchen washing dishes. You have a white tank top and no bra on and a little skirt on! I sneak in and an come up behind you ! I slowly move my hand up your thigh while Im kissing your neck! I get to your sweet spot and lightly brush it with my fingers! I move on up to your breast and massage them and pinch your nipples. I keep doing that till I get them really hard! Im still kissing your neck bitting it and licking your ear and sucking on it! I go back down to your pussy to see if your wet ! You are and I stick my finger in you! You moan like you want me in you! I pull my finge… Leer más

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paying to be used as a girl

FeticheHombre gayTransexuales

i's been dressing up in girls clothes since i was 11. my mom's and my 2 elder s****rs suff. they'd caught me on several occassions when i was younger, but had thought it was a phase i'd grow out of. only now it turned me on too much to ever stop Just recently i'd developed a new even more outrageous fantasy. now when i dressed i would fantasize about being used like a girl by a man....sometimes the fantasy would involve several men.this had come about ever since my mom had bought our first home computer. I'd spend hours when home alone watching tranny porn on the internet. i'd even posted p… Leer más

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How I lost my virginity to my girlfriend

Primera vezSexo duro

Hello readers this is sidhorny with another story telling you about how I lost my virginity. I was 17 at that time and had a girlfriend named Priyanka. I was 6ft tall with a perfect body with well-toned muscles and 6 pack abs. Many girls had a crush on me but I had chosen Priyanka as my girlfriend. She was smart,sexy and had large and firm DD sized tits. All the other guys seemed envious of my luck as I had bagged the hottest girl in class. We had a very passionate relationship and had already gone to third base and were ready to take the next step. We met at her house on a Monday as her mothe… Leer más

Publicado por sidhorny22 5 años atrás 1 1,169 68%