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My brother's secretary takes me hostage

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I went to see my brother in Thailand for new year. I like Thai people. They like to have fun and throw a party. We are having a great time and I can't keep my eyes of all the beautiful women. Most of them have tight bodies and perky tits. Their skinny clothes are sexy and I feel aroused all night. Before I know it, there is just a handful of us left and I end up talking to my brother's secretary joy. She's gorgeous, wearing a tank top with a nice cleavage showing off slightly bigger than average boobies. We both have been drinking. It takes away some of my normal shyness. Suddenly she sits on… Leer más

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My First Virgin

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My son's friend, Josh, was going to be spending a week with us while his parents were out of town. The Saturday Josh was to come over my husband had to run up to his parents house out of town to tend to some emergency they were having with their plumbing, and he took my daughter and son with him. They would return on Monday. Josh showed up and after some chatting he went out to mow the lawn for me. Josh is a good k** and I have known him since he was little. He was excited about getting his drivers license ina couple of months. There has always been sexual tension between Josh and I. We… Leer más

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Blowing Off Steam pt. 1

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I just knew I had to get Abby out of the house. The rain hadn’t let up in over a week, making us both go stir crazy. Having seen a flyer on the bulletin board on campus, I decided to take Abby to the new up and coming bar in the area. After taking Sasha, my Siberian Husky, out for a quick walk, I knocked on Abby's door and called out, “Abby, we need to get out of here for a while and I know just the place.” Getting no answer from Abby, she opened the door to find Abby sitting on her bed listening to her iPod and reading a book. After a few minutes, Abby realized that I was standing in he… Leer más

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Lucy a story of Submission


Lucy's eye's flickered open, her brain booted up bringing her back to where she was and what had happened. She was laying on her back on the bed with her legs raised up and over her head, a cord was tied to her ankles and tethered to the corners of the top of the head-board of the bed. Her wrists were also tied with a cord and her arms outstretched were tethered to the sides of the bed. She felt a draft of cold air run across her wet pussy accentuating the tingles coming from there which were running up and down her body. The cog-wheels in her brain were searching for answers . . . . orgas… Leer más

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Sissy services her football player part 2


While my man was playing football, (never understood the fasination with kicking a ball about), I changed into my schoolgirl uniform. My 'Special' white satin panties with a lace frill. Why special? well they have a little lacy hole at the back for the pleasure of my man! Sheer satin hold up stockings, white knee socks with a heart pattern, sooooo cute! Black patent mary Janes and to finish off, a Japanese sailor top and blue pleated skirt. Once dressed i would feel so good, prancing about in front of the mirror, waiting for my man to return. I would feel my sissy cock hardning against the sa… Leer más

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Theatrical ....8

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Theatrical…….8 Anna was building rapidly as she whimpered with the onslaught of cock inside her, I moved along the side of her and felt under her, taking the weight of her swinging breast in my hand and squeezing it, I had never groped a woman’s tits before but today, so many rules were being broken, so many taboos were being displaced, the waiter grunted and folded over Anna, she moaned as she felt the hot surge of spunk being squirted up her arse, she collapsed on my friend, he looked down at her and stroked her hair, she laid on his chest, her huge tits flattened against him, he looked a… Leer más

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An 18 year old and his baseball coach. Part 11

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It was unusual for Coach H to ask me to come over to his house on a particular Saturday evening. I thought we were going to watch the video of the two of us having sex. Since I had no conflicts I agreed to come over. I got to Coach H’s house at 6:30 pm. There were several cars in his driveway. I immediately thought that Coach H and I were not going to be having sex. I knocked on the door and Coach H answered. He led me into the living room. In the room were 3 other men. They were watching the video Coach H and I made. “Ah the guest of honor” one of them said. Another man said “So th… Leer más

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staying a night at my friends house part 2

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i woke up naked my pussy feeling good i saw india sleeping next to me her tits were out i played with them so long then i put on my pjs and went downstairs to watch t v for a while then 10 mins later india came downstairs to open the door it was her friend niseeshia i saw her 4 weeks ago she said hi jen i started to know her then we chatted in the afternoon i was about to go in the basement to chill then india and niseeshia said they have to get something from her room i said ok they went upstairs to get something from her room. like about 7 mins later i wondered what taking them so long i wen… Leer más

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The Holiday


............... I want you so much” “Well you can have me if you can catch me,” she answered running towards the gate of the complex. He followed her and overtaking used his key to unlock it. She pushed passed him as he had difficulty removing the key and ran on, passed the outdoor and indoor pools and on towards their apartment block. He tried to catch up with her but she beat him up the steps to the door of the apartment. There she had to wait as he climbed the steps and then caught up with her. “Now I’ve got you, “ he laughed grabbing at her bottom as she squirmed away from him. He undid t… Leer más

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So you know women...

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I was in another state in an extended stay motel for spring break. The girls were hot and the guys were hotter, I did not know which way I would go on this trip. I had noticed two females that seemed to be daughter and mother, they would come in early morn and stay in their room. The young girl was close to my age and very light skinned, the one I thought was her mother was some what darker and had a heavier build. One morning I was returning from an all night party and was just a little bit drunk. I saw them as they pulled in and the elder of the two ran from the car saying someth… Leer más

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A mothers mistake 15


Chapter 15 Chris was silent as he pulled out of the parking lot of the doctor's office. He couldn't believe his mother had shared their secret so readily. On one hand he understood that she needed someone to confide in. However, on the other, it was taking an incredible risk. "I had to tell her Chris," Allison said. "I know. I guess it's a guy thing. We like to keep things to ourselves... work them out on our own. I guess it was for the best. "She can help. I probably shouldn't tell you this, but she is living with her brother." Chris shrugged his shoulders and said, "So w… Leer más

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Unexpected Morning


Unexpected Morning When looked upon her eyes shined as if to radiate the passion for life which lay within. Eva stood in the cool morning air, her flesh tingling after the cold water of the lake. Every morning she took delight in the peace this sheltered lake gave her before the day really began. It made her feel centered and had the effect of purifying her of any worries she might have of what the day held in store. But as she stood there naked letting the suns spring rays dance on her body she was startled by a rustle coming from the trees! "Well it is not everyday I am lucky enou… Leer más

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Thrillseeker432 Took Off Work To Stroke His Cock


Repost of a story I wrote for my good friend [user]Lateshay http://xhamster.com/user/Lateshay[/user] a lady whose tits have literally launched a thousand cumshots. I told you I was taking off from work so I could spend the day stroking my cock for you. I started out the day with morning wood, I know it was only from having to piss, but a boner is a boner after all. As soon as I took care of emptying my bladder and having some herbal refreshment, I went right to work on my stiff member, massaging my massive erection as I made a beeline to my computer. I throbbed with anticipation as I… Leer más

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Incall on a Cold Winter Sunday


Marcie called Sunday around 1 pm saying she was lonely and horny. I had nothing better to do so I drove right over. Marcie answered the door in a loose hanging, bright red shift made of very fine silk. It hung down to her thighs, but it was easy to tell she was wearing no underwear. She gave me a hug and kiss on the neck and I took the liberty of reaching under her shift to grope her bare ass. She giggled as she pushed me away and led me through her back entryway into her kitchen. She immediately started talking 100 miles an hour about her plans for a redecoration and what robbers local con… Leer más

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Lonely Vacation

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Lonely Vacation Coming up from the pool you slip out of your bikini, admire your smooth hard body in the mirror before stepping into the shower...... Feeling the force of the water against your body you are about to start washing when the door opens....... She presses her body against you and you feel her nipples harden.....her freshly shaven lips press against the taught skin of your perfect butt..... Her hands move smoothly, cleaning every part of your incredible body..... Sliding her hands between your legs you gasp and try to turn but she pushes you back...."I am washing you!" s… Leer más

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My Wife and the Glory Hole


My wife Sara and I were out celebrating our f******nth anniversary. She was 36 at the time and I 37. We had no set plans and decided to begin with dinner at a nice restaurant. We finished both our dinner and the pitcher of margaritas we ordered. Upon leaving decided that neither of us should be driving. Instead we decided to walk around the city. Several blocks away, we came across an adult arcade/bookstore and I k**ded her about going inside. She had never been in one and was curious to see what it was like. Who was I to stop her? The store was rather crowded with about a dozen m… Leer más

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Being a single mum can be so much fun

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I have been a single mum since my husband left me and our son 10 years ago, my son is now 16 and we just moved to a new town for my job, im 32 and work as a personal trainer working in top end hotels and sports clubs so I keep myself in very good shape. My son had made friends with the neighbours they are very nice couple and their son is the same age as mine so they got on right away, playing the same games and movies and he asked if he could stay for tea I was having a quite night in so it sounded good to me. They took their pizza to my sons room so they could carry on playing the comp… Leer más

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I let her try a BBC now she can't stop

Primera vezSexo interracialTabú

Sexy in Seattle. It was about end of November 2010 when I allowed her the first opportunity to have a taste of her first BBC. She hooked up with a Craigslist encounter and I was able to be in the room and record their sex. As excited as she was she was very nervous. She downed a couple of drinks and pretty soon he was there at the hotel room door. He came in and he was shorter than expected but had a very nice hard body and after a few drinks and some short conversation they began to kiss and touch each other. Pretty soon off came the clothes. My wife was so excited to lay her eyes on her firs… Leer más

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Hombre gayMadurasTabú

Jeremy and I have been friends since elementary school. We were both frequent targets for bullies so it seemed natural that we'd become friends. He was a shy, skinny k** with sandy blond hair that fell around his shoulders and he never spoke about girls. I was too naive and inexperienced at the time to see that Jeremy was in fact gay. But this secret would be revealed during a sleepover at his house. Jeremy had an older sister named Alice who was quite cruel to him at times and frequently called him "fag" or "queer". I thought she was just being mean and dismissed the taunts. Once we snuck… Leer más

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My Wife and the Glory Hole


My wife Sara and I were out celebrating our f******nth anniversary. She was 36 at the time and I 37. We had no set plans and decided to begin with dinner at a nice restaurant. We finished both our dinner and the pitcher of margaritas we ordered. Upon leaving decided that neither of us should be driving. Instead we decided to walk around the city. Several blocks away, we came across an adult arcade/bookstore and I k**ded her about going inside. She had never been in one and was curious to see what it was like. Who was I to stop her? The store was rather crowded with about a dozen m… Leer más

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