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stepdaddy Bill watches me with Uncle

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I couldn't wring my wrists from his big hands, his fingers were clamped so tightly around my wrists. I pretended to fight a bit because I know how my struggling turns him on. It had become one of the several games we play when Mom wasn't around. This game made him cum the fastest. Me saying no and pushing him off me made his cock rock solid. The more I struggled the harder he pushed and fucked me and the faster came, my struggle would send him over the edge. But tonight I could tell he was determined to tease me and not loose control until he was good and ready. He had my arms pinned behind… Leer más

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My Blonde Goddess

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I've heard it said that people come into our lives for a reason. Some of these people come for just a short time maybe for just a moment or a day, and others may come for a life time. But they all come into our lives for a reason, and it's true. Heidi came into my life for almost a year. She needed me and I needed her. I had been going steady with a girl in high school, and I had to stop seeing her. That left me with an aching hole in my soul that wouldn't go away. Heidi, had been taken advantaged of, used, and thrown away like yesterdays garbage. She was tall, blond, and beautif… Leer más

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Camping on the Tennessee River

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All characters are 18 years of age or over. * I've had a "thing" for the girl next door for as long as I can remember. Ever since Elise and her family moved in next door I thought she was the prettiest girl I'd ever seen. She's also the sweetest, funniest, smartest, and the sexiest girl I've ever known. We've always been best friends and only recently has that friendship grown into something more. From my perspective, it's like I've been given the greatest gift I could possibly imagine. I've got the girl of my dreams, and she's got me. Elise and I have been "dating" since the start o… Leer más

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Tribute To Jay part 2


It's a beautiful night, the patio is perfect. The lighting romantic, the pool light shadowing the backyard and the music of the waterfall adding to the ambiance. I sit at the table naked and watch and yes fidget, squeezing my thighs together as you expertly grill the steaks. I had previously set the table, the candles and wine glasses positioned perfectly. You pull the salad and the acoutrements out of the fridge, the baked potatoes from the warming oven. You chose now to pamper and spoil me after the exquisite torment you have put me through for the last hour. You keep glancin… Leer más

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Laura, Her sister, and Friends

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I have been dating Laura for a year now, and things have been going great. At 25, she's a full 15 years younger than me, but we get along fine. We usually have sex at my apartment, since even though she's a buyer for a major NYC firm, she still lives at home with her mom and younger sister Michele. This weekend though, with her mom out of town, I was going to spend the night at her house for the first time, which meant, aside from the fact that I was going to spend the weekend banging my gorgeous girlfriend, also meant I would get a chance to watch Michele bounce around the house in next to… Leer más

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Seeking My Dream Cock

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VGL, manly, and mature (49yo), bi-wmm. Seeking my dream cock (see story below) for oral pleasure, oral worship and wet'n sloppy adventures. I finally found my dream cock on CL. I posted as a mature, and experienced cocksucker offering my oral talents to any horny gentleman who might be interested. You see sometimes I truly crave cock and enjoy nothing more than sucking and servicing a nice one. I do so love to please and get a guy off with my mouth (I like to eat ass too). My reward has always been a mouthful of cum and maybe a post orgasm compliment (get excited hearing that I did a good j… Leer más

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Single mom just move down the street.

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Helped her move in the little house. Single mom about 19 and her little girl. Her mom and dad put her out and paid her rent. religious people feeling her pregnant did not look good at the church. I stopped by and talked with her. She had NO friends and family came by rarely. She was alone with her baby to talk with. Walking between her house and the neighbors I hear her moaning. In her widow I see her back arched up and finger working the clit out. She has an orgasm and lays down. Get some oil on the hand and finger gets working. Hell this is hot and enjoyable for me.… Leer más

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Annie getting done in the forest

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This is a true story, although it happened quite a while ago. The summer my twin sister Annie and I turned eighteen and graduated from high school, our folks were worried that we had no plans or job skills. So they made us sign up for a government youth summer jobs program,clearing brush way out in the national forest to reduce the fire hazard. Usually the k**s who signed up were boys, but they didn't discriminate so Annie and I could both go. There were seven guys including me, plus Annie. All kinds of guys, hispanic and black and white and one huge Samoan k**. We had a group leader… Leer más

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uncle mike takes a turn


Uncle Mike and I were driving to the family camping reunion when he surprised me. "So Bill's been telling me some interesting stories about you..." I got nervous, not knowing what he was going to say next. Bill and I had been having sex for quite some time and every now and then Bill would mention how badly my Uncle Mike wanted me. he said that Mike was always talking about my tits and how good I must be in bed. Uncle Mike had never let on that he felt this way so half of me was wondering if Bill had made it up to turn me on. It was very effective! Thinking about any kind of sexual relations… Leer más

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My dad and I (me being like 16 an my dad 31) were going to a bar. I wasn't allowed in, so I had to stay in the car. 2 hours later they were sickened. They fully were drunk. I heard punching and screaming. "NO THAT'S MY DAUGHTER!!" I heard my dad scream. "What??" I questioned myself. I heard the car door open and 5 guys with dildos and knives came in and surrounded me. "Please don't hurt me or touch me!" I yelled. They looked at each other and then charged at me. One guy ripped off my shirt and threw it out the window. Another 2 guys reached down my pants and fingered me. They pulled me onto th… Leer más

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Gangbang in the back

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It was a chilly Saturday night and me and my boyfriend were hanging out, going to the store to buy some new reading glasses and medicine, so we walked in and straight away these 4 guys were staring at me creepily. I told Colby (my boyfriend) and he told me he would protect me... So the glasses were in the back, near by the storage room of the store. I said I was going to the bread, because we still needed some new bread. He kissed me and said he would meet me back there in 5 minutes. I walked over to the bread, and the boys approached me. I slowly backed up. "What?" I said. "Did I do somethin… Leer más

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first bisexual experience

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PART 1 I was staying the weekend over at a new friend from schools house. I had met her in my English class she took to me right away it was the beginning of the school year and School to me was a way of meeting friends and planning what party I was going to next. We was called freaks people like me that solely lived for sex, d**gs and rock n roll. I could tell right away she was a sex addicted slut like me all we ever did was talk about sex with certain boys that was in the school. She was much like me very pretty in her face with large… Leer más

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On an escapade.....Out an about . Page 2.....cont.


Istroked his thigh an slipped across his buldging crotch an before i saw what he intended he`d stuck a massive snoggin kiss full on my lips! oooow..a bit ov a shocka but i soon responded an enjoy`d a long sexy snog with him his hands were all over me,an the other guy was also feelin me up too,ooooowww my god ! i was luvin this now , with my ass against the table legs waist width apart a fella either side of me fondling an feelin me up as i wank both cocks , hmmm one starts kissin down my exposed front breast an stomach all the way to my wiggly little clitty , which he suk`d at a while as i sno… Leer más

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My girlfriend Carla and I have never been swingers but have been having sex since we were both in grade school. She and I would hide out in my daddy's back yard shed and play with each other all afternoon. As we got older, we experimented more and more and she was the first girl I kissed, the first pussy I ate and the first asshole I licked. We grew up a little and were both seniors in high school when we went to a party at a friends house. There were dozens of other people there and things were going pretty good but as the night wore on and the crown began to th… Leer más

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perfect little pet at the picnic


Our BDSM group had their annual picnic last Saturday. My Master had a very special suprise in store. It started out as most picnics do. I made a nice jello salad, helped set up the tables while Sir William helped set up the equipment and stations. I ralked casually with the others, and was grateful they were a group of normal people with a kinky side. My Master smiled at me as he placed my pink collar and wrist restraints on me.. I still had my jeanshorts and campshirt on. We ate, then my Master brought me into the clubhouse. One of the submissives made beautiful leather floggers, and my M… Leer más

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Cuckold Story: My real story with a bi male and hi

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HI. This is the first time I'm writing a story on a site. So far I had sex with many guys from my c***dhood. I always have confusion about my orientation whether I'm a gay or not. Then I was 26 years old. As usual one day I was chatting with a matured guy in gay site (www.planetromeo.com). He is a 38, married and from north working in Chennai. He is staying with his wife and two c***dren in Chennai. He told me that he is a bi. And we chatted for a few days and exchanged our numbers and were waiting to get a place for fun. One day, he called me and said his wife going out and will be b… Leer más

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On the road in the Philippines

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This is a story for a girl I fell in love with in the Philippines taken from our online chat after I got back home to my own place.. It’s written like I’m telling her what I’d like to do with her when we see each other again.. I'd imagine I pulled up to your house in the car I'd rented, a pick-up truck with two seats and a big open space in the back. I'd be wearing loose shorts and a t-shirt and as we had agreed you are in skirt and a sexy top showing off your boobs in the most sexy way, and sunglasses of course.. We have agreed to drive far away, just you and me for the weekend, maybe the… Leer más

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bound by request (short story)


I suppose I was being a little bit whiny. But it had been so long since I'd had any attentions I just couldn't help myself. John had been working so hard lately, he'd almost forgotten I existed, or so it seemed to me. When even my sexiest lace teddy failed to get him interested, I was driven to desperate measures. Some girls might think it's strange that I will actually beg to be tied and whipped, but if I go without it too long I start to pout, and John hates that. As always, I ended up getting more than I bargained for. Clearly stung by my accusing him of neglecting me, he made it plain th… Leer más

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THE BUSINESS TRIP, part TWO PART TWO Like a gentlemen, Jack opened the door and led me into my suite. “I took the liberty and asked Angel to help you,” said Jack. Now I knew why Jack was known as “the prick” in the office. He had a sixth sense about him and knew how to order people without the people knowing that they were his pawns. I could play the same game and decided to go along. I looked at Angel, and she was stunning. She was dressed in a stereotypical French Maid’s outfit. It was a tight, shear black bodice. A micro-mini skirt, that billowed out with layer of fluffy white pettico… Leer más

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THE BUSINESS TRIP, part ONE PART ONE Leaving Chicago for St.Marteen in mid-winter is not a hardship. O’Hare was full as I walked briskly in my full-length sable coat to board my flight to the sunny Caribbean. This was my reward for entering my company’s 200percent club. Those who achieved 100% of their sales quota had few days off, but the true winners got a special treat. I was going to a gathering of the besters of the best. We would have a minimum of official meetings to satisfy the IRS and the rest was for our fun. Under my coat I wore a smart blue business suit with a skirt that had… Leer más

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