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While He Was Away... (A Sexy Massage Story)

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My boyfriend Stefan was away for the weekend and I was literally climbing the walls. I couldn't divert myself with any activity other than watching porn videos, which only served to drive my horniness into overload. I was stroking myself to one of my favorite compilation videos before a knock came at the door. It was a neighbor and friend of Stefan's who lived down the hall named Jake. Jake was asking me if Stefan was around and my horny brain tuned out much of what he said, as I surveyed his hot body. At that moment, I had the ingenious idea to fake a bake spasm; "Oh, my fucking back aga… Leer más

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Out walking

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I was bored sitting at home waiting for the wife to ring for a lift, so I went for a walk in a park near to where I live, it's a massive park and used commonly by people walking their dogs, I sat down on a park bench to have a drink and a cigarette, the bench was engulfed in trees, it was a beautiful place to be, listening to the wildlife making their own noises. Suddenly out of what appeared to be nowhere an older lady walked towards me, she sat at the same bench and we struck up a conversation about how beautiful the park was. We talked for a while and I asked her name, "Lucy" she replied… Leer más

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Wife Takes a Lover, Hubby gets nothing

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Patty has a New Friend Hubby gets no Sex Not even a Ball Job Patty tells Jimmy she met a guy at work and has been fucking him. Jimmy has not fucked Patty in almost a month. She told Jimmy his little dick never makes her cum, but her new boyfriend makes her cum over and over. She wants Jimmy to meet her boyfriend so they can all be friends; Jimmy is turned on at the idea. He always wanted Patty to cuckold him. So he is getting what he wants. And Patty is getting what she needs a big dick. Patty told Jimmy he could take a blue pill and he will get to fuck her when they get home toni… Leer más

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جلنار جردلي Jilnar Jardaly's a Filthy Whore

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Howdy, people! My name's Big Benny, I'm 21 and from New York but I'm working here at Television Dubai and there's no fucking way I'd work anywhere else! Why? Because I work directly under that sexy slutلنار جردلي Jilnar Jardaly and you guys would not believe how horny, depraved and perverted she is! She's a oversexed, kinky. nymphomaniac who loves her extreme, hard and rough sex. The day I started I was only there for the first hour when I already found out how much of a horny whore she is. I was told by her secretary that she wanted me in her office immediately! As I walked toward… Leer más

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Threesome with my Nephew & his mate

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At 19 Calum is my oldest nephew and although my b*****r is not his biological dad, he has brought him up as his own since he met his mum when he was just a k**. With him living some distance away, It had been a couple of years since I last saw him, so at this f****y get together at my b*****rs I was shocked at how much he had changed, mixed race & 6ft 2in he had been seriously hitting the gym and was ripped to fuck. All evening I was having a load of banter with Calum,his girlfriend Lauren & mate Richie, who was 18 yrs old about 6ft & with a shaven head, although he was not as muscular as Calu… Leer más

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OHGirl & Velvet: Milf's Forever

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OHGirl: Mikey was sound asl**p when I returned to our room, so I slipped into the shower and washed away the cum and sweat from the fucking I had just received from my daughter’s boyfriend. I brushed my teeth and removed all traces that I had broken my vow to quit smoking and then I slid into bed with the man I loved. I wrapped my arms around him and his head moved over to kiss my lips. I loved him so much and if the babies didn’t wake us up first, I would wake him in the morning with my lips wrapped around his hard cock. The thought almost kept me awake, but I was spent from having both of… Leer más

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Birthday Whore

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I would never forget the time I finally got my dick in some ass and pussy for the very first time. My good buddies at a private white boarding school arranged this huge surprise party for my nineteenth birthday party. We all met at a stripclub about five miles from the school-which was totally off-limits to us- and had a whole lot of alcohol, beer, champagne & cheap wines. I was getting pretty tore up when my roommate , Hank, told me it is time to cut the cake. I stood up at the head of the table and looked around for a cake, but I didn't see anything. Then , across the room the doors came fly… Leer más

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Rachel frigging in the shower


We were at Rachel’s and it was a lazy Sunday morning. We’d kissed and messed around for a while, a rub of my cock, a tweak of her nipple and then she sat up. “Would you like to know one of the places that I really look to frig myself?” she asked me, smiling slyly. “In your pussy?” I asked. “Funny guy,” she said. “I love to do it in the shower. Do you want me to show you?” There were a lot of things to love about Rachel and her ability to be completely free sexually was definitely one of them. I’d watched her wank before, I’d never seen her get off in the shower though!… Leer más

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Friend's Pretty Mother (Part 2)

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Mrs. Bobbie Wilson, the former Bobbie Thompson, was now at the age of 28 and the wife of a successful politician. Married now for four years to State Representative Brian Wilson, it seemed that her only problem was to win the affection of her stepson, John. When she had married Brian, a man twenty years her senior, she knew of the challenge ahead with a stepson to care for. With Brian and his former wife having joint custody, Bobbie knew it would be that much more difficult. However, her love for Brian made her determined to succeed. When she and Brian had married, John was at the age of eight… Leer más

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introduction to adult porno theatres

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Cruising the porno stores.... At 43 years old, divorced with a bisexual fantasies, I was crusiing through an older porno store in a Southern City a few years ago.... I entered a both through a light maze .... and throwing lots of tokens thru the slots began to flip through the 12 or so different porno movies, including men , women anal transexual, and somehow landed on a gay movie showing an older white man bent over a low bed on all fours, with a 30 yr old black dude sporting a 10~ thick cock , rock hard and as the action started he was slowly rubbing that big dick up… Leer más

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Photo shoot, Mum becomes a slut. (Part two).

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Part Two. Click, click, click. “Ok Mum, now look back over your shoulder at me, and lean slightly forward,” Jack called. I did as my son asked, looking back directly into the lens of his camera. I leant forward, just a little. Click, click, click. “That’s great, now move your legs further apart, so you knickers are stretched tight between your ankles.” I did as my son had told me. I was naked, my last remaining item of clothing stretched between my ankles, my legs apart, my cunt visible from behind. Behind where my eighteen year old son photographed me. I knew I shouldn’t be doing thi… Leer más

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The Test

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“Come on, it will be fun” my wife said. She was suggesting we go down to the local club where one of our friends was hanging out on a Saturday night. It was already 10 pm – a time where, sad to say , at age 59 I was already thinking about going to sl**p. But one thing I like about Sue is that she is spontaneous, so before you know it I agreed. Of course it took some time for her to pick out her outfit – a short black dress that showed off her wonderful legs. Even though she is 54 years old she still has a wonderful body – long, tanned fit legs and a firm ass. Looking at her in that dress… Leer más

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The old buck. The real story.

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My dad is one of the richest men in Russia, so called tycoon. We live in a big mansion near a small Ural town. Dad has joint business with Dmitry Vasilyevich, 62 years old bald fat man with a big belly and large height. He has a wife and three c***dren. His youngest daughter Olesya is of my age. She hates me because of some trifles. Dmitry Vasilyevich often visits our house because of the business. I am not afraid to be immodest, but I should say that I am a very attractive sexy blonde girl with large blue eyes, thin waist and pretty big breasts. My legs are long and beautiful too, and o… Leer más

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Friend's Pretty Mother

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Mrs. Natalie Stevens pondered the drastic change in her life that had first started just over a year ago. Now things were even more complicated and there just didn't seem to be a way out. If she wanted to preserve her marriage to her loving husband, she just had to give in to the blackmail threats being made upon her. After having welcomed her son's friends into her home over the past years, always welcoming them into her home, she just could not believe what had occurred this past week. Her mind drifted back to the weekend when Dave took Bryan on their father-son fishing trip, off to a cab… Leer más

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Her first fisting night....

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A couple of nights ago we were sitting on the sofa after a busy day. Just taking and going over what was coming up this weekend. As she was sitting talking to me I could see that her night robe had fallen so the top of her pussy was showing. We continued talking and I couldn´t look away from her pussy. Busted..... With a quick flash of her newly shaved pussy she crossed her legs and started laughing. She said that she knew I wasn´t paying attention to what she was saying. We talked for a few more minutes before I couldn´t stand it, I slid myself down on to the floor, just to the side of her… Leer más

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Cuckold's Warning

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Chapter 1 I know from what I've read on this Website, as well as many other s**ttered throughout the Internet, that thousands of men have fantasies of being cuckolded by their wives. Maybe you'll change your minds about ever trying to make that fantasy come true after you've read what happened to me. Like you, I dreamed of being a cuckold. When my wife and I were having sex, I constantly fantasized about it being another man lying atop her, his hardon ramming in and out of her pussy. Of course, I was always "f***ed" to watch the lovemaking, and then further "f***ed" to perform cleanup du… Leer más

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Prequel to Cuckold's Warning

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I've been writing XXX stories that have been posted on the Internet for many years, and of the dozens I've written, "Cuckold's Warning," which I posted here a few weeks ago, has received more reader comments than any other. One of the most-common questions I get from readers who have enjoyed that particular story usually goes something like, "Just how real is this story?" Well, as I've told those folks, "Cuckold's Warning" has a factual basis. The first two chapters are based closely on what actually happened when I cuckolded my husband for the very-first time, and in fact, what happened wh… Leer más

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Asked to fuck wife's friend

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My wife asked me to fuck her friend, Jill, she was 40 years old, 16 stone, 5' 7" and not my type at all, she wasn't very attractive at all, but as my wife had asked me, even insisting, I felt that I had to do it. I asked my wife if she would be watching, she replied she wouldn't and would stay downstairs while I shagged her. Charming I thought to myself. Jill came up this particular day, I'd been in the bath and my wife was drying me down running her hands over my cock and getting me hard, the way she always did, stopping as soon as I came erect, telling me to make sure Jill had a good time… Leer más

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I Was a Handyman


I was busy at work when I got a page for a phone call. When I answered, it was Kathleen saying, "Oh Trev, sorry to bother you at work but I need some help." I aked her what the touble was, ans she said, "My damn garage door is stuck closed, and I need to to be downtown for an appointment - can you run over and rescue me?" I laughed and told her I would take my lunch break and be there in fifteen minutes. "Oh, thank you - you are a dear," she said. I hadn't had any female contact for some time, and as I drove to Kathleen's, I couldn't help thinking about her curvy body and her full heavy b… Leer más

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Is Internet Porn DESTROYING your marriage? chapter

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Chapter 6 Al had a cab waiting for us, as we left my house. We got in the back together. He held the door. It was a long drive, about 30 minutes, through the lights of the big city. We arrived at a huge building with a door man. He let us in with a tip of his hat. I thought it was a nice touch of class. I didn’t expect all this. I hoped my food was up to par. We took an elevator to near the top floor, and got out on a hall that ran through the middle of the building, apartments on left and right. At the end I could see a crowd around an open door. We made our way through the hoard and enter… Leer más

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