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Party Wife Donna

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Donna and I have been married for 4 years, a second marriage for both of us. (She is 34 and I am 32) Donna might be classified as a willowy redhead, if it wasn't for the size of her breasts. She is 5 feet 9 inches tall with long tapered legs. But her breasts are her crowning glory at 34DD. Her ample breasts are nicely upturned yet soft and pliable. Donna turned me on from the moment I saw her. Unlike a lot of husbands I love to see my wife showoff her charms to other men. At first she was too shy to wear the type of sexy clothes that I liked, but after a lot of pleading with her during our sex… Leer más

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It has been way too long (Part 1)


We met at a neighborhood bar near her home. She had already grabbed a small table, out of the way, but knew I was the one as soon as I walked in. She was small with greying short hair. She was in jeans and a sweater and my first impression was that she was not particularly pretty. But her smile was very welcoming and she made me feel at ease. The first words from her mouth after she introduced herself as Anna were: "I don't know what made me write to your ad, but it is kind of exciting now that I am here."" Then she stated "Have you actually done this before? I stated that I had met… Leer más

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Stepdad Steve- a movie leads to mutual pleasure.

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Mom's head was lolling back, her mouth wide open as a large snore began. I giggled at the pig sounds escaped her throat and looked at my stepdad, Steve. "Well, she's out for the night." he commented. My Mom is a notortious heavy sleeper. Several minutes passed as we watched the film Eyes Wide Shut and let's be honest, no one watches that movie for anything other than the incredible sex scenes. I had watched it several times before with my Mom and Steve and Mom insisted on fast forwarding through all those 'weird scenes', as she put it while Steve and I begged her to just let it play. "At… Leer más

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I submitted to her Bull

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(wife point of view) My husband and I have lived in harmony for over 4 years, now we are doing are own thing. When he is at work I'm at home sleep, when he is at home I'm on my way out. I'm a very successful woman... really I am. I have a great job and I'm very rich. I invented a piece of tiny mechanics -- essentially a fancy carbon fiber hinge - that is used in millions and millions of mobile phones. I get to go on lecture tours and last year I went to a Buckingham Palace tea party to meet the Queen in recognition of my contribution to British industry. My name is Anna Lang. You may have h… Leer más

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I shared my wife. With a stranger from the Interne

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It all started when I posted pics of her online without her knowing. I stated that the first person from my area that recognizes her and messages me can fuck her. Little did I know how well it would play out. She eventually found out I was posting her pics and was extremely hurt. Didn't understand why I would do such a thing. I let her know my feeling of wanting to share her and see her with another guy or even guys. It took her a while to get over by betrayal. She eventually did and stared to do some things I asked her to do like go to the club with a short skirt and no panties and dance.flas… Leer más

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Bab’s First Other Man

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Bab’s First Other Man After introducing Babs to the nude beach in Australia on our honeymoon, I didn’t realize what kind of sexual appetite I aroused in her. After we got home, all she could talk about was the nude beach and how turned on she got watching all of the guys staring at her naked body. She would describe each guy and how his stares made her pussy wet. One night during our lovemaking, I started teasing her about wanting to be touched by one of those men and she had a massive orgasm at the very mention of the idea. Then when we made love she would start describing what she wou… Leer más

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Taking Pictures

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You lay there in the dark, warm and safe. Your wrists securely bound in leather cuffs and secured to the link in the wall above the bed. Your eyes are covered in a soft dark cloth. Now you hear me as I move around the room, opening drawers and laying our toys out. Feel the quick brush of my skin along yours as I brush my hand over your abdomen, making you shiver in anticipation. I reach up and pinch at your nipples sharply, making you moan softly. Biting your lip as my grip gets more firm and I twist them ever so slowly making you arch your back. Letting go suddenly, I tap your lips with… Leer más

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Friendly surprise 2


From the last story.... I awoke to my cock in a mouth...Lilly's mouth. I looked down and saw Mandy with a strap on pounding Lilly's ass, she was moaning as she sucked my dick. Mandy looks at me and says "Glad you are up now, wanna take a turn on the sissy?" I said "Sure, If you want" She pulled the 10" dildo out of Lilly's ass and tells me that she is good and lubed up and to take her hard. I grab a condom, skin it on and get behind Lilly doggy style and start pounding her ass. The Strap on was a bit thinner in girth than my cock, so she had to stretch a bit to allow me to thrust the whole… Leer más

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Russian Shemales 4: This Time, It's Personal

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Again, I am not understanding humor in the title. My translator says "go with it". Whatever. Mr. Aronoff calls in the morning, and says to meet him at the factory. We will be building set again for Friday night photography session. He is pleased with us, and says after taking out what we owe him, there is still little money we earned from last night. But he also suggests we buy some of our own clothing and cosmetics. This seems fair to us, as we cannot wear costumes when not working, and our country boy clothing is shabby. He will have Ana take us shopping later in day. He also sa… Leer más

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First time dogging in Beaconsfield woods

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Mid way through 2004, I hooked up online with a girl, via a naturist site. She was really interested in getting naked in front of loads of people, but was lacking the confidence to go for it alone. We chatted about her options for a bit and it became clear to me that she was really interested in the exhibitionist aspect, i.e. She wanted others to see her naked body, than the freedom that is often associated with a naturist lifestyle. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I offered to go with her to the nudist beach I know and often use, down at Portsmouth (Eastney actually). She p*o-p*o'd th… Leer más

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A First Time Out

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I'd always fantasized about going out to a bar or a club, dressed as a woman, and after a few drinks managed to find the courage to do so. By the end of the bottle of wine I was dressed up and ready to go, suspenders, stockings, a corset on so tight it was hard to breathe underneath a loose, knee length skirt and close fitting top. My make up was done, a touch up of lipstick after the long black wig had been smoothed down and the last of the wine polished off. I'm always told I look gorgeous when I dress up, but I'd never been out before. Before it had just been for other people in private,… Leer más

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A Flatmate's First Time

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My name is John and it all started for me the same as most CDs; I was 13 and had stumbled upon my mother's underwear draw and for some reason I decided to try on my mum's pantyhose. The feeling was divine and I was immediately hooked. Over the next few days I experimented more and more with panties, bras, shoes, clothes and make-up. Ever since then I have had several unsuccessful attempts to quit my habits. I am now a 24 year old closet CD who lives in London with my flatmate Katy. She did not know about my dressing until that one wonderful afternoon. It was a Friday afternoon and as of the… Leer más

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A Night Out

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I was at the bar one Friday night after a long, long week at work. It was one of these weeks where at the end you tell yourself you need a drink. I was still new to this town and haven't been out that much so I went to a bar near where I live in case I decided to drink myself into a stupor. I got there about 7 and went right up to the bar to order my drink. Once I got my drink I took the bar in. It was more of a club then a bar, the type that late at night would be filled with drunken idiots dancing and grinding on the dance floor. The place was only a third full but surprisingly ther… Leer más

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My Sons Mate


Sheryl was just walking in through her front door when she nearly got knocked over by her son and his mate running out into the street "watch where you're going " she scolded "sorry mum" said her son mike "sorry mrs Hulme" said simon her sons best friend "thats ok" she said "just be careful......where are you two off in such a hurry" "footie" they both said and ran off. Sheryl sighed"bringing up k**s was hard work sometimes"she thought as they ran down the street both her son and his friend were 16 year old and 6 foot now both sportie both young and fit looking " ah well on with the tea" she t… Leer más

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A Black Tranny Fantasy

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It was only when she emerged from the bedroom in a purple silk nightie that not only clung to her full breasts, but also betrayed the hint of a bulge between her legs, that I realised that it was actually going to happen: my fantasy of sleeping with a black shemale was about to come true. She paused at the bedroom door and smiled at me. 'You like what you see?' I did indeed, but my mouth was too dry for me to say anything, so I just smiled back and nodded. Sasha looked as good as in the picture I'd seen online on the escort site. Chocolate brown skin, soft, generous lips, a cute smile, b… Leer más

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A Drive in the Country

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It had been a rare hot dry day and the evening promised to be hot as well. Toni the lovely CD I have met down here in Wales arrived as arranged just before dusk in his car to collect me and take me somewhere secluded he had found for some outdoor fun. We drove about a mile before Toni pulled over and quickly removed his trousers before getting back in and driving off to the secluded place for us to play. I was pleased to see as she (Toni) slid back into the driving seat that she had on a slightly flared mini and black stockings, the top of one was just showing and was wetting my appetite.… Leer más

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Daddy Invited Me to Watch On-line Sex


'Hey Mariel, come here'! I looked up, my mind was still focused on the problem I was having with my homework, 'In a minute dad', I replied, I needed to get this shit out of the way, it was doing my head in. Dad was sitting across from me, at opposite ends of the same table, he was on my computer, the desktop he bought for me, but of late, found himself online more than I was. The sounds were unmistakeably female, and very sexual in nature, as if she was fucking or masturbating, dad was looking at me as he turned up the volume, and I stopped writing, and looked up, he had a huge grin o… Leer más

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My birthday present


My mom is 62 years old, and just becoming a widow, After my my dad funeral,me and mom smoke 420 on her bed and began talking about her marriage and my dad. Tonight after midnight is your birthday Jeff.What do you want for your birthday. Well, I already have much of everything.What do you wish for your birthday mom? I always wanted your dad to eat my pussy for my birthday,but he always promises and never did carry on his promises until he died. My friends husband eat their wife pussy, and they told me how good it was, better than fucking. That is what I wants.Your dad is gone… Leer más

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Linda's Punishment Golden Night Two


Linda sat back on top of her bed relaxing the glow of her bath. “I can’t believe this is happening,” she whispered to herself though no one was around to hear. She reached her hand down and started to touch her smoothly shaven hips and legs. “Why was this so exciting,” she wondered. “Linda, wake up, you need to get ready,” she heard her mother but she seemed distant. Suddenly Linda was jostled out of her sleep. “You need to get ready, now.” Linda looked up at her mother. Her mother who had a couple of hours ago made her body shake uncontrollably with delight. “I’m sorry,” Linda ru… Leer más

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Linda's Punishment Locked Door


Linda looked at herself in the bathroom mirror as she slowly unbuttoned her wet blouse. She could still smell the faint smell of urine as she looked at her breasts, the shirt dropping to the floor in front of her. Silently she reached down and rubbed her hands over them, sliding her fingers around her nipples. Her lips moistened as she started to pull the zipper of her skirt down. “Linda honey?” she felt her body stiffen as her father called out to her. “Linda, honey, are you okay?” She reached for a towel to cover her body. “Yes daddy, I’m fine,” she answered as she wrapped the to… Leer más

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