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The Best Way to Die?

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... -- you don't know it's hard to laugh when your diaphragm only works partly. After a candid conversation ... privacy curtain. She must have been under five feet tall, dressed in jeans and wore a pink blouse… Leer más

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General Jackson's Unlikely Legacy.

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... and gave our feet a treat. There were over ten thousand people in the park for the festival we were ... holding states of the American south and the new Republican candidate rapidly became their bête noir ... . The candidate was a previously little known politician from Kentucky. His name was Abraham Lincoln… Leer más

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Prostitute Stories: The Submissive Heroin Addict 2

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... bottles of beer “I stopped and picked some up before you came home”. She sat at my feet talking ... of the things that surprised me at the hospital was how candid she was about her heroin use and how… Leer más

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The Love Dolls Chapter 5

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... tried to struggle to her feet. Max’s hand, surprisingly strong, pulled her to standing. She smiled ... you becoming a spokesperson for our new spa.” Darcie leaped to her feet. “If you think I’m actually ... over the edge. Max rose to his feet as well. He positioned himself against her, his hard, lubricated… Leer más

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The maid

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... into the foyer. The marble floor felt cold on my bare feet and as we walked down the hall her heels made ... to Monica and said, "Trish is the best candidate we have had in a long time to have her dick and balls ... was the best candidate to immediately have the operation. As I gazed up at the flatscreen… Leer más

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... that was assigned to the job then to point him to the little tin chapel. The next candidate was reported ... and about 12 feet x 10 feet was entered from my office, Mickey parked his bike in the tunnel ... feet of earth, and basically we are now underground, between us and the world are three closed doors… Leer más

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The Klinik Chapter One

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... , accommodations, location, or in the selection of prospective candidates for ‘The Klinik’. So you can ... to place her bundle of printout data on the floor beneath Chloe’s dangling feet. “No, none. None ... it at her feet. “Wow, that was hot! Only another five minutes to VR shutdown girls, ‘better discuss… Leer más

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DP Fantasy

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... and enthusiasm when it came to sex meant she was the better candidate. "Please tell me she's coming ... and picked Jessie up by her shoulders and raised her to her feet, pulling her mouth away from Gus ... leaving one of her feet on the ground. Jessie threw both of her arms around my neck and looked down… Leer más

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Nude Beach Adventure


... juice off his balls. Then she turned around and slid back onto him facing his feet. She leaned ... but some women just topless and some men wore swim trunks. They were trying to spot a candidate ... and the third was in front of the other two and just fifteen feet from Liz and Gene. Gene squeezed Liz's… Leer más

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My neighbour and her teenage daughters (3)

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... to get to our feet and sit back at the table, sipping champagne to quench our thirsts. When we ... and a couple of deep breaths…..and then I smiled back at her. “To be candid I’ve never read a PR ... . “The defendant will stand.” Bill got slowly to his feet. “This is highly irregular, particularly… Leer más

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Lesley and Denny do a threesome.

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... as she pretended to be offended at his candid comments. I felt confident and burst out, “I’d love ... hung from the tight waist to her feet; it also went up to her chest, disappearing under a short ... for me, yet her feet remain unmoved. My fingers find her moistness instantly. As I slip my middle… Leer más

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k**napped by an Alien Chapter 1

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... about eight feet, six inches and a tall one would be over ten feet. They did not have a mouth, nose ... candidate. They had discovered her while reading Catherine Belmont’s e-mails. Her name was Susi. She… Leer más

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Three Choices from an Unsatisfied Wife

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... on the bench's seat and spread my feet far apart. I felt the cool air on my ass when Ross shoved my ... short skirt up over my hips. With my feet spread wide apart, there was no way he could get my ... . We need to be going. Everyone is leaving," my husband called loudly, not 20 feet from where Ross… Leer más

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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Theater Sex

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... off and pull your feet free, one at a time!” Then I proceeded to get an eyeful of her furry crotch ... a couple of likely looking candidates to take home.” “No?” she murmured, disappointed, “I thought ... you’re making this offer, got any candidates in mind?” I could see his mind working as he scanned… Leer más

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Sally becomes a porn star by accident

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... seem well versed in the laws and you seem to have access to some very candid photos?" she asked ... tried to take in Karen's candidness and what she had said, for David laughed at her demeanour. "Have ... pulled slowly away running his hands all the way down her sides and legs to her feet where he lifted… Leer más

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Cuckold Impregnation

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... wasn't the only man in the room. A few feet away stood Jack, a twenty-five-year-old ... to approve the man first. We can ask the sperm bank to give us a list of suitable candidates ... and were shown profiles on a number of candidates - physical descriptions, medical reports… Leer más

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Friends and Neighbours

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... candidates for shovelling this lot to the newly dug ground. Bob being of no use whatsoever due to his leg ... on the bed while she straddles his head. Facing his feet she lowers her pussy to his mouth. Instructing… Leer más

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The Wonderfully Naughty Wizard of Oz (Ch9/P3)

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... by her own free will. All others candidates refused to be married to my lord. Lady Talika stepped up ... yours my Lady." She placed her feet up on the stone throne and position over his cock. He held… Leer más

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The Photo Shoot (Continued)


... tried to control me. The best thing to do would be just to be candid with her and let her know how I ... had a strange suspicion whatever Natasha was late for, I just became a candidate. "Oh, just ... scanned her beautiful body - stopping for a moment to stare at her pussy. Her feet were apart and I… Leer más

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Wife goes to collect pictures, ends up in a sexy p

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... . It circled my feet the next second. Immediately, I felt relieved as the cool air brushed ... hands to adjust the pallu when he said the now expected ˜so be it madam, here is the candidate shot ... closer to my feet I had a feeling that he is prying for an upshot view of my thigh. I looked away from… Leer más

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