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Fido Drinks (Or: Piss Bowl)

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Disclaimer: Sometimes when I am very busy, I write and then send, without proofreading or editing. It is more important to me to get this out, to entertain my readers, than to wait and wait until I can present something in a more perfect state. Better an imperfect now than a more refined never. Enjoy! ~Endowed Goddess

My submissive “2” @hers2use4all arrived on schedule. I hadn’t seen him in weeks and I was very excited because of my (sex/play) partners, he is the one who provides me the easiest, low-maintenance, best oral service. he just shows up, does what I like, then leaves. Heaven!
he enters the hotel room and goes to his corner, removes all of his clothing, and kneels.
I sat on the edge of the bed, wearing a tight black bra and a black lace half-slip with fuschia lace panties underneath.
I had gone into one of the drawers and pulled out his leash. It’s a real dog’s leash, not a fancy black leather kinky one. A real dog’s leash for a real dog.
I had him knee-walk to me so I could collar him. Then I stood up and led him by the leash to the bathroom. I wanted to put something down to protect his knees from the hard tile, but being the consummate submissive, he turned it down.
I showed him something he hadn’t noticed before, because he was as excited as I was to get the logistics done and get his mouth clamped onto my cunt where we both know it belongs when we’re in session (UNpaid, but not “dates”).
“Look,” I said, as he was kneeling yet had his back straight as though standing tall and at attention. “I had to pee really bad just before you got here. But I didn’t want to waste it.”
I picked up the clear medium sized glass bowl that had been sitting on the bureau the hotel widescreen TV was on. It was ⅔ full of clear light yellow liquid. That had come from my bladderal unit! Yep! I’d pissed in the goddamn bowl.
I said to my slave as he knelt before me, and as I stood in front of him, holding the bowl, “Look. I had to pee reeeeally bad before you got here, but I didn’t want to waste it. So I put it in here for you to enjoy when you got here.”
I put the bowl of piss on the light tan-colored tile floor. I thought about the possible discomfort of his knees on the tile, and the idea that he could be in pain pleased me.
“Drink it,” I said.
He eagerly bowed to my great golden nectar and began to lick and then slurp it. I felt the slurping made it go too fast. I didn’t want him to finish before I was through enjoying myself watching him drink my urine.
“No!” I stopped him with a stern command. (I do not yell or raise my voice. That ain’t my thang :) “Lap it. Like a dog. You’re a dog, aren’t you?” (We have this thing between us - he’s My adorable obedient pet. he likes to think of himself as a dog when he’s happy to see me, he’s running up to me like a puppy, when he’s been pleased in various ways by me, he thumps his proverbial tail loudly on the floor - I always imagine is a beautiful old hardwood floor - amber in color and glossy, glowing in the sunlight, and my furry, horny little servile b**st is there, huffingly panting with joy - tail making the floor vibrate with his exuberance. That’s my submissive!
he begins lapping, and it’s taking longer. I like it. I like it a lot. As he gets to the bottom, I see him struggling to get to all the liquid. It’s getting harder for him to fit his big humyn head into the small crevice where the remaining ounce or so of my golden nectar is.
“Goddess,” he says in a soft, inquiring voice.
“Yes?” I reply, knowing what he’s about to ask. I am almost daring him in my tone.
“It’s getting hard for me to reach it all,” he finishes.
“Yes, I know. But you just keep going. Go on. Get your fucking face in there.” I order him, in my usual soft yet stern voice. he knows I mean business. Something about his suffering stiffens my clit and whettens my girl hole. I am clenching. I am so ready for his tongue. I love his pain! I want his suffering!
He eagerly answers, “Yes, Goddess!” and sets about pleasing me with his service.
Soon, too soon for my pleasure, he is finished. My piss is gone from the bowl. I remove it from him as he is still licking it. It is enough.
I praise his efforts, with, “That’s enough. Good job. Very good!”
"Now wash it," I instructed him. he stood at the sink and washed the bowl. "Very good," I praised, as I am very generous with the positive reinf***ement. And he loves it, and the happier he is, the better he serves me.
Next, I hold the leash in my right hand, and pet him on his head. I am pleasantly surprised and reminded of what a luscious thick head of soft hair he has. I run my fingers through it just a little bit. It isn’t a brushing session. he hasn’t been that good. And, besides, I keep my rewards very small, because most of his pleasure comes from pleasing me. If I do too much, he begins to feel uncomfortable, and not in a way that pleases me. If his discomfort pleases me, I don’t really care if he’s unhappy. The only time I would stop is if I felt it were damaging my property in any way. We are perfect for one another in this way because even if he is unhappy, he is happy if his unhappiness makes me happy. Does Barry Manilow have a song for that? :)
While my submissive “2” is still on his knees, I lead him by leash and collar to the foot of the bed where, after positioning myself in the bed, I summon him to join me in it, for the oral service we both met to accomplish.
Like a k** at Christmas, he practically leaps into the bed, and in preparation for his well-trained and able tongue, I spread.

~Endowed Goddess

(c) Copyright 2016 by Amrita Waterfalls (aka Endowed Goddess). All rights reserved. Visit http://amritawaterfalls.blogspot.com

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hace 6 meses
I have a very eager tongue and do take orders. Good girl, enjoy. So much fun. XX
hace 8 meses
Yes Ma'am thank you for correcting me. I hope you are having a wonder Holiday time as well.
hace 8 meses
Thank you for the compliment about my writing :) For future reference, I am the only one who can call him a dog, or anything else I wish to call him. Everyone else can refer to him as my submissive or my slave. Thanks and hope you're having a great holiday!
hace 8 meses
A beautiful story. And beautifully written. A very lucky dog you have!
hace 8 meses
Good boy :)
hace 8 meses
This was so amazing and unexpected and erotic. "Unexpected" is a big part of the erotic energy when i am serving Goddess. She knows that Her slave is eager to follow any impulse She has, to please Her, and She has a very fertile imagination!

Goddess describes very well the "pet" theme which seems to best fit the nature of this slave's service. But still, the use of a "doggie bowl" and lapping like a dog had never come up. It was amazing, deeply humiliating and powerfully sensuous at the same time. (But She knows full well that humiliation IS sensuous for Her pet).

In the middle of it, i think when it started to get hard to reach the bottom, suddenly Goddess' foot was on the back of my neck, pushing my face deeper into the bowl. Again totally unexpected and caused an amazing rush of feelings: more humiliation, complete subjugation, total surrender, and also pure sensual pleasure at the contact with Her bare sole.

Goddess' nectar is so delicious, i can never get enough of it. This scene doubled, tripled, quadrupled the pleasure of being allowed to drink from Her Fountain.
hace 8 meses
Hello. While my writing is designed in part to arouse the sex organs, the comments I seek here are those about my practicing the craft of writing itself. So, if you could mention that in your comments, rather than just that my blog post turned you on, I would feel much better. Thanks :)
hace 8 meses
Thank you for your well wishes for me and my wonderful, well-trained toy. I'm very pleased you found my story "very well-written" and the "details of [my] descriptions" are something I make a pointed effort to do. I appreciate the "detailed" compliment on my writing!
hace 8 meses
Thank you for the compliment on my writing. I'm very glad it inspired yuo to visualize the experience.
hace 8 meses
Thank you! Glad you liked reading it :)
hace 8 meses
Oh my, goddess...you story got me all hot and bothered...and very thirsty...
hace 8 meses
This story is incredibly hot and erotic, I can picture it as if I were there lapping...mmmmm.
hace 8 meses
Very pleased for you that you have found a submissive who enjoys servicing you. I found it a very well-written story, and liked the details of your descriptions. Seems you love to have your pussy licked. That idea excites me
hace 8 meses
very nice.
hace 8 meses
Yes, way better. You're welcome
hace 8 meses
Right? Yeah! Thank you for noticing, and thank you for chiming in :)
hace 8 meses
Found the story. Great writing. Making him lap instead of slurp it was hot.
hace 8 meses
Positive comments wanted and welcome! :)